10 jQuery Image Slider Plugins for Awesome Design

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The introduction of jQuery has contributed a lot in making the overall process of website design easier, faster and reliable. As a fantastic designing library, it provides all the tools and resources that help in improving the functionality of a website. From image gallery, to form, to content animation or explosion effect, its core components create a website that has a unique interface without going through a complicated coding process.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the popular image slider plugins built around jQuery. These sliders plugins play a huge role in making the content and the website look more attractive, which ultimately attract the visitor’s attention. These plugins are the ideal choice for portfolio websites and any type of website, which wants to display a beautiful slideshow of its photos and images.

Not only this, the image slider plugins are also useful in creating highly interactive websites and applications. They provide catching effects to the elements such as color animation, custom effects, and several other important features. So, if you are looking for some best jQuery slider plugins for your next project, this collection of some latest plugins might help you out.

  1. WOW Slider
    WOW Slider is an awesome image slider plugin that looks great on a variety of mobile devices and it’s compatible with multiple browsers, including the Internet Explorer. The slider is easy to use with the help of drag and drop functionality. And with its visual Insert-to-page wizard, you don’t really need to care about the technical complexities, while using the slider.

  2. Nivo Slider
    Nivo Slider is a beautiful and elegant image slider available out there. It truly revamps the entire look and appeal of your website and give transition effects ranging from slicing to fading that actually ‘wow’ your visitors. The slider is indeed a best to showcase your work and presentation in the best possible manner.

  3. JSSOR Slider
    JSSOR Slider plugin is a contemporary touch swipe and responsive plugin that comes complete with more than 360 transition effects. The slider is also compatible with a myriad of browsers includes easy to use tools and Javascript code. It also provides multiple options to create catching captions.

  4. Flex Slider
    Flex Slider is a stunning jQuery responsive slider allowing designers to run an image slider in a beautiful way. The slider is varied with a variety of browsers and produces cool animation effects such as horizontal, vertical and fade, to spruce up the look of your image presentation.

  5. Royal Slider
    Royal Slider is a trendy image as well as content slider plugin. The slider includes a script architecture that helps developers create their own scripts with the help of available online tools. And its amazing SEO friendly capabilities will increase the visibility of your images in the search engines.

  6. ResponsiveSlides.js
    ResponsiveSlides.js is one of the popular responsive image slider plugins. It’s basically a tiny jQuery plugin that generates responsive slides with the help of elements incorporated into a container. The slider works gracefully with a variety of browsers and was used in Microsoft’s build 2012 and Gridset app.

  7. SlidesJS
    Slidesjs is a responsive jQuery image slider that comes complete with power-packed features such as swipe support that moves with the direction of the fingers, CSS3 transition effects that looks great when run on the sophisticated devices. The slider is also responsive, so you easily create magnificent presentations that run smoothly on mobile devices.

  8. Fraction Slider
    Fraction Slider is a dynamic image slider that enables you to provide animation effects to the multiple elements per slide. With the slider, it is extremely easy to set different animation methods such as fade or transitions from a particular direction. Additionally, you are also provided with the option to delay and ease each and every element as per your choice. Plus, users can enjoy complete control on the layout via HTML and CSS.

  9. Master Slider
    Master Slider is a robust, premium range image and content slider that includes a dynamic framework with beautiful transition effects. The slider is compatible with multiple browsers and equipped with touch-enabled navigation and slider layouts to deliver an experience that’s pleasurable and truly worthwhile.

  10. jQuery Slider Shock
    jQuery Slider Shock is a versatile plugin that helps you create and present attractive images and videos in no time. The slider comes with a document that guides you about its usage and how to use its advanced features. Not only it supports images and videos, but also Twitter Feeds, RSS Feeds, Flicker, and images from Instagram.

Using jQuery image plugins, you can easily create and present your images, content, and videos just the way you want. By providing rich animation effects, they can truly make your website stand apart from the crowd.

Author Bio – Being a well-known blogger from Markupcloud Ltd., Mike gives valuable and best tips on context of PSD to WordPress theme conversion and design technique. Also, he is enthusiast of sharing his innovative ideas related to web design technologies.


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