Memcached Tutorial

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Memcached is Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. Memcached is used by almost all the major websites with huge data, for example YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter etc.

Memcached is a very popular in-memory caching software because it’s very easy to install on any Windows or Unix system and almost it offers API integration for all the major languages like Java, PHP, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.

Memcached Tutorial

Memcached Tutorial

  1. Install Memcached on Windows

    In this post you will learn how can we install Memcached server in Windows Operating system.

  2. Install Memcached on Mac OS or Unix systems

    This post explains with easy steps to install memcached server in unix and Mac OS.

  3. Setup Memcached as Service in Mac OS

    This post explains how we can setup Memcached server to run as service and start at boot time.

  4. Install Memcached on CentOS and PHP integration

    This post explain how can we install Memcached server on CentOS and then install PHP memcached extension to connect with memcached server from PHP program and set/get some values.

  5. Memcached Telnet Commands

    We can connect to memcached server through telnet and run commands to check status, this post contains some useful telnet commands that we can use to check memcached status and get/set some values.

  6. Memcached Java Client

    This post explains how we can connect to memcached server through java program and get/set values.


  1. Dileep says:

    Hi Pankaj,
    How can I use Memcache with dotnet(c#).
    It would be great if you provide steps to install/use memcache.

    Dileep kumar

  2. deshdeepak dwivedi says:

    actually I have implemented the cache concept in my app but I am not sure its working how I will check the ehcache.xml is getting read

  3. Savani says:

    Hey Pankaj, I usually follows your programs and suggestions. They’re great. Sir Why don’t you create tutorials for the following modules of spring ?
    – Spring Batch
    – Spring Boot
    – Spring Security
    – Spring Cloud etc?

    I though have a next step further will certainly helps your followers.

  4. anil says:

    Hi pankaj,

    if i want to use Memcache in hibernate for caching then how can we use it Please tell me.


    1. Pankaj says:

      Both are totally different technologies, you can use both of them in an application but there is no integration between Hibernate and Memcached.

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