Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for Android

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Best Calendar Apps For Android

Looking for the best calendar apps for Android? You’re in the right place! Let’s get right into the top 10 best calendar apps for your Android device today.

The Best Calendar Apps for Android Devices

Too busy? Then you are in dire need of the perfect calendar app! This list is in no particular order. I have picked out the best calendar apps for Android which had the easiest usability and didn’t waste your time in setting those apps up.

10. Calendar Widget: Best Calendar App for Android with a Clean and Minimal UI

Calendar Widget
Calendar Widget

The Calendar Widget by Home Agenda comes with many different interfaces to view your future commitments. It is simplistic and offers customization which can help you find the best settings for you.

The user interfaces are easy to use, making it a breeze to check appointments and upcoming events. It is easy to add appointments and you can choose themes.

While the app is free to download, you can pay $1.99 to better customization options.

9. aCalendar: Best Calendar App for People who Love Customization

Acalendar App
aCalendar App

Having the same old, boring calendar is not an option when you get the choice to customize it to your heart’s content. With aCalendar, customize the view of your calendar, the fonts, the themes, and a lot more. With a retro design, you get an app in which you can make your own unique part of the day.

The aCalendar app is a must-download if personalizing things is what you love. The app by itself free to download and it costs $0.99 to remove the in-app ads.

8. Best Calendar app for Android to Combine Todo List and Calendar

Any Do Calendar
Any Do Calendar

Your to-do list tells you the things you are supposed to do. Meanwhile, your calendar tells you the time commitments you have coming up.

Wouldn’t it make sense if both things were combined? is exactly the answer for you. This app combines your to-do list with your calendar.

Further, it provides you suggestions so that you can manage both your commitments and to-do tasks. It is a clean app for those who don’t wish to use multiple apps for simple tasks.

Further, it syncs with the Google Calendar so that your commitments are updated. You can get custom themes and recurring tasks along with a lot of additional functionality for the $2.99 subscription for the pro version.

7. TimeTree: The Collaborative Calendar App for Android

Timetree Calendar
Timetree Calendar

The TimeTree Calendar app is built on the idea of making the process of sharing appointments with others easier. It allows you to build separate calendars for different purposes, and share it with others for coordinating and collaborating.

You can also be invited by others when they create a calendar. What’s more? You can also coordinate with people who do not use TimeTree. With basic customising options,

TimeTree is a good choice is you constantly need to coordinate your schedules with others. The app comes for free and is supported by advertisements.

6. Business Calendar 2: For customizing appointments on the move

Business Calendar
Business Calendar

While the name could have been more appealing, the app is surely one of the best Android calendars. It offers five main ways to view your calendar with on-screen customizations.

The interface is very user friendly and setting appointments is simple. It also allows for setting appointments by voice. The app allows you to customize the color themes, event options, and the interface of the calendar.

The more you dig, the better you can make the app suit your needs. While the app is free to download, you can get the pro version for $7 which gives you the weather forecasts and advanced widgets.

 5. DigiCal: Best Calendar With a Balance of Simplicity and Customizability

Digical Calendar
Digical Calendar

This app is simple, aesthetic, and customizable. The fonts are big and crips, with the weather forecasts displayed for each day. The interface is easy to navigate and easier to personalize to your liking.

By default, the app has the month and agenda view, but it offers a wide variety of optional views which can be chosen at will. It also comes with highly customizable widgets. It utilizes the native Android calendar, which means any sync is performed with the help of the Google Calendar. DigiCal is free to download.

However, you need to pay $5 in-app to disable ads which starts a week after you start using the app.

4. Calendar Notify: Best Calendar Notifications App for Android


Calendar Notify comes as a calendar app with a sleek modern look. It includes a full suite for customizing your interface while being easy to navigate.

The app has regular support for Google Calendar, allowing users to sync events and appointments. Further, it provides a great degree of control to the users over their calendars. While you can get the app for free, you can upgrade to the pro version at $5.49 for improved customization.

3. CloudCal: Best Calendar for the Time Freaks


The monthly view on many calendar apps is usually the most inefficient part of the design. Things are often crowded without providing enough data for the schedule to make sense for the user.

But CloudCal solved the issue with an interesting doughnut-like design choice. Every day in the month has the events represented by a doughnut graph, while the agenda view is given in the bottom half of the screen.

This allows you to know how busy each day is at a single glance. It is really important when you wish to schedule future events.

While you can get the app for free, you can upgrade to the pro version at $3.49 for even better features.

2. CalenGoo: The Basic Calendar App for Android

Calengoo Calendar App For Android
Calengoo Calendar App For Android

This calendar app does not offer a lot of features, but it offers the basic ones in the best possible manner. It has support for the Google Calendar, allowing you to sync events and appointments from the Google calendar to the CalenGoo app.

Other features include customization and event options as well as recurring appointments. Further, you can share your calendar with friends or family. While you can get the app for a free trial, you can upgrade to the pro version at $5.99 for improved features.

1. Google Calendar: Android’s Default Calendar App

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

When you own an Android phone, it is based on Google’s ecosystem. And nothing integrates with the Android ecosystem better than a Google app – the Google Calendar. It automatically pulls events from other Google apps such as Gmail which makes setting reminders manually an obsolete task.

It is integrated to work with the Google assistant making it easy to set reminders by voice. And above everything, it is free, efficient and comes with strong support from Google. The Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Android since when it started!

Final Verdict

What’s a top 10 list without a verdict? Here’s my take on the list. I use two apps from the list for my daily tasks:

  • Google Calendar

If I had to choose one, that would simply be Google Calendar. And its for one reason that Google Calendar is just right there. You don’t have to install anything new, nor do you have to work to set it up.

However, if you want to choose an app apart from Google, CloudCal would be a great choice! It’s the only one on the list that will tell your schedule on the calendar, in a time-based format.

Now it’s your turn…

There are 1000s of Calendar apps on the Google Play Store. Which ones do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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