Best Resources to Learn Java and Why It Is Worth It

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In the world of rapidly developing technology, programming languages play a pillar role. As almost every business is moving online, the demand for professional programmers has increased many folds. And it is not just about any specialist; there are many programming languages in demand, one of which is Java.

Due to its massive popularity and versatility, developers who possess various Java skills are in high demand. If you like these odds and want to be a part of future advancements, you can learn Java.

Why Learn Java?

Here are some factors that will surely motivate you to learn Java:

  1. It could be said that learning Java requires less time. The reason being the syntax which is similar to the English language. However, learning and mastering a language are two different things. Manipulating Java or any other language is difficult, and one thing you will need is practice.
  2. It features various open-source libraries. Libraries like Maven, Google Guava, Apache Commons, etc., can be used to make development easier and faster.
  3. Java is free of cost. It is available under BCL aka Oracle Binary Code License, which is free of cost.
  4. Java is a platform-independent language that allows you to easily develop the application in a Windows environment and run it on a UNIX platform.
  5. A large community backs it. Java is popular and versatile because it has a very wide community of beginners and experts.

Where Can I Learn Java?

If you have made your mind to learn Java, here are some brilliant online resources that you can leverage!

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best online platforms today where you can learn anything that you want to. If we talk about Java, it offers you various modes via which you can learn and sharpen your skills.

For instance, Udemy provides you with video lectures that you can watch to learn how to set up an environment fit for Java programming. Further, you get access to over 100 lectures that you can watch and listen to grab on all the major concepts.

2. Java Code Geeks

It is another cool resource from where you can learn or brush up on your language skills. Java Code Geeks is a bit different from the other resources on the list.

For instance, the platform offers you downloadable examples of various codes that are used. Moreover, it provides you the opportunity to learn various types of Java variants like Core Java, Enterprise Java, and Desktop Java.

Other than this, the online platform caters you to various knowledge base resources like documents and e-books (JVM troubleshooting guide, JUnit tutorial for unit testing, Java Rockstar, and JPA Mini Book). You can download these and make the best use of them.

3. Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is another great website that has a bunch of awesome resources that you can use to develop or upgrade your skills in Java. First off, the platform offers you a basic knowledge of all the basic concepts of the language along with the order they need to be learned, such as Java Environment, Programming basics, OOPS concept of Java, Classes, Objects, Constructors, and many more!

Further, Geeks for Geeks has various other utilitarian articles that you can use to learn each concept thoroughly, like MongoDB in Java, SMFL Graphics library, Java Multithreading, and others! All of these concepts of Java are accompanied by interactive code images that make it clearer.

4. Codecademy

If you are just a beginner in Java, this web platform will be the best. It provides all the study material that you need to learn in almost every important subject. However, it does not have a comprehensive course for Java. So, with Codecademy, you can just learn the basics of the programming language such as:

  • Object-Oriented Java and its basic concepts
  • Control and conditional flow
  • Java variables
  • Java data types

And other basic concepts. So, to get a brief idea about the widely popular language, you can check out Codecademy.

All these are some of the best places on the web where you can discover the Java language well. Other than these, you can also check out, Codewars, Oracle Java Tutorials for the same.


As you are well-versed with the sources from where you can learn Java, it is time to leverage them and be the best in the language. However, if you will be buying any of these courses online, it is necessary to take online safety measures. Many websites claiming to offer their services, be it a course or goods, need to be reliable. For one, you should always check the connection of the website you are making the purchase from. To be reliable, it must use HTTPS. If it does not, all the data you provide to it is unsecured. To combat these issues, you might use tools like HTTPS Everywhere that reassure proper encryption. For additional safety, you can also install a VPN which encrypts your entire web traffic. Then, your data gets rerouted through a secure tunnel and won’t be compromised. 

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