How to Setup and use a VPN on Windows and Android?

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Set Up And Use A VPN On Windows And Android

Hello, readers! This article answers a most searched question, “How to set up and use a VPN on Windows and Android?” in a descriptive manner.

What is a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network. By VPN, we can establish a private connection over the internet. Yes, the connection once becomes private and this ensures that the data transfer is safe.

For the same, we need to set up and configure our desired devices to use the VPN. Once set, the sender and receiver can safely communicate over the public internet and transfer the sensitive data through a virtually created private channel.

This means that the connection through VPN is encrypted and thus has the following benefit-

  • It ensures that there is no sort of unauthorized access to the connection. This creates a virtual private network over the public internet.
  • It prevents eavesdropping over the traffic through the private channel.

In the scope of this topic, we will be having a look at setting up and using a VPN for the below two Operating system based devices-

  1. Windows
  2. Android

Easiest Way To Setup VPN on Windows and Android

With the ease of use of technologies that are being released, setting up VPN has become really easy.

First, download any VPN app like HideMyAss or K-Proxy or any other VPN service that you prefer.

Steps to set up and use VPN on a Windows Platform

In order to set up and utilize a VPN for a Windows-based device, we need to follow the below steps-

Before beginning,

We need to understand the requirement for the VPN setup. If the VPN has to be set up for the workplace, we advise you to look for a VPN application on the company’s intranet site or get it set up through the company’s support team.

In case the VPN has to be set up for some personal or educational use, visit Microsoft’s store and check for an application listed to provide VPN service.

1. Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) profile

In order to set up and connect to a Virtual Private Network, we need to make sure that a VPN profile must exist on the computer or workstation.

Add A VPN Connection
Add A VPN Connection

Once you click on Add a VPN connection, you get the below screen being prompted up. We are supposed to fill in the details for the network to add a VPN profile.

  1. Under Windows Settings, Search for Network and Internet > VPN > Add a VPN connection.
Create A VPN Profile
Create A VPN Profile

2. Under the Add a VPN connection, fill in the below information-

  • VPN provider – Windows (default)
  • Server address/name – Address of the VPN server
  • Connection name – Give your VPN connection a name
  • VPN Type – Choose the type of VPN connection to be created
  • Type of sign-in info – Set up to have a way to verify the user. This may be a one-time password or a static username and a password.

3. Click on Save.

2. Connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Once we have set up the VPN for our workstation, it is now time to connect to it.

For the same, we need to follow the below steps-

  1. Click on the Network icon of the extreme right of the taskbar.
  2. You will now find a list of Wifi as well as VPN connections. Select the VPN profile you wish to connect to.
  3. It will now prompt for the verification of the user either through one time password, username/password depending upon the sign in options set.
  4. Once connected, the VPN would change to Connected.

Steps to set up and use VPN on an Android Platform

In order to establish a connection to a VPN through an Android system, we will be needing to follow the below steps accordingly-

  1. Get the information with regards to the VPN profile through the administrator. You will have to install a VPN application. For any administrator use, you may get the app details from the concered authority. In case of a personal use, you may choose any decent application to have VPN through Google Play Store easily.
  2. Open the Setting application on your phone.
  3. Click (tap) on the Network and Internet > Advanced > VPN.
  4. Click on Add (+) a VPN connection.
  5. Enter the data required being inspired from the previous set up on Windows and click on Save.
Add A VPN Connection On Android
Add A VPN Connection On Android

Once the VPN has been set up for your phone, follow the below steps to connect to the VPN.

  1. In the Settings application, nagivate through Network and Internet > Advanced > VPN.
  2. You will view a list of the VPN profiles.
  3. Select the VPN you wish to connect to.
  4. Enter the username and password.


This marks us to the end of this topic. Feel free to comment below, in case of any questions.

For more such informative articles, Stay tuned with us.

Till then, Happy Learning! 馃檪

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