Python List Append

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Good day learners. In this tutorial we are going to learn about Python List Append. To understand the tutorial well, you need to know about Python List.

Python List Append

If you read the Python list tutorial, you already know about how python list works. But at first, we will be discussing about some basics of Python List.

Basically, Python List is collection of elements. You can store different type of data in a list. For example, you can store numbers, strings, tuples in a list. Moreover, you can store another list into a list. The example is given below:

# list containing numbers
int_list = [1, 2, 3, 4]

# list containing strings
string_list = ['alice', 'bob', 'trudy']

print('Print each list')
print('Integer List: ', int_list)
print('String List: ', string_list)

print('\nPrint Each Item of the string list')
for i in range(0, len(string_list)):
    print('Item ', i, ' = ', string_list[i])

Below image shows the output of the above python list program.

Example of Python List Append

Python List append example

In the previous section we saw to how to initialize the Python list. In this section we are going to append data into the list. And it can be done using append() function. Well, you can append any type of data into the Python List. Python list append method add the item to the end of the list.

The following example will illustrate how to append to python list.

    Part 1: Append item data into the list

# initial list
py_list = [1, 'apple']

# print the list
print('Initial List :', py_list)

# append some data
py_list.append('Appended data 1')
py_list.append('Appeded data 2')

# print the updated list data
print('Updated List :', py_list)

    Part 2: Append another list into the list

# declare another list
parent_list = [['to', 'be', 'or'], ['not', 'to', 'be']]

# print the new list
print('Initial Parent List :', parent_list)

# append the previous list to this list

# print the updated list
print('Updated Parent List :', parent_list)

Output of above python list append example program will be;

Initial List : [1, 'apple']
Updated List : [1, 'apple', 'Appended data 1', 'Appeded data 2']
Initial Parent List : [['to', 'be', 'or'], ['not', 'to', 'be']]
Updated Parent List : [['to', 'be', 'or'], ['not', 'to', 'be'], [1, 'apple', 'Appended data 1', 'Appeded data 2']]

python list append example

Hope that, you understood well about Python List append method and the above example was helpful. If you have any query, please use the comment box.

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