Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote Summary

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The WWDC keynote has just ended a few hours back and we can’t wait to share all the new stuff that has been introduced in the Apple Ecosystem. Let’s get started.


iOS 12 is around the corner and it’s been said that the performance of actions has been increased by upto 2x compared to its predecessor iOS 11.

  • Memoji is the latest feature that adds to the already popular Animoji. Using Memoji you can create your own sticker animoji and send it to your friends.
  • Animoji now has a way to show a tongue sticker. Have fun doing that!
  • Facetime has introduced group voice calling. You can also place the memoji on the videos.
  • You can use facetime from iMessage now. Much needed.
  • The Stocks App has got a revamp in its UI. You can now see the daily chart besides the indexes too. iPad has a vastly improved Stocks App in which you can see the stock prices and related news side by side in a master-detail view like UI.
  • Apple News app has been introduced. It smartly creates a list of Top, Recommended News for you.
  • Apple Books is the new name for iBooks. It has improved UI.
  • DND mode has now the capability to automatically exit after a particular time. Also, you can set the location outside which the DND mode can automatically switch off.
  • Improved Notifications. You no longer need to view a barrage of notifications in the middle of the night when you’ve just checked your phone for the time. Instead, you can set a DND on the notifications. This would hide them until a particular time set. You can finally group notifications.
  • ARkit 2 comes with a new file format USDZ that contains detail-rich 3D graphics and animations. This would be used with Adobe Creative Cloud. So you can edit your photos in the AR mode.ARkit has also introduced multiplayer games and apps capibility.
  • Measuring App is the new built-in app that’ll be shipped with iOS 12. It uses ARkit to measure things in real world.
  • ScreenTime app lets you monitor your usage of the phone with stats showing the number of hours you spend on the different applications. It also has allowances in which you can control which of your applications others can open on your phone.
  • Carplay App has finally brought in the capability to use third-party navigation apps.
  • Siri shortcuts would do multiple tasks for you using just a single voice command. It can also suggest you tasks to do based on your habits.
  • Photos App now has a new feature For you. It suggests you filters and shows you memories. Something similar to Google Photos. Also, it encourages sharing photos with your friends while allowing them to share similar ones.


watchOS 5 has come up with exciting new features:

  • Walkie Talkie App – As the name suggests it behaves like a walkie-talkie.
  • Competition challenges between friends to increase user engagement.
  • Automatically detect when you’re working out. Also, yoga and hiking activity types are introduced.
  • View web links. Earlier if someone sent you a message with a link, it wasn’t possible to open them on your watch. Now it is!
  • Siri shortcuts and suggestions behave the same way as they do so on iOS.
    Instead of saying Hey Siri, just raise your hand to talk to Siri.
  • Podcasts App has been introduced for Apple Watches.

Apple TV tvOS

  • Apple TV now gets Dolby Atmos support.
  • In other news, Apple TV still has the largest collection of 4K HD videos. Besides, live sports and news are now available in a few more countries. Salt from Switzerland has partnered with Apple.
    Single sign-on feature is now introduced.

macOS Mojave

Yes, Mojave is the name of the next macOS and it is beautiful!(it’s pronounced as Mohave).
This is how it looks like:


  • Dark Mode: The most interesting feature on Mojave. If you use XCode IDE, you can now set a dark mode there as well.
  • Desktop stacks: Say no to cluttered Desktop. Instead goto Finder | View | Stacks. It’ll stack folders by type/tag.
  • App Store is completely revamped with a new UI. It now shows you different categories of apps to enhance productivity as well as view apps related to current ones you have.Rating and Reviews API for developers have been improved.
  • New Gallery View in Finder. It shows you a larger preview than ever. Also shows you the metadata for the file/folder on the right-hand side.
  • Enhanced Quick Look. Quick Look now has the ability to use markup tools. You can edit out videos in quick look itself.
  • Improved Screenshots. Once you take a screenshot, a preview of it is displayed in the bottom right. You can open it in the markup editor.
  • Continuity is something that’s at the core of Apple always. You can now right-click on your PDF/any image and click Take Photo to launch the camera app on your iPhone. The image captured gets displayed on your file in Mac automatically. Useful for scanning and attaching an image onto a PDF.
  • Apple News app has come to mac too along with the Home App and Voice memo app. Stocks app is improved just like the iOS counterpart.
  • Safari Browser always gives importance to user privacy and data tracking. It has improved on that by trying its best to not let data trackers know details that are unique to your Mac. This would make it harder to identify you. For data trackers and hackers all Macs would look pretty much the same. This happens by not allowing them to access much besides Mac’s built-in features which are the same for all.

And now for the most talked about rumour:

Is Apple Merging iOS and macOS?
Though from 2019, some iOS kits woud be available for macOS making it easier for developers to convert their apps.

That sums up the Keynote.

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