Importance of Product Feedback Tools in Software Development

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Importance Of Product Feedback Tools In Software Development

Hello, readers! This article talks about the Importance of Product Feedback Tools in Software Development in detail.

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Why is feedback crucial in Software Product Development?

Be it any product, software, or hardware tool, feedback has always been proved to be crucial from the very beginning.

By collecting feedback, we can tend to achieve better reliability in terms of the product from the user’s perspective. This ultimately helps us generate a constant scenario of upgraded version releases of the product in the market.

We can make use of the feedback to shape the software product into a release that focuses on the user’s development mind and not the actual developers.

By this, we collaboratively influence and innovate the product according to the changes recorded in the product feedback.

For any product to maintain sustainability in the market, it is necessary to comply with the expectations of the customers.

Contribution of Product feedback in Software Development

For us to understand the contribution of the Product feedback in the development, we need to understand the concept of the Product development lifecycle.

Product development Lifecycle

  1. Listen: This is the stage where we listen and record all the observations made by the product user with regards to the product and chalk down their pointers.
  2. Learn: In this stage, we understand the pointers/observations put forth by the end-users through the feedback provided.
  3. Build: This stage enables us to build or upgrade the product or software based on the points that we imbibed through Step 1 as well as 2.
  4. Measure: This is the last of all the stages. Here, we compare the result of step 3 with the observations or improvements/issues listed in the product feedback in the step 1.

The Voice of Customers (VOC) is a process where we collate feedback about the product in terms of the issues, expectations, preferences, etc.

Also, it contributes to the product development in the below ways-

  1. Increase the loyalty of the customers.
  2. Measure the customer’s expectations versus feedback ratio.
  3. Helps improve the customer service and thus increases the sustainability.
  4. Plays a vital role in the decision making for the product lifecycle.

Popular Product Feedback tools

Having understood the contribution and importance of product feedback, let us know have a look at some of the most popular product feedback tools-

  1. UserWell
  2. Mopinion
  3. User Voice
  4. Canny
  5. Upvote

Let us have a look at each of them in the upcoming section.

1. UserWell

Userwell is a product feedback management software that solves all feedback-related challenges for B2B companies. Userwell integrates into all customer-facing communication channels and gathers all feedback in one central place.

It provides tools to make a data-driven decision about what feedback to implement and enables product managers to involve all stakeholders in this process. The best part is that the implemented feedback can be easily communicated back to users.

2. Mopinion

Mopinion is a great tool to manage the feedback of the users. It collates and analyzes the feedback from the most used digital sources and channels such as websites, apps, etc.

We can also collect and visualize the feedback from the users in the form of dashboards.

3. User Voice

This tool is capable of integrating the feedback from users obtained through multiple resources. User Voice translates the feedback into something accountable and trackable by the user.

It also creates a two-way channel for communication between the product team (companies) and the users who provide feedback to have better collaboration.

4. Canny

This tool enables the insightfulness of the feedbacks received by the users on the product.

It collects the feedback from the users across multiple platforms and then generates a report out of it. This report helps the product software development team understand the areas of progress and repair. The plus point of Canny is that it has a user-friendly and clean User Interface.

5. Upvote

With Upvote, we can collate the feedback from multiple organizations and store it for analysis in a single place easily. We can record the product feedback from various regions and locations.

It enables us to pave a way for a better culture to promote ideas for the up-gradation of the product.


By this, we have approached the end of this topic. Feel free to comment below, in case you come across any questions.

For more such posts related to Product Development, stay tuned with us.

Till then, Happy Learning!! 馃檪

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