Top 25 Best To Do List Apps For Android

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Best To Do List Apps For Android

Are you searching for the best To-Do List apps for Android? If yes, you are at the right place. A to-do list can be a boon to those with busy schedules. But finding the right to-do list app is a task in itself. The Google Play store has over 300 good apps listed out when you search “todo list”.

So, we decided to make it easy for you. In this article, we’ve shortlisted 25 of the best to-do list apps for Android that are a mix of great UI and functionality to satisfy everyone’s needs.

25 To Do List Apps that You Should Use in 2021

Let’s get right into the list of some of the most popular, and powerful to-do list apps that the Android app store can offer.

1. Todoist: To-Do List and Tasks


It is a useful app helping in maintaining your daily tasks. The usability of this application is impressive; it works seamlessly on all android smartphones. There are several beautiful themes to enjoy in this app. Users can pick themes as per their mood.

The interface is also engaging and offers you a positive experience. This application has a smart notification that offers location-based task alerts sensing locations.

Customizable list creation is another helpful feature for users. Users can find templates for all kinds of lists and task schedules. Social media connectivity is also a significant feature of this app.

Users can create lists to share in platforms for team access – this feature is helpful for businesses.

2. Trello


This is another nice and decent application that enables users to organize anything anywhere. This app helps businesses and corporate offices to a greater extent. It has features that aid in project management, tasks management, and achieving team collaboration with the help of meetings.

It is a complete package, and it is quite a flexible work management tool. Trello lets its users manage and organize tasks at any time, from any place.

This application doesn’t need a network for task to-do list creation. After making a list of works, you can share it with teams with several social media apps. 

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3. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do
Microsoft To Do

Microsoft is one tech giant that merely needs any introduction. Like any other listing app, this application also offers you a range of features to manage tasks.

It lets you organize your daily plans for better management of busy life. Sharing the task list is an imperative feature. There are a lot of sharing platforms to share lists with family and friends using social media apps.

It equips you with an extensive collection of templates for formatting task lists as per their importance. Smart notification is also a decent feature that alerts you with an alarm system. Users can also pin down tasks using different colors. 

4. Time Planner

Time Planner
Time Planner

A time planner would be the subsequent suggestion. It is much like a multi-functional To-Do list app. It seamlessly helps you in managing your tasks in time. The app is completely free to use – all you need to do is make a list. The application is free of any annoying ads.

The themes include bubbles for task management – A note-taking facility is also available in the features. There is a moon calendar included in the app as well.

Users can create backups to avoid deleting the list. There are many quick tools available that support you in creating lists in a snap.

5. Tick Tick

Tick Tick
Tick Tick

Tick Tick is a well-organized application for creating a To-Do List. This app is obtainable in the android play store for free. Tick Tick is easy to access and requires less time to get acquainted with all functions. Many handy features will impress users. The app allows instant drafting of To-Do list.

Every task in the list gets reminded to users using a smart alert. The app also has a sleek calendar for better management of tasks. The UI of this app is quite intuitive.

Making notes and a checklist is easy. Users can also integrate photos, voice recordings, and other attachments for better management of tasks.

6. Google Tasks

Google Tasks
Google Tasks

Many users already must be familiar with Google Tasks. It is one of the popular To-Do List apps for android users. There are some impressive features in this app.

It is quite straightforward to set up this app for use. The app is time-saving as functions are easy to learn. This app reminds you about all your plans and tasks in a day.

There are many editing tools to offer you quick and easy editing after creating a list. As it is an app from Google, you can directly create a To-Do list from Gmail. Users can also create sub-tasks from the preliminary task list. 

7. To-Do List

To Do List
To-Do List

A great app for everyday use! This To-Do list app is quite simple to access. However, there are many handy features in this app. Only with a few taps can users achieve making, editing, and viewing tasks.

Users can manage a group of tasks using this app. You can also add it to the home screen widget for better access and ease in task list creation.

The notification comes with several sounds and images. Users can customize the sounds and images as per their needs. Like other apps, this app is also free to use. The interface is intuitive and provides a decent experience. 

8. Engross


This is an Indian-made app offering you better efficiency. This is a focus timer and a To-Do list application packed with many handy features. Again this app has simple functions that make it easy to use. It is a totally free-to-use app available in the store.

Maintaining to-do is time-saving when you use this app. Users can also attach images and audio clips in the notes. This reminds them about the tasks in detail.

There are also several modes to use this app. Users can also use a lot of built-in widgets in this app. 

9. Ike – To-Do List, Task List

Ike To Do List, Task List
Ike To Do List, Task List

This is an exclusive app only available for android users. Many useful features come packed with this app – it is quite famous for multi-tasking and to-do list management.

The app reminds you of all tasks in time with a smart alert system. It uses the system sound to alert you about tasks. However, users can still customize the sounds for the To-Do list.

Audio and image integration to the list is a useful feature – users can get reminded with small audio clips. Many other widgets and tools are also available in this app. The interface of this app is quite engaging.

10. Time Blocks

Time Blocks
Time Blocks

Time Block is an efficient app to manage your work-life seamlessly. It creates easy schedules with To-Do lists to help you in better management. The operations of this app are quite intuitive. Users require less time to get acquainted with the app.

The primary functions of this app are creating To-Do list, tasks, and setting reminders. Plans and schedules can be made for days, weeks, and months.

Creating, editing, and making a checklist is quite easy to achieve. In the note-taking feature, users can also integrate photos and audio. There are also tons of other tools helpful for users.

11. To-Do List

Any Do To Do List
Any Do To-Do List

This is an android app with multiple functions. Users can create To-Do list, use a calendar, add reminders, and create tasks for daily schedules. Calendar integration enables users to get notifications about holidays and events for better task management.

The app requires minimal taps to access the features. Users can customize their regular To-Dos. There is also a task manager that groups your tasks to notify you precisely.

This app also has a checklist to prioritize the tasks with checklists. You can add this app to your home screen widget to achieve one-tap access from the home screen. The interface of this app delivers a great experience.  

12. Tasks: to-do list with sync, reminders & calendar

Tasks To Do List With Sync, Reminders & Calendar
Tasks To Do List With Sync, Reminders & Calendar

The task is a prevalent app with a simple UI. This app has no complex features; it is time-saving and easy to learn. Users can make short notes, create lists, schedule daily plans, and set a reminder for any special occasions.

The app offers you shortcuts to access functions and create a list.

The themes in this app are quite elegant. Users can change the theme as per their mood, can integrate audio clips and images into notes, and can set priority for the list of tasks with different color codes available.

Lists are easy to share with friends, family, and colleagues with social media integration.

13. To-Do List with Reminder

To Do List With Reminder
To-Do List With Reminder

The main task of this app is to accommodate you for creating a task list for an organized day; the To-Do lists in this app are quite intuitive. One impressive feature of this app is syncing with Google Tasks.

Users can sync with Google’s Tasks list to also access it from Gmail. There are many widgets in the app; it lets you make several tasks lists and group them.

Users can set Tasks with repetition for days, weeks, and months. Users can also snooze the task list if they want. There are default alert tones for this app; you can choose the one that you want.

14. Stuff – To-Do List Widget

Stuff To Do List Widget
Stuff To Do List Widget

This app is a distinct app with different features. Users can add it home screen for direct access. In-home screen, a minimized window of this app opens, so you don’t have to open a full-screen version to create lists.

Compact size accessibility makes it popular among users.

This feature is helpful for multi-tasking. Creating a list is fast and easy to achieve. Users can also get one-click delete, addition, editing of tasks.

There are many tones available in the app to customize the to-do list. This app has no annoying ads to bother you. The UI is neat with minimal design. Users can also change note backgrounds with different colors.

15. NoteToDo


To-Do List is the main feature of this app. This app helps you manage your tasks and event irrespective of your location and time; users can also keep vital notes and regularize their daily schedule.

Smart note-taking is a decent feature. Users can change the font color, background of the task list, and theme at their convenience.

This app has an automatic reminder system; it sets a reminder for an incomplete list with customizable tones. Users can also add this as a widget to the home screen and use it in a compact window.

Users can quickly get acquainted with this app, as UI is simple.

16. GTasks: Todo List & Task List


This is a popular app from Google. The app lets you organize your To-Do with Google; simple task management is a feature. Users can also find all essential built-in tools to create To-do with minimal taps.

The app’s interface is elegant. Users can set reminders and messages for any special event. Users can also sync this app to Google Accounts for accessing the To-Do list easily.

You can view the Google calendar directly as well. Customizing options are also great. You can sort tasks using date, name, and other criteria. This app lets you integrate any messaging platform.

You can even send a list using a phone message.

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17. Focus To-Do

Focus To Do
Focus To Do

This is a science-based task management app that offers an extensive range of features. Users in this app can customize the task list.

There are many tools in this app allowing you to change task list appearance based on priority. For every reminder in this app, the user can set the timer 25 times. Users can also create short notes and memos for better management of the task. You can utilize this app as a screen widget.

In-home screen, this app opens in minimize mode to help you add your task. Users can set ringtones or alert tones for reminders. Many tones offer you instant alert.

18. To-Do Reminder with Alarm

To Do Reminder With Alarm
To Do Reminder With Alarm

Users can eliminate all their stresses for daily schedules with this app. It is quite a decent app to maintain your tasks for the future. Users require only two minutes of their time to create a task list.

The interface is simple and easy to access. It saves time in learning operations.

The app has many built-in widgets to remind you about tasks efficiently. The app automatically sends happy birthday wishes if you set a reminder.

With voice integration, users can also achieve a speech-to-text feature to create a task list using speech. The app uses Google Drive for auto backup, which enables you to get a reminder if you log in to a new device.

19. To-Do List Goal Planner

To Do List Goal Planner
To Do List Goal Planner

It is a multi-functional app that makes your task management more discipline. This app can create a task list to do, plan goals, and organize them.

Users can compress six specific tasks into a single list and can also create sub-task under it. Further, this app is an offline app that doesn’t require a network connection to work.

Using this app only requires a few taps. There are a plethora of widgets available as well; this lets you manage your task efficiently.

20. Memorigi


This is another free To-Do list app that performs as an efficient task manager. It has a calendar, planner, and reminder as functions to offer you a complete solution.

The UI of this app is unique and attractive but still offers you a minimalistic experience. This app is quite intuitive and goal-oriented.

It has swipe gesture controls to quickly schedule tasks with auto-suggested words. The overall experience defines this app as feature-rich and attractive. Memorigi has many features that can be helpful for many people.

21. To-Do List by Diary App

To Do List By Diary App
To Do List By Diary App

This is an all-in-one app with many features and functions. Users can schedule events, and plans, add a reminder, make a task list, and even record voice.

You can organize your day with timely reminders of your daily scheduled activities. Users can create infinite lists without any cost – App’s interface is simple yet powerful.

The app has many beautiful themes. Users can access the calendar in this app to plan tasks efficiently; this app has a tracking task dashboard. It lets you track your task successfully. 

22. Simple to-Do List

Simple To Do List
Simple To Do List

As the name suggests, this app is quite simple. There is nothing new or extra in this app. It is just like any other standard To-Do list app.

You can use built-in tools for the fast creation of lists and easy editing. The app’s UI is quite impressive. There are different themes available. Users can also use this app in dark mode for a better User experience.

All the task lists are easily shareable using this app. Users can share it via phone messaging app or social media apps to share. 

23. Taskito


This app is more of a personal task manager. An individual can achieve better management of daily life tasks using this app. The design of this app is efficient, and UI is intuitive.

The app has a greater offering for improving productivity. This app in the play store is available free of cost.

There are no annoying ads in this app. using this app offers you a perfect balance between simplicity and advanced features. Users can also use this app for making checklists, adding reminders, and many more.

24. Color To-Do

Color To Do
Color To Do

This is a simple to-list creation app that also works as a widget. Users using this app can make simple and colorful checklists and tasks list to manage daily life activities.

There are different colors available for list-making that offers creativity and motivation to users. Users can use the drag and drop function to re-order the list. The notification reminder is accurate and works precisely.

Users can also share task lists with contacts using this app.

25. Do!


It is one of the simplest To-Do List apps on this list. This app is perfect for managing all daily life activities. Users can also use this app to make checklists, task lists, notes, grocery lists, and reminders.

The UI of this app is simple. Users can use several themes to change the app’s appearance. There are also advantages to changing fonts and alignment features to make your list more interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which app is best for To-Do List?

All the 25 applications mentioned in the review are best for your use. Todoist, wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do are some significant names when you are debating on To-Do list apps.

2. Do Android Smartphones have built-in apps for To-Do list?

Unfortunately, android smartphones do not have any built-in To-Do list apps. The only feature that you will find is an alarm and reminders. So, to manage your task, you need to install apps additionally from the play store.

3. What are the best free To-Do list apps?

Todoist, Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do, Tick Tick, Google Keep are the best free To-Do list apps to manage your tasks efficiently.

4. Is there any Google app for To-Do List?

Google Keep is an application from Google that works as a preeminent tool for managing tasks. Google Tasks is another name on the list as well.

5. Which one is better, Todoist or Wunderlist?

Both of these apps have unique and significant features. You can pick one of them at your convenience. However, most users prefer Wunderlist.

6. How do you create a list on a To-Do List?

If you want to create a list of events in your To-Do list app, you can use small post notes or lined index cards. Then you should write all your tasks in the form of action. However, you should arrange it in a way that offers you smoothness in the completion of tasks. 

7. Are To-Do list apps efficient for schedule planning and event management?

Yes, To-Do List apps are practical applications to manage your planned tasks efficiently. 


This review is quite simple and helps you achieve a reliable app for creating To-Do list. Now that you know the top apps on the list, you can choose whose features match your needs. We hope this article about the best To-Do List Apps for Android is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful to you in any manner.


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