Top 10 Educational Android Apps for Students

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Android Educational Apps For Students

It is hard to imagine a modern student today without any electronic devices. The learning process is made more effective with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Technologies are moving fast, and developers create more and more applications daily.

The worldwide situation with COVID-19 teaches us a lot of tips on how to stay productive online. Studying is not an exception. Mobile applications play a beneficial role for students. With these digital tools, your smartphone can be a reminder, organizer, notepad, smart reader, translator, citation master, calculator, and online library.

This list of ten recommendations of top educational apps for students will definitely make your learning process easier.

1. NeuroNation

This is an app for brain training and games that improves the way you think. Every student can find various exercises on memory, concentration, logic, and pseudo-spatial thinking here. Students who train here are proven to reduce the risk of depression and lower stress levels. As a result, the developers of this application received an award from the German Federal Ministry of Health.

Developers of NeuroNation were working in the Commonwealth with the Department of General Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin. Therefore, the training presented here is effective for cognitive skills and comprehensive analysis. When students train their memory, they achieve better results in education. Realize your potential and check your knowledge today with NeuroNation!

2. Math Games

Math will not seem like such a difficult subject for you if you download this application. Many students want to improve their skills in subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, square roots, exponents, and so on. All these actions you can practice on your smartphone, and make your peers ask why you are so advanced.

This app supports two-player mode, so you can invite a friend who has stronger math skills. Practice every day alone or with your friends and compare each other’s results. After playing this game, you will notice that there is nothing impossible for you when it’s time for exams. Remember that even the hardest equation has its own solution!

3. EssayShark

Download this app, and you’ll forget about problems with writing. EssayShark is an essay writing app that helps students to manage academic papers in any discipline. Sometimes formatting papers are hard to understand, especially for first-year students. In this case, better to look for help in this magic tool.

It works very simply on your smartphone! Just set the details of your essay in the application form: subject, amount of pages, deadline, and voilà – you’ll get messages from specialists within a minute! Select the one who will help you to understand even the most complex subject better.

4. World History Quiz

World History Quiz is a unique quiz that is updated with questions and answers. Students can gain beneficial knowledge by reading information on every historical event. Learn over 150 facts about world history you never heard before.

This app is based on a multi-language platform so you can choose the most comfortable language for you. One of the main features is that you can skip questions if you don’t know the answers yet. Utilize hints if you don’t want to get stuck too long on one question and want to answer it now. And finally, if you answer all questions correctly, you’ll get a certificate that proves your knowledge of history.

5. Geography Quiz

This is another educational app that can help students to improve their knowledge, especially in the geography discipline. The geography quiz will help you to find out such basic facts about every country as location, flag, capital cities, national emblems, currency, population, and languages.

With a built-in hint system, you can easily move on with hard questions and get knowledge faster. The game includes data about countries from six continents: Australia, North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Find out what the area is of a certain country. Collect puzzles on every level you pass and create your own world at the end of this game.

6. TED

TED is more than conferences from advanced people from all around the world. This app gives access to the world of expanded knowledge. What could be better than a person who has experience in a certain field and is ready to share it with a big audience for free?

Download TED Talks on your phone and listen to podcasts on the subject you are interested in. Video and audio are also available for download, so you can always listen to your favorite speakers offline. Create your custom playlist or watch a new recommendation of talks that are prepared for you by this fantastic tool.

7.  Scratch

Learn the basics of coding with fun! Start your coding experience with Scratch. This unique app helps newbies to master their basic skills in coding by creating stories, animations, and even their own games.

Synchronize your code with such programs as Lego Mindstorms, Makey Makey, Microbit, and more. Work offline and save projects even if you are not connected to the Internet.

This tool is essential for students who want to learn code but are afraid to start because of its complexity. As you can see, the IT world is wide open now with new learning possibilities. Just start from a simple step, and the next one will not seem so difficult!

8. Photomath

Photomath is a must-have app for every math student! The statistic speaks for itself: over 1.5 million users already download this tool from all around the world. You can use Photomath for free, and it doesn’t require a wi-fi connection.

Simply snap your handwritten equation with the camera on your phone and get resolutions instantly! Get an explanation for every method to solve the equation. The same principle of this tool works for printed text from books.

This app is priceless in terms of the possibilities it gives to students worldwide. Photomath works in more than 30 languages and supports even the hardest math topics.

9. Headway

Why should you fill up your schedule with extra literature if you already have too much on your plate? With Headway, every student can get acquainted with the most demanding sources for college withing 15 minutes for each book.

Set your daily reading goals and adjust them to your needs. With the concept of 15-minute summaries in each piece of literature, you’ll easily increase your knowledge on any topic. Read or listen to the chosen text and highlight essential moments for your studies. Get new insight and keep your inspiration in memory with a spaced repetition feature. If today you don’t have enough time to read the full version, this tool will help you to build a reading habit and arouse interest in all books.

10. Citing & Referencing Guide

If you are on the way to a perfect essay, you have to cite all resources properly. Remember that formatting style matters and professors usually like when all materials are organized well.

With the Citing & Referencing Guide, you can easily include citations in your text in the formatting style required by your professor. First-year students usually have difficulties with the correct order of information that cited item should have. For example, the author, publication date, book or article title, volume, cited pages, and Digital Object Identifier (DOI). To not mix up different formatting styles and requirements for the printed and online edition, you have to choose this app as a permanent source of help in your academic research.

11. Google Play Books

Book lovers can now be satisfied with an ecological approach to reading! Now you have millions of books from across the world just in your pocket. If you prefer not to engage your eyes in the reading process, you can choose audio versions.

Here you can find not only scientific or historical literature but even entertaining books such as comics and manga. Preview short versions for free and choose one of the books you adore before purchasing. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription, because everything you buy in Google Books you can use forever.

If you are one of the students that needs new books at hand, this app is a priceless discovery!

Enjoy these apps and stay confident in your college success!


  1. Tanya says:

    Hi Pankaj,

    thanks for the nice article. I am interested in having apps that usually teach me something (as the one you’ve listed).
    I know of the existence of this app just fo Windows Phone, called Code Hunt.
    I cant find it for Android.
    Do you know if something similar exists ?

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