How to change Applications icon in Mac OS

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In Mac OS, all the applications have .app extension but it ships in the form of a zip file. So you can easily check the contents of any application.

Change Application Icon in Mac OS

The application icon is actually an icon file with .icns extension stored in the application. To change the icon of the application, you need to find out the existing icon file and then replace it with the desired one.

For example, here I am changing the Firefox icon to some other icon.

  1. Identify the icon files in the application – Usually application icon files are present in the Resources directory. Right click on the Firefox application and choose “Show Package Contents”. Then in Contents/Resources folder you will see a file named firefox.icns that is the icon file for Firefox.
  2. Change application icon in Mac OS - Firefox

  3. Rename the icon file to something else – Rename firefox.icns to firefox.icns.old
  4. Copy the desired icon file in the same place and rename – I am changing the file icon with the MS Word icon, so I put the icon file in the same place and renamed it to firefox.icns
  5. Launch the application and check that icon has been changed. 🙂
  6. Firefox app icon changed in Mac OS

I have used this trick to just change the icon but you can do a lot more than this. Think like a hacker. 🙂

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