5 features that a great online appointment booking system should have

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People always look for ways to ease their day-to-day tasks. Whether it is something related to their jobs or simply making an online appointment, people will find one way or another to make it quicker, more efficient, easier. Luckily, there is one mighty tool that helps human beings lead a better, simpler life without much trouble involved. It is known under the name of technology and it seems to continuously evolve without taking any breaks.

In the past couple of years, technology advanced considerably. Even though this comes with a series of benefits that can’t be ignored, it also has some downsides that are quite noticeable.

One of these downsides would be that all people must get used to these tech changes and accept mass adoption of tech tools. Using tech in business became a competitive advantage, and not having it present in your services and processes could end up in a loss of profit, time and other resources. That’s why businesses are struggling to include tech in their companies.

One way to do that without drastically affecting all the aspects related to a company would be using an online appointment booking system. The traditional manner of keeping track of bookings is definitely not an effective one, not to mention how time-consuming it is.

Fortunately, there is a method that people can adopt today, whether they are customers in a hurry or businessmen that want to streamline their processes. Online appointment booking systems are entirely automated and require little to no effort from users. If you are planning to use one in the near future, look for these 5 features:

  1. Mobile-friendliness
  2. mobile friendliness
    Before anything else, you need to make sure that the system you are planning to use meets the standards regarding mobile-friendliness. In a world where most users come from mobile platforms, appointment systems must be present on all screen sizes, be it desktops, tablets or phones.

    Whenever you are trying to review an online appointment system, check out how it behaves when you move everything on mobile. Remember that since smartphones became more and more powerful, the number of users who use phones exclusively tripled.

    You would lose a lot of clients as a business owner and a lot of services as a client if you didn’t use a mobile-friendly online appointment system.

  3. Intuitiveness
  4. To make sure that no people are held back from taking advantage of an appointment system’s benefits, choose the systems that are intuitive to use. A system that is too complex or requires a lot of time to be used will instantly be skipped by users.

    Not all people are tech-savvy or willing to spend that much time for simply making an appointment, so you need to look for online appointment booking systems that are easy to use, intuitive, simple and responsive all at the same time. The transition from traditional should be done smoothly, and the only way to do that without encountering any issues is by using intuitive systems.

  5. Manageability
  6. 2
    Another feature to look for when selecting an online appointment booking system has to do with how manageable it is. Scheduling an appointment as a process is not difficult but managing the appointments as they gather together can be tricky.

    This might be the most important feature of them all and it is supposed to help users decide which system to choose from a variety of options.

    The booking system should contain options that allow users to set reminders for their appointment immediately after finishing the scheduling process, to receive confirmation from the customer/employee a few days before the appointment should be fulfilled, to receive notifications when the appointment is canceled, or any other modification occurs along the way.

    Without such features, the appointment system might not be the one you are looking for. Analyze the options carefully and see which system fits your needs best.

  7. Customizability
  8. The one aspect that most people look for when using a mobile app or a tech-related system is customizability. This means that users should be able to personalize their experience with the tech product the way they wish to.

    Generic products are never successful because they don’t offer users the possibility to modify certain aspects that make the experience more pleasurable or useful for them. This applies in the case of online appointment booking systems as well. Because each person wants different things, it’s highly important to look for systems that allow users to make the changes they require.

    Their expectations should be met by offering them the possibility to change elements that have to do with the looks of the system, as well as more technical features (adding filters, custom fields, personal notes and so on). The more customizable the system is, the better the scheduling experience will be for all parties involved.

  9. Different Payment Methods
  10. When people make an appointment, it’s obvious that they already have the financial resources that they need for purchasing the services. This means that they might like to pay for the services in full, beforehand.

    Offering them this chance could save a lot of time and trouble, not to mention that it could simplify financial processes tremendously. Both customers and employees have a lot to gain from the possibility to pay for their services in advance while using the system from the comfort of their houses or while they are on the go.

    Look for online appointment booking services that let you pay upfront for the services you are about to use but pay attention to the number of payment methods offered in this sense. These systems should be safe to use and include a handful of options for paying. The most popular payment methods at this time are credit cards and PayPal (but the more, the merrier).


Amelia is a popular online appointment booking system that happens to include all the features and characteristics presented above. All the aforementioned criteria make up the perfect system, and this one seems to be the closest to it.
This booking system has it all – from making appointments to managing them, high personalization levels, integration and so on. Because Amelia is actually a plugin created by TMS Outsource, it can be integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce and even Google Calendar. How convenient is that? Some of the exact features of Amelia include:

A clear search interface

The search interface of Amelia is simple to use but effective at the same time. No matter how specific the services you are looking for are, there are surely some filters that can help you sort out the results until you find exactly what you want.

This search interface includes several filters that will reduce the number of results to just the ones you might be interested in. It is a helpful tool which you may not find in other booking systems.

A rapid booking wizard
An automated booking process is quick, but how quick exactly? Well, with Amelia users only have to go through a form which will require inserting the exact details that one desires for his appointment.

The booking wizard included in this system is not complex, but it offers the exact information that people need to keep things organized and free of confusion or errors.

Reporting dashboard
Amelia features a complex dashboard where stats regarding the existent appointments are offered to the users.

This dashboard contains relevant data about customers, the time when they made the appointments, the employees that are supposed to handle the appointment, the service they required, as well as the duration of the appointment, the price paid for it and the status of the appointment.

From this platform, users can edit any of the bookings and see their financial situation (for business purposes).

Booking and cancelation time
This setting panel refers to modifying general settings related to appointment.

This setting panel has to do with notifications for appointment approval, rejection, cancelation or any other change that may occur during the process. Both employees and customers will be notified if something happens with the appointment.


With Amelia, everything can be scheduled. The personal schedules of each employee can be uploaded into the system so that customers know when they can opt for a service if they require a specific person to handle their appointment.

Also, Amelia can be integrated with Google Calendar which is very convenient for scheduling.

Payment methods
Users can select between various payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe. They can set the currency and whether coupons can be used or not. Because it integrates with WooCommerce, Amelia features invoicing and tax management features through it.

Here, users can modify the aspect of the platform to fit their business brand needs or their preferences.

Booking fields



Booking fields can be personalized as well. Users can choose to remove fields or add new ones, depending on what their services are. They can require more information from the customers. The appointment form can be modified based on the requirements of each user.

The all-in-one booking system: Amelia
Taking into account all the features of this booking system, it is fair to say that it meets all criteria to be used by anyone who would like to automate appointment processes.

Whether you are a customer or a business owner who wants to make the best out of their time, give Amelia a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

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