Top 20 Best Home Security Apps for Android

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Best Home Security Apps

Safety is no doubt one of the biggest priorities of every individual. You would always desire your loved ones to stay secure at home. However, there is much technological advancement that you need to consider if you want to ensure your home security.

When it comes to home security, there is a technological advancement that you can never ignore. It is the home security app that makes your home secure. This article will help you find the top 25 home security apps for android that come top-rated by professionals.

You can utilize these apps to monitor your home with CCTV cameras, even from far distances from your home. Many applications even offer you live feeds. If something goes wrong in your house or even in the surrounding, the app will straight away notify you to inform the cops. Here are 20 home security apps.

Reviews of 20 Best Home Security Apps For Android

1. Home Security Camera WardenCam

Home Security Camera WardenCam
Home Security Camera WardenCam

First in the list of considerations comes a great app. If you want to secure your home with your device, this might be the best option for you. The professionals find this app incredible as it is like a mini CCTV monitor accessible at any time you want. The app also offers you access to remote places. One of the best parts about this app is you get 24X7 video monitoring of your home; You can choose any interactive alert system of your convenience. This app connects seamlessly and offers you the best result.

App highlights

  • The app is harmonious with all android devices. It also uses old Android devices
  • It connects with all popular network types for an operation that includes Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, and many more
  • The app comes with a motion-detecting feature for advanced security
  • Offer you cloud storage

2. AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera
AtHome Camera

Next on the table of considerations is the AtHome Camera. This is another gold standard app that comes recommended by professionals. Professionals find this app useful, as it has all the features to make your home secure. It gets integrated with a security alert system to offer you the best security. The most delightful part about this app is it enables you to use your old smartphone as a CCTV camera. Further, AI-based monitoring offers you instant notification.

App highlights

  • It enables you to convert your old smartphone to CCTV systems
  • The app comes with an active alarm system
  • It offers AI-based monitoring
  • You can access the night vision mode and multi-display feature
  • It supports all devices, OS and connects with all types of network
  • It also provides you with cloud storage

3. tinyCam Monitor FREE

TinyCam Monitor FREE
TinyCam Monitor FREE

If you are searching for an efficient app, this app in the list is another robust app for your home security. The app comes with some of the most valuable features that delight all professionals. You can monitor your private and public spaces securely without any hassle. It is the most efficient app that also offers you remote monitoring, you can access this app at any place, any time. TinyCam is easy to install and works seamlessly on all android devices. The most satisfying part about this app is you can enjoy more than 17 layouts and several camera services.

App highlights

  • The app supports Foscam and Amcrest cameras
  • It offers you an audio system with two distinct audio modes
  • You can access about 17 types of layouts
  • You can also share group camera by tagging

4. Mobile Security Camera (FTP)

Mobile Security Camera (FTP)
Mobile Security Camera (FTP)

Here comes another excellent home security app on the list. This is a cloud-based home security app that offers you a lot of features. The professionals find this app useful as it is compatible with all android smartphones. You can easily find this app on the play store and install it on your smartphone. Thus, you can easily access it on any of your smart devices. The app also comes with integrated cloud storage. Therefore, all the videos recorded with the camera get saved automatically in the app.

App highlights

  • The app is straightforward to use
  • As it comes with FTP service, it can operate with all kinds of network system and security cameras
  • You can use this app from remote places at anytime
  • The app allows you to use a webcam or even a smartphone as your security camera

5. Presence


The name might seem a little smaller to you, but the app has excellent usability. Presence is another superb app on the list. It comes with several features that can delight you. The best part about this app is connecting this app to your old devices to turn it into a security camera. It empowers you to retain an eye on your home at any time and any place that you want. This app is great for monitoring homes. The app is not only compatible with android devices, but it is also compatible with iPads and iPhones.

App highlight

  • The app is compatible with all kind of smart devices
  • You can enjoy the features like voice command
  • It offers you more than 5GB of storage for saving the recorded videos
  • You can access video with a higher resolution

6. Nest


Nest is the best security app for your nest. If you want to benefit from an effective security alarm system, you can install this app from the Google play store. The app is pretty simple to use, as it has a simple interface. With the help of this app, you can monitor every corner of your home. The app uses the sensor and locations to deliver you the most precise information.

App highlights

  • The app comes with a reminder option
  • You can even use this app to change the temperature of your AC from a remote place
  • The app also offers you information about the Wi-Fi connection battery percentage and other information
  • Easy to use

7. SimpliSafe Home Security App

SimpliSafe Home Security App
SimpliSafe Home Security App

This is another great app on the list of considerations. If you want an efficient home security app, you may like this app. It makes the process easy by allowing you and giving you control over many functions. The professionals also find this helpful app. It is because; this is a sound security system. You can watch every single step of your kids with high-resolution videos. The app is seamless to use on every smartphone.

App highlights

  • It is easy to install
  • It comes with a strick door and window sensor
  • Instant alert when someone enters
  • Easy to arm and disarm

8. IP Webcam

IP Webcam
IP Webcam

If you wish your PC to be a security camera for your home, this is a great app. Professional find this app helpful as it let you convert your PC to a security camera. It also offers you multiple viewing options. You can utilize this app from any device; It is compatible with all the OS. Using this app, you can view your camera on any device with a VLC player or web browser.

App highlights

  • You can record videos on a different platform
  • It comes with motion detection
  • Support all types of devices
  • A strict baby and pet monitoring system

9. Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Smart Home Surveillance Picket
Smart Home Surveillance Picket

This is the most used application by the users that detects what is happening in your home when you are not there. It allows you to turn your smartphone into a camera. This is an easy-to-use application that provides automated motion detection tools. Now there is no need to worry about your baby and old age parents. It gives you the full proof of security to take care of your pets also. You can easily use this if you have an internet connection on your phone.

App highlights

  • Enjoy the Ultra HD quality audio & video facility
  • It gives the power to schedule the motion detection for day time only
  • Allows people to monitor their home no matter where you are.

10. Kuna Home Security

Kuna Home Security

Kuna Home Securit is a general home security application that supports Android devices. It has a minimal amount of features with the best specifications. It allows you to take control of the security of your home. You can set up your device in the corner or front door of your home. It has a high-resolution video camera quality that records every action that happens in your space. This is the best application with low consuming space & highly advanced specifications, as mentioned below.

App highlights

  • It provides an option to call the nearby police station
  • It provides light on & off option with prerecorded and intercom message options
  • Also offers flexibility over the voice commands

11. EyesPie


This application not only allows you to monitor the activity but can also hear the background sounds. If you are conscious about your home security and looking for some affordable solution, it could be the best option. It detects all the devices in your home that are connected to the Wi-Fi of your home. This application has motion detection that provides on-demand monitoring. It detects every motion and alerts you whenever required. Now monitor your family members silently without disturbing them. It provides great flexibility over the video along with making control over on mic and speaker.

App highlights

  • It is a fully secured application with end to end encrypted connection on SSL
  • There is no need to log in or log out & also supports multiple devices
  • It offers audio and video support along with pan and zoom options

12. Security Camera CZ

Security Camera CZ
Security Camera CZ

We are always starving for an application that contains multiple facilities with low-consuming space. So, when it comes to the application that various features have compressed, then the name of Security Camera CZ always comes first. This application is specially developed and monitored for old age peoples or parents worried about their babies. You can’t wholly believe in your babysitters, right. So, with the help of this application, you can monitor your babysitter’s actions when you are at your workplace.

App highlights

  • It will run smoothly on any device if you have Wi-Fi and an internet connection
  • It has a siren facility that alerts you instantly if it detects something wrong
  • Loaded with the night mode, Video zoom, and photo-taking options

13. Surveillance & Monitoring – TrackView


TrackView is another application that offers different functionality on the same platform. This application is loaded with multiple functions starting from monitoring your home to detect the location of your loved ones. It allows you to track the location of your employees and family with a Highly advanced GPS tracker facility. Now there is no need to worry about the office and projects. You can monitor your employees whether they are going to the clients or anywhere else.

App highlights

  • This application is loaded with multiple features and night & sleep modes are one of them
  • It offers huge cloud storage with backups
  • It automatically stops the applications that are working in the background

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14. Netvue – Home Security Done Smart

Netvue – Home Security Done Smart
Netvue – Home Security Done Smart

Now, let’s meet with another smart application Netvue that has unique functionalities and options. If you have an old android set, then you can utilize that efficiently. It allows you to set up your phone with the other device. It will enable you to connect your phone with the Wi-Fi networks, security camera, and others. There is no such complex process that you have to go through to use this application. No matter where you are, you can locate and track your loved ones and take care of them.

App highlights

  • This application offers a high-quality audio and video facility
  • It provides a fantastic intercom system with a one-touch solution
  • Gives a complete package of security facility and alert if there is any need

15. YI Home

YI Home

YI home is another application that enables you to contact your parents and kids with a real-time video conversation. You can connect your home security camera with your phone and be tension-free. It alerts you every time that what is happening there with your kids. Anyone can easily use this application and customize the options according to their convenience. It gives you an ultra-secure facility when it comes to the security of your family.

App highlights

  • It supports emergency calling & night modes option
  • The pap is also loaded with the Motion direction technology
  • It supports a maximum of 32 GB SD cards to keep your records safely

16. Canary – Smart Home Security

Canary Smart Home Security
Canary Smart Home Security

This is another beneficial application that supports your home security when you are not there. Canary is an advanced android application that allows you to watch what’s going on in your home. You have to connect the security camera with your phone by using this application. No matter whom you want to track, when, and why, you can get the complete power over the seconds. The Canary – Smart Home Security is a user-friendly application that detects every motion of your space and makes you alert.

App highlights

  • Loaded with the motion detection sensibility
  • This application alerts you instantly when there is something bad going on
  • The application has two advanced facilities, an emergency calling option and a Home Health Technical service

17. Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security
Brinks Home Security

This application allows you to protect your home as much as possible. This application provides an alarm facility and power to connect the app with the security system. With this, you can monitor your family. The design of the application is unique and user-friendly. It offers intuitive navigation and doesn’t consume much space on your phone. This is an extra security system application that you can install on your home and office devices.

App highlights

  • It offers HD quality video and audio facilities
  • Two ways prerecorded and intercom message facility
  • The application gives you the power to schedule the motion detection sensor at any time and from anywhere

18. Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera
Alfred Home Security Camera

This is another home security camera app that records everything that happens in your home. It keeps you alert by ringing an alarm. It supports multiple devices and gives you the control to makes you away from unwanted problems. To use this application, you have to connect your Gmail with this, and the app also gives you background audio in real-time. It also supports night modes and has already been downloaded for more than 10 million people.

App highlights

  • The application needs a strong internet connection to process smoothly
  • The application is known for providing world-class service
  • This application provides a smooth function when there is an internet connection over it

19. Ooma Smart Security

Ooma Smart Security
Ooma Smart Security

The application gives you complete power over the HD video and audio conversations. The application is loaded with the automated schedule generator, where you can make a schedule according to your convenience. It contains a special IP camera for advanced security. It also allows you to allow you to watch full-screen videos in real-time. You can use both the front and back cameras of your device. The application Detects every motion and alerts the user on time.

App highlights

  • It records every small motion of your space that alert you regularly
  • By downloading this application, you will get HD quality live streaming with a 3G or 4G internet connection
  • It offers HD quality video with local and remote recording



The application has a motion detection operator that will alert you if anything is wrong. This is a user-friendly application that gives you a smooth experience. This is another popular application for home security that allows you to set the temperature of your home. With this, you can lock and unlock the doors with one click. It also notifies you when someone left the door open.

App highlights

  • A top-rated application that increases the security of your home by giving you notifications
  • It will notify you instantly if your children have opened the cabinets of medicines when the door is opened, and all
  • You can also control the home lightning with this application

Final Overview

By considering the features of these top 20 best home security applications for android, we can say that each app is best on its own. But still, if you want to use this application for multipurpose use, choose the Home Security Camera WardenCam.

If you are looking for options to experience good voice control, then choose SimpliSafe. We hope this article about the 20 best home security applications for android is helpful to you. Do share this article on social media if you found it useful for you in any manner.

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