The Best WordPress Website Builder Plugins

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There is no dearth of wordpress website builder or page builder plugins. You can find hundreds of them, most absolutely free, as well as some paid solutions. Many will offer a free trial or a free version and then will ask for an upgrade. You can always use a free page builder plugin for WordPress and it may get the job done, but any fair assessment will find that the paid plugins are typically better, although this is not always the case.

Whenever you compare website builder plugins for WordPress, consider the value for money, which essentially implies the special things you can do compared to free plugins. 

If you are just looking to build a simple website then some of these extra features might not be useful to you.  After considering a variety of customization features, as well as the ease of use of the UI, templates, design elements and modules, customer service & tech support, not to mention reliability, we present to you (in no particular order) the best page builder plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Website Builder Plugins

  1. Elementor WordPress Website Builder

  2. elementor wordpress website builder plugin
    Elementor is a free plugin. It is available in the WordPress repository. Despite being free, it is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress and that includes paid plugins. The developers have released Elementor Pro, which is a paid version with many more features and yet the free version has retained its strengths. The user interface is lovely. Users will enjoy more than sufficient control over design, plugin settings and modules. There is a frontend editor and several responsive settings. Elementor has professionally designed layouts to choose from and there’s mobile editing which is something many paid plugins don’t have.

  3. Elegant Themes’ Divi Builder

  4. divi wordpress page builder plugin
    This is a paid plugin. It is being hailed as one of the finest page builder plugins ever. Elegant Themes has been in the business of making plugins and other software applications for years now. The developers have had quite a few bestsellers but Divi Builder has been a game changer for them, so much that it has become their flagship product. After several years of updates Divi has become almost a dream plugin for WordPress veterans. It has an amazing user interface, there are great module options, and the sheer collection of page templates will ignite your imagination. The level of control over design, the addition of new features every now and then, the quality of support and custom CSS make for a complete solution. Paid plugins for WordPress always run the risk of getting panned by critics and users, especially because there are free plugins available in abundance. A paid solution has to offer much more and still cannot cost much. Divi is rarely criticized for any reason. Elegant Themes has been around for a long time now and Divi page builder plugin for WordPress has been around for years, so there is a track record you can rely on.

  5. SiteOrigin’s WordPress Page Builder

  6. siteorigin wordpress site builder plugin
    Page Builder is free. It is available in the WordPress repository. The plugin has basic modules, sufficient templates to get started, reasonable customization and decent user interface. The plugin is not driven by shortcode, so if the plugin is deactivated, the content will not have a weird appearance. It is a free plugin, which is the most notable advantage, but it also means limited or basic features, which for some users will be plenty to do what they want.

  7. WPBakery’s Visual Composer

  8. wpbakery wordpress theme builder plugin
    Visual Composer was one of the first feature-rich page builder plugins for WordPress. One has to note that plugins have only recently become reliable and safe, loaded with features and at times multi-utilitarian. During the nascent days of WordPress when it was focused mainly on blog creation, there were very few plugins and most did not work as they should have and very few had enough features to boast about. Visual Composer has a onetime cost, which is around half of Divi’s yearly fee, so it is one of the most affordable page builder plugins for WordPress. There are many state of the art features, enough modules, substantial room for design customization and mobile views. The plugin is shortcode driven so your displayed content will go berserk if Visual Composer is deactivated, but since you only pay a onetime cost there isn’t really a reason to deactivate it. The flexibility and features of this plugin are the reasons why it has found a place on our list.

  9. Beaver WordPress Page Builder

  10. beaver wordpress website builder
    Beaver Builder is one of the more expensive page builder plugins for WordPress, but it is also one of the best. Developers or webmasters will fall in love with the user interface. You can build a page and watch it develop & transform in real time on the same screen. The prebuilt designs are great, the modules have enough scope for customization, users can add CSS classes within the modules, there are handy layout templates, mobile views is a useful feature, there is an active community and the support from the developers is also reliable. Beaver Builder is also shortcode driven so you will lose the layout, theme and other features when you deactivate the plugin. You can try the free version of Beaver Builder to explore it before you choose to part with your money.

Have another favorite WordPress website builder?  Let us know in the comments.

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