5 Blockchain Hackathons You Should Consider Participating in 2021

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The blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) industry has emerged as a promising new sector with great potential for streamlining financial services, supply chain processes, and even for supporting decentralized digital identity use-cases. As individuals and organizations across the globe continue to identify new applications for blockchain, there’s likely going to be considerable demand for skilled computer programmers.

Application developers may be expected to quickly learn new skills and start creating sophisticated applications that require in-depth knowledge of blockchain and smart contract-based software development. There are many ways to get involved in the blockchain and crypto space. If you’re an active developer and are considering learning new skills, then engaging hackathons might be a worthwhile option.

Not only are hackathons fun and provide a positive and competitive environment, but they can also be financially rewarding for those who participate in them on a regular basis. Here’s a list of 5 exciting hackathons that you may want to participate in this year.

1.   Metis Ethereum Hackathon

Metis Hackathon

When you sign up for the Metis hackathon, you will have the opportunity to develop Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps). These apps can be deployed on Metis Layer-2 so that you can potentially claim a share of the $1 million in $METIS prize pool!

As explained by its developers, METIS is an Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup platform for the Web 3.0 economy with its own native $METIS utility token. METIS Hackathon’s main purpose is to onboard new high-potential initiatives (for example, DApps, decentralized finance or DeFi, distributed autonomous organizations or DAOs, and decentralized or non-custodial exchanges / DEXs) into the fast-growing Metis ecosystem.

There will be an option to either build or port existing Ethereum dApps on Metis Layer-2 and use the following key advantages while remaining on the Ethereum blockchain:

  • Take advantage of competitive gas fees (as low as cents compared to the tens of dollars on Ethereum);
  • Fast transfers (seconds compared to minutes on Ethereum);
  • Full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) – if you’re currently building on Ethereum, then you may seamlessly port to Metis for all the performance benefits.

As noted by its organizers, the first place DeFi project on Metis will receive $25,000 in Metis Tokens “calculated at the winner announcement.”

2) HackOnLisk2


Develop your own blockchain app with the Lisk software development kit (SDK) by using the widely-adopted JavaScript. Blockchain or DLT must be submitted to the DeFi or GameFi category, the hackathon organizers noted.

In August 2021, Lisk Mainnet version 2.0 was successfully completed with its migration to Lisk Mainnet v3. This includes the most significant protocol change to ever take place on the Lisk blockchain and marks the beginning of “a whole new era” for the Lisk network, according to its developers.

To celebrate this milestone, the Lisk Foundation welcomes talented developers to their second online hackathon – HackOnLisk 2. For more details on this event, check here.

3) OKExChain: BUIDL IN METAFORCE Hackathon


OKExChain (OEC) is described as an open-source, high-performance decentralized transaction public chain, which supports the implementation of transaction businesses based on blockchain tech, and their hackathon is being backed by various GameFi platforms and will provide engaging workshops, support, as well as a demo day to connect application developers with potential VCs. More details are available here.

4) HECO Gaming Hackathon 2021 (Hack your HECO!)


HECO is a decentralized and cost-effective public (or permissionless) blockchain that Ethereum developers are easily able to get started with and smart contracts are compatible as well. HECO is described as an open source, high-performance decentralized transaction public chain, which focuses on the implementation of transaction businesses based on blockchain or DLT.

The hackathon will be backed by different GameFi platforms and will provide fun workshops, support and a demo day to connect software architects with prominent VCs. You may access more information here.

5) Theta Hackathon Q3 2021:

Theta Hackathon

Theta is said to be the leading blockchain in the media and entertainment industry. You can join them in developing products, integrations and tools for the Theta ecosystem.

As noted by the event organizers, you may build your submission to further expand the use-cases, functionality, and usability of the Theta protocol.

Example projects may include Video platform integrations with the Theta blockchain;  smart contract-powered dApps, new digital tokens, and non-fungible tokens or NFTs built on Theta blockchain. Additional information may be accessed here.

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