Signs that your SD card is damaged and its solutions

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Today, if it is possible to carry loads of data in paperless technology, it is because of SD cards. SD cards are one of the most famous media storage devices that are used in smartphones and digital cameras. With a lot of benefit that the SD card carries, there come risks as well, there might be a possibility that while formatting and transferring data to some other devices, your memory card or SD card may get corrupted or damaged, the damaged SD card or corrupted memory card will not allow you to access the data stored in it and may cause you inconvenience.

You should know that it is not uncommon for users out there to encounter various memory card or SD card errors. There are various signs or symptoms that can indicate that your SD card or memory card is corrupted. So, what are those signs?

Here are the few signs or symptoms that can help you know if your memory card all SD card is damaged or corrupted.

Along with the symptoms of faulty and corrupted SD cards, we have also tried to recommend solutions on how to fix the corrupted SD cards and recover photos, videos, and other files in them.

Below are the few top symptoms that indicate that the SD card is corrupted.

  • Miscellaneous error messages

When you connect your memory card to your system, you can view the root directory of your memory card and you may even see subfolders inside the root folder, however, if your SD card is corrupted you will not be able to view the files, instead, you will get an error message displaying “cannot read from the device”. You will be able to see the data of your memory card in both your camera and computer, however, the moment you will try to copy the data, it will show an error message, most commonly CRC errors. And if you try to delete your unwanted photos or videos or audios from your memory card, you will be again shown up an error message that the memory card is corrupt or memory card error.

  • When the files go missing

when you store your data or files in your memory card or SD card, however, later you do not find those photos, videos, or audio files and your files are missing, it is one of the biggest signs that there is a problem with the SD card.

  • Black screen in the camera

In some cases, the SD card is so corrupted that it ends up affecting the operating system of your device. The damaged or corrupted SD card can cause device malfunction such as a black screen in your camera. It means that you will not be able to perform anything on your camera as you will only view the black display on its screen.

  • SD Card cannot be recognized

The most common and easily recognizable sign is that, when your system in which you have attached or inserted the SD card or memory card, is not able to recognize it anymore. For example, when you insert the SD card into a card reader and insert the card reader into the operating system, and it is unable to recognize the card, it can be a big sign that your SD card is damaged. Sometimes, you may also encounter errors in the SD card when you connect it with PC, stating that the card is not formatted, and so on which makes your SD card data inaccessible.

  • The appearance of unknown files

There is a chance that unknown files might appear on your SD card. These unknown files are malware and a result of a virus. If any of such files appear on your card, it can be a sign that your card is infected with the virus. These unknown files can cause damage to your card as well as your present files and you may end up losing your data. It is always advised to use an antivirus to kill those viruses in your card and get your data recovered with the help of a SD Card recovery company.

Below are the most common reasons that cause a memory card or SD card to go corrupt.

  • A virus has infected your device, thus SD card.
  • Abrupt removal of memory card from your device, which might have caused interruption during the data transfer or read-write process.
  • Mistakenly or accidental deletion of entire data memory card.
  • Mistakenly or accidental formatting of memory card.
  • A power failure while previewing the files on a computer or any device. This can result in damage or loss of data.
  • Storing more images even when your card memory is full can lead to the loss of data.

Is it possible to retrieve data from a corrupted SD card?

Fortunately, it is possible to retrieve the lost data from a corrupted or damaged SD card. There are plenty of solutions available on the Internet. However, before implementing any of those solutions you must keep in mind that you should immediately stop using your corrupted SD card and do not add any kind of new data on it, because adding any new data will override the existing data on the card, which can decrease the chances of file recovery. Here are the most famous and effective solutions which can help you fix and retrieve lost or deleted data such as photos, videos, and audio files from damaged SD card.

  • Try inserting the card on different devices

There are chances that the card has incompatibility issues, hence it is always better to try connecting it with another device to check if your card is working or not. You can check if the data is corrupted or not by inserting the card into multiple devices such as computers, smartphones, etc.

  • Check whether your card is locked or not

Some SD cards come with locks to protect your data. If you are not able to access your data, there might be a chance that your card is locked. You can either unlock the card switch or else, you can format the SD card.

  • Renaming the SD card with the new drive letter.

If your card is not getting recognized or detected by the operating system, then you should try renaming the card with a new drive letter, such as if your card is F drive then rename it and give it a new name such as C drive.

These solutions should work in most cases, however, the ultimate solution to a corrupted SD card is to use SD card recovery software. If your SD card is damaged, you should immediately stop using it. Remember not to delete any content or format memory card. If you have lost your most essential data, then you can rescue that by using the most recommended tool that is SD card recovery software. This software comes with an advanced algorithm through which it becomes easy to recover all your lost, deleted, inaccessible, damaged, or corrupted files such as photos, audio files, videos from your memory card. This software is capable of supporting all sorts of SD card such as micro SD, XD card, SDHC card, MMC card, etc.

A reliable and effective SD card data recovery company will help you in the following:

  • You can recover your images, movies, songs, audio files, from your memory card.
  • You can retrieve the lost data even from the cards displaying error messages such as “empty card”, “blank SD card”, “SD card is locked”, etc.
  • It allows you to preview the recoverable files within software before final recovery.
  • It ensures a 100% read-only program, safety, and security.
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