Becoming a Web Developer – What You Need to Know

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Thinking of studying to become a web developer? Then, you will need to know what is required, the sort of jobs you can land, and the most important skills you will need to build.

A web developer is somebody that usually works for a company or freelance, that is tasked with designing and building websites. Roles can vary between working on the front-end or backend. The former involves designing the website, producing content, and, in some cases, being a webmaster for a website. As for the latter, this involves writing code that ensures the website and its features work satisfactorily.

The Jobs You Can Get as a Web Developer:

Web Design

The most obvious career path for somebody that wants to get into web development is to become a website designer. This line of work does not always require formal qualifications, but you may need to show that you have done website design to an adequate level previously. You need to be competent in programming and graphic design.

Computer Programmer

To become a computer programmer, you will probably need at least a bachelor’s degree in web development. This career path focuses on the programming you would have learnt as part of your development education. You will need to have a strong understanding of programming languages such as HTML5, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, among others. Also, you must stay on top of all the latest programming trends and have strong self-motivation.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is somebody that specialises in the storage and management of information. You’re tasked with keeping databases up to date, backing up information, and ensuring that those that need it, have access to this information when needed. You will need experience with database software or with the design and development of such software.

Software Developer

If you decide to work as a software developer, your role is to develop computer programs or applications. These run on top of operating systems and provide real-world use. You will need strong programming skills and usually a bachelor’s degree. This is one of the better-paid roles that a web developer can attain.

How to Become a Web Developer?

You have a couple of options when you have decided to get into web development. You can either complete bespoke certifications or seek a degree in web development. The latter is your best chance of securing more lucrative roles in the industry. Computer programming is the core skill you will have to master, but there are softer skills that you will also need. You will need to be a competent multi-tasker, have good self-motivational skills, be organised, and have good attention to detail.

Often, you will face tight deadlines or have to perform multiple tasks at the same time. This means you will need to have strong organisation skills, the motivation to get things done, and the ability to manage different projects at once. It is not a career for everybody, but those that work well under pressure will have a better chance of success.

Once you have the required qualifications, the next step is to gain some experience. Depending on whether you wish to hold a traditional position or work freelance, how much you need will differ. For instance, you may convince a client for a one-off job when working freelance. You could offer to provide work for a rate well below the current rate. Should you do a good job, you have experience, good feedback, and the confidence that you can claim similar work in the future.

However, for the more traditional contracted positions, you may need to have a lot more work experience behind you. Some companies may offer internships which are a great way to learn on the job.

Is Web Development Right for You?

With all the above in mind, is this the type of career that you think you’re a good fit for? It takes a lot of technical knowledge combined with good organisation skills. Web development also requires consistent learning. As well as all the programming languages you will need to know at a competent level, many developers also work with graphic design and editing software such as Photoshop.

Website development trends also change consistently. So you will have to stay well up to date with the latest tools, techniques, and design trends. For those that can manage all that, web development can offer good remuneration.

This is not a career for somebody that does not have an interest in web design. A lot of the tasks can become repetitive and monotonous. It is not all about designing pretty websites. You will have to do a lot of coding, troubleshooting, and testing. That said, if you’re creative and have a love of programming, this type of role is perfect for you.

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