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Java is a time-tested programming language that has been remaining popular despite the emergence of new programming languages.

Thousands of tutorials that explain Java principles exist in the market. Learning Java basics for Java beginners can be tricky from some resources as if you are not always sure about their accuracy and reliability.

When it comes to learning, books are undoubtedly an authentic resource. After reviewing some top books that teach Java, I have compiled my own list of the best Java books. So let’s not postpone it and go straight away to reviewing these books. In case you want to discover more learning materials, go to

Top 7 Highly Recommended Books for Java Beginners

1. Head First Java by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates

There are no doubts that this is an amazing learning source, especially for those who start from the very beginning. It consists of interesting puzzles, attractive graphics and engaging mysteries that will grab your attention from the first page of the book.

Head First Java explains the language specifics in a detailed way and promises their students that they will get complete Java knowledge once they cover the whole book. It explains all the important Java aspects, including a brief and comprehensive introductory chapter explaining Object-Oriented Programming, threads, fundamentals of Java RMI, and network sockets. Moreover, it also briefly overlooks concepts related to Java syntax and Java programming.

2. Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies

Beginning Programming With Java

Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies is an excellent resource all coders should carry in their pocket regardless of their skills in the world of programming. Currently published in a 5th Edition, it comprises all the topics related to Java basics. Let it be the steps that lead towards learning Java or overcoming obstacles that might come along the way, this resource is not going to disappoint you at any stage.

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled advanced professional, this manuscript is something all programmers should get their hands on. Comprising Java tips and tricks, this book will surely make the process of learning Java much more fun and interesting.

3. Java: A Beginner’s Guide by Herbert Schildt

Java Beginners Guide

This excellent book, recently published in its 8th edition, is a good start to your Java trip. Written in a way that explains Java in the simplest manner possible, it overlooks all the topics regarding Java basics. The purpose of this book is to inculcate three main things about Java amongst its learners — how to construct, assemble and hence get a Java program running.

Once the Java basics are explained, the guide starts to proceed on to the more technical subjects such as Swing, generic, Java Syntax and multi-thread programming.

To put it into perspective, this is a perfect chance for you to cover not only the basics but also advanced learning concepts like Annotated Syntax.

4. Think Java: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Allen Downey and Chris Mayfield

Think Java

It is a popularly used source by Java beginners. A number of universities and colleges that offer computer science courses choose this book as a manual or syllabus for students. With its simple vocabulary and friendly tone, it makes the whole learning experience way easier.

All the main teachings are covered in an easy to grasp way. Once the basics are understood, you can move forward to more advanced topics. The structure is created in the way that each chapter should be learned in one week’s time. To help the students master theoretical knowledge, the book also compromises practice exercises.

5. Java: The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt

Java Complete Reference

This thorough resource is a work of a well-known programming author, Herb Schildt. Currently available in an updated 11th edition, it fully explains the essentials and carefully leads to more complex topics.

Written in an easy and friendly way, it is most recommended for newcomers to the world of programming. Let it be syntax or any other rules – this book covers everything.

6. Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel

Thinking In Java

If you browse the market for a helpful learning resource, this one is surely going to come in the top list. With easy vocabulary and simple language, this resource is a friend of every programmer.

For maximum benefit, always go through the whole book carefully reading every page. It consists of associated theory as well as practice exercises for you once you have grasped the related concepts.

What makes this resource more special is the way it explains the how-to facts. Anything you want to learn about Java, you will find it here! Keep the book for future references as well (just in case you need to check something).

7. Learning Java by Building Android Games: Learn Java and Android from scratch by building six exciting games by John Horton

Java Building Android Games

Recently updated to its 2nd edition, this book is a great resource to understand the essentials of Java. What makes it an excellent choice is that this book doesn’t expect you to have any prior knowledge in Android programming.

If you aim to build Android games using Java language, get this amazing book. It teaches and explains the concepts starting from the very beginning then proceeding on to the more technical topics.

Eventually, once you are done with all the chapters, you will acquire confidence about the key topics. Moreover, it compromises challenging questions just to check your understanding. And the best thing is that you will have the possibility to create six fun Android games from scratch.


Understanding Java can be enjoyable and simple with the help of the right resources. Being a newbie, start looking for these Java books and get ready to embark on your journey to success.

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