Facts about a VPN You Didn’t Know

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More and more people prefer to surf the Internet using VPN services. And this is not surprising at all – they are reliable tools that able to protect personal data on the network. The solutions have much more interesting features. But far from all users are aware of all the magic the VPN does. Let’s take a closer look at it.


1. VPN Representatives Keep Info about Their Users Secret

Many people believe that VPN providers, for example, those mentioned on cooltechzone.com, keep all user actions in order to transfer these data to government organizations. In fact, this is not the case. User data are used to monitor the service and improve the quality of services. Although there are a number of countries where the government has the full right to require the provider to transfer information about all the actions of the user, VPN companies do not do that.

2. PPTP Is the Oldest VPN Protocol

This protocol was developed by the representatives of Microsoft in the 90s and became the basis for this channeling technology. Many claims that PPTP is still the fastest of all types of protocols. In fact, it was originally designed to access the network through a telephone line, and it has the lowest level of encryption.

3. VPN Allows Saving on a Subscription to Various Services

Different services offer different subscription prices to residents of different regions. If you change your physical address using a VPN, you can get a lower price for a subscription.

4. VPN Opens Access to Blocked Content

In connection with the tightening of censorship by the government, Internet providers block many online resources. This is not the best thing, agree? Luckily, with the help of a VPN, you can change your location to the country where the resource is not blocked and use it. What is more, it is a good approach toward assuring online safety each time you use the Internet.

5. Save on Airline Tickets & Hotel Reservations

With a VPN, you can significantly save on tickets and hotels. And the thing is that services with prices take into account exactly the level of income in the state where you are (or where the VPN moves you in).

6. Speed up the Internet

All over the world, Internet providers interfere with the Internet traffic of their users. This makes the connection speed significantly lower. As a result, you can not watch the video in high-res quality or comfortably play games online. If you connect to the Internet using a VPN with a high level of traffic encryption, then your provider cannot do anything about it.

7. About 30 of 196 Countries Have Banned the Use of VPN

Countries, where there is an authoritarian type of power, access to VPN services, is blocked. Authorities block and prohibit the use of services to fully control the activity of their citizens. Some of these countries are Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, Series, and others.

Final Say

As you can see, VPN technologies are an effective way to work on the Internet, without worrying that your personal data will become available to the general public. It is for this reason that you need to connect all computing devices to the VPN: desktops, phones, laptops, etc.

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