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Our time is very limited and we don’t try most awesome tools available on the market because of that. How many times have you worked hours to do something that could be achieved with a simple online tool? How long does it takes you to build an awesome website? Or to add a page? There are WordPress themes, web tools and services that will ease and improve your work a lot. Below you will find verified tools that work really well.

  1. Muffingroup.com
  2. 1-MuffinGroup-BeTheme

    Creating with BeTheme is super fast and easy, so why not start your site today? The well-known WordPress theme is amazing for making high-quality and good-looking sites, just with 1 click. It has an awesome drag and drop builder, which lets you manage your layouts, your pages and gives you unlimited options to choose from. When creating your theme, you can choose between different logos, headers, layouts, grids or skins, you are given 4 different grid layouts (1240px Boxed, 960px Boxed, 1240px Full Width, 960px Full Width) and 7 different header versions (Modern, Classic, Stack: Left, Stack: Center, Stack: Right, Simple & Empty).

    Besides these, you can translate anything you want on page with their Built-in Translator, the site can adapt to various gadgets (desktop, mobile, tablet), being fully responsive, and you are given outstanding support for customers. Also, you can create awesome pages with the smooth parallax effect that everyone loves. You can upload videos, put text, images, buttons or other graphical elements and enjoy the great looking sections. Give it a try!

  3. Shrinktheweb.com
  4. 2-Shrinktheweb.com

    We all know an image is worth a thousand words. Especially website administrators, web project managers and even the marketing department of your company. So what do you need for your website? The solution is Shrink The Web, an automated screenshot service. You can set an automated screenshot of your website or any other website with only a single line of code in any of the plugins that support STW, from WordPress to Django, or server-side language like (PHP and Ruby). Anybody can work with this platform, for free, but there are clearly limitations. By having a paid account you get one of the features below at choice: URL to PDF conversion, custom sizes and even whole-length page screenshots, above-the-fold content not being your limit anymore. You should definitely give it a try.

  5. Flyzoo.co
  6. 3-Flyzoo.co

    Flyzoo it’s a great way to communicate with others, especially because it allows the users to have private chats. Considering this, you can interact in private conversations and also benefit from the features offered by it, such as emoji, minimizing or resizing the windows, “User is typing…” notifications, message delivery notifications, loading previous chat history, clearing chat history, ignoring different users that might be bothering you, enabling or disabling file sharing for users and guests (PRO+ Plan), media content preview and new messages on closed chats will be notified on the bottom of the screen.

    Another benefit brought by using Flyzoo is the File Sharing which is available for Pro, Jumbo and Ultra plans. It provides you with the following features: permissions to enable or disable file sharing for guests and users, image preview and upload status indicator. All these are made in order to make your communication with other people easier so we strongly recommend you try it!

  7. Iconfinder.com
  8. 4-Iconfinder

    In order to have the best icon for your company you need to find the best designer out there you afford to pay. Even if it sounds as a tough job, you now can get it done by using Iconfinder’s custom icon design service. You get only the finest of the designers on the design marketplace, as the Iconfinder team assures. After filling in the design brief to get them some data to work with, you will most likely receive a quote if any designer is free until the deadline. You can choose the offer you consider the best, guided by the project manager. The prices may vary from $70 to $130 per icon. Iconfinder handles all transactions and offers the money back guarantee if the final product is not delivered on time or in acceptable quality. You should give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

  9. Simbla.com
  10. 5-Simbla

    No doubt many of you wanted to create simple, yet beautiful websites in just a few minutes! Simbla makes it possible, providing you professional and extensive guide regarding all the steps you have to go through to create a website for your business. First, you have to purchase a domain, then to choose the right website building platform and to start building your website, by gathering content. Good luck!

  11. Themify.me
  12. 6-Themify

    There are many page builders and designers for WordPress, but the Builder from Themify is probably one of the best. It has an easy to use interface, that works amazing thanks to the drag and drop technique, which makes designing your own website much more easier! You can take full control of your site’s appearance, by styling everything from color, background, font, spacing, border, and even the overall theme color!

  13. Optinmonster.com
  14. 7-Optinmonster.com

    Did you know that over 70% of visitors who abandon your website will never return? That’s why OptinMonster is here, to help you transform your visitors into subscribers and even customers! It does this using a drag and drop builder to create nice optin forms, that you can customise the way you like (change colors, font, type), displaying beautifully designed popups, using exit intent technology and many others.

  15. actiTIME.com
  16. 8-actiTIME

    actiTIME is a web based time-tracking solution, meaning you can access it via web browser. Once you have created projects and tasks, you can start logging time. Thanks to user-friendly interface you get instant access to all important data. actiTIME also offers you a whole bunch of reports that can be customized according to your needs. Simple yet beautiful graphical charts help you visualize the collected data. What’s more, you will be able to configure different workflows for managers and regular users, so that everyone does their part. Ready to start tracking?

  17. Pidoco.com
  18. 9-Pidoco

    Pidoco is an online prototyping tool which renders designing prototypes as simple as playing with building blocks with its 400+ UI elements and icons and its drag & drop function. There’s no need for programming to get fully interactive prototypes with touch interactions and screen transitions. You can use it as soon as you sign up for an account. We recommend you to give it a try. You will not regret it!

  19. Xfive.co
  20. 10-Xfive.co

    Guided by the motto ‘Developers who care’, Xfive assures its clients that they will be treated with thorough and complete services. They offer front-end user interface design, sketch to html (as sketch designs get more popular), backend support, email development for better customer reach and an exceptional user experience. You will not be disappointed if you turn to choose them as their employees.

  21. Bowtie.io
  22. 11-Bowtie

    Security risks are a big hassle that everyone building sites for clients should try to avoid. Bowtie.io helps you lower those risks by letting you build lots of features without a vulnerable database. If you need to capture private information like behavior, payments and customer data, you can do it with Stripe, Zapier and other integrations, and get a faster, less complicated site to boot. Join the beta now!

  23. H-Code Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  24. 12-Themezaa-H-Code

    Two words describe the team of ThemeZaa: creativity and commitment. This can be easily seen in their awesome theme called H-Code. It is a fully responsive and powerful multi page or one page WordPress and WooCommerce theme, that brings you many great features, such as a powerful admin panel, HTML5 and Bootstrap framework, shortcodes, one-click demo installation and many others.

  25. 48hourslogo.com
  26. 13-48hourslogo

    48HoursLogo is one of the best logo contest websites available. It was created to connect small business owners looking for logo designs with thousands of freelance logo designers all over the world. It’s awesome to use such a service as it’s fun and way more easy, for both parts, designers an clients. A professional logo costs less than 100 bucks. How cool is that ? Try it !

  27. Thesquid.ink
  28. 14-Thesquid

    On Squid Ink you will find the biggest flat icons pack ever! Besides this, you will also have 2 more types or icons, those being line and solid, from which you can choose. All these icons are split into 17 categories, from celebration & holiday to clothes & shoes. You can choose to have a free plan, where you get 50 icons and unlimited projects or a paid one, of 45$, where you can benefit from all 2000 superb icons!

These 14 verified tools that work really well will help you in your projects and you will never stop using them.


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