Top Programming Language Trends in 2021

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Today, you may see a huge trend for programming skills even when you land jobs in marketing or design. It may seem that a white-collar worker should know at least JavaScript. So, thinking about learning Web Development is not a bad idea always. Those who are already connected to the IT sphere, in turn, think of learning more and more programming languages to combat the industry competition for stunning job opportunities. Today, along with homework helpers from CW Assignments we are going to overlook the latest programming language trends which you cannot miss if you plan to earn decent money.

Programming Languages You Should Master in 2021

First off, let’s start by saying that programming languages exist for any liking and purposes. You can be involved in iOs apps development, and obviously, you need to be aware of Swift. What does it mean? You have to alone decide the spheres where you want to work at and learn the requirements for your dream job openings. It means that marketing jobs will simply need from you the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and occasionally JavaScript for basic development tasks. 

If you want to master a programming language just to boost the “appearance of my CV”, you should take a look at the following options.

1. Python

Hardly every list of the top programming languages will include Python. It was first created in the 1980s by Guido van Rossum. After its introduction, it helped to develop another general-purpose language ABC. Yet, it contained some poor functionality and many mistakes. So, Guido decided to take the best of the ABC-like syntax and updated the Python the way it came with fewer lags and bugs.

Referring to surveys conducted by Stack Overflow, Python is the language considered to be one of the top ones, which some developers do not know but put it as a first thing to learn to be successful in programming.

Why is it trending nowadays? Experts determine that it is a go-choice because of the ease of learning, versatility, and efficiency when it comes to web development. Then, it fits machine learning, data science fields. On most occasions, you can learn it with the help of online courses or alone with lots of open sources on the Internet where books and practice examples are enlisted. After that, Python contains lots of libraries, so a developer does not always need to write code from scratch.

Python is now used in Medicine, Pharmacology, Psychology, Astronomy, and Biology fields as assistance where it can help people come up with solutions to simplify previously manual tasks. You can see the Python application in Google App Engine, as well as Spotify, while Instagram uses it for servers.

2. Kotlin

Another trend concerns Kotlin, a programming language introduced by JetBrains in 2011. JetBrains is a Russian company involved in the development of software. Previously, they used Java to come up with solutions, tools, and software, however, it was all too easy and boring for them. Then, they referred to Scala, Groovy, but again the team thought of creating their own programming language which will do all their repetitive tasks faster and efficiently. 

The big recognition of Kotlin was linked to 2019 when Google called it the preferred technology to use among Android developers.

What about the advantages of Kotlin? First off, it has great coordination with coding in Java. There are similar frameworks and tools. So, if you plan to switch from Java to Kotlin, it won’t take much effort. Then, it is about no bugs being present. Kotlin is known for having fewer mistakes. Finally, Kotlin has easy maintenance. It supports IDEs like Android Studio and SDK tools.

As of now, you can use it for data analytics, data science, game development, iOs applications development among others. 

3. Scala

The latest trend worth your attention is Scala. It was first created by Martin Odersky, a recognized professor of computer science in 2001. He carried one simple goal – build a programming language for support of component software. In simple terms, he just wanted to create a language that simplifies the development of highly effective software. 

To be honest, it is included in the latest trends because of one reason – specialists who know Scala receive huge-huge salaries around the world. 

The advantages of Scala involve easy compatibility with Java, where developers may use Java Virtual Machine, and Java libraries. Then, programmers with Scala language can write functional and concise codes, develop and test software.

Today, it is implemented in custom business software projects like big data applications. The websites built on it are LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Alongside other trends, you can always see that there is room for JavaScript which is the most recognized programming language approached by most developers when they only start thinking about programming. 

Then, together with programming languages, there are always trends for certain fields. For instance, more and more students think of learning more about Cybersecurity and Data Science. These fields are hard to approach without proper knowledge and practice. On most occasions, students who have completed their degrees seek auxiliary online courses to master the updates to them.  

Finally, there are also trends regarding programming languages + soft skills profiles of developers. Today, you cannot be simply hired to the desired job without proving your soft skills. It includes time management, communication skills, stress management, critical thinking, teamwork, and organizational awareness. Beyond that, some companies would like you to have out-of-the-box thinking which can show that you may create something innovative and new to the industry which has never been thought about. 

If you currently study any of the programming languages or related subjects and experience some hurdles with your homework, you can turn to a team of assignment helpers. Such services assist students with the majority of the STEM assignment disciplines including computer programming. All programming projects are done timely by specialists, and affordably without making one throw money down the drain.

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