10 Best Schools for Web Development

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My name is Mark Edison, and I write a lot about learning and science on my blog. One of the questions that I often get in my professional life is about tech education. Everyone wants to be a web developer in the modern world. Still, many people don’t know what school to choose. In this post, I want to give some options regarding the best facilities for learning the key tenets of programming. Let me put it straight: if you strive to become a web developer, you should undoubtedly enter a college or university. I will present 10 academic institutions that can be perfect for you from the standpoint of web development. The list isn’t organized into a top-10 format, as these are just my general recommendations.

1. Utah Valley University

This college is ranked as one of the best facilities for return on investment. It has a very strong web design program, in which a student can choose between web/application development and interaction management. What is more, the facility has open admission. Thus, you can enter it with a 100% probability. All that is necessary afterward is the ability to study hard and show that you are an extremely ambitious student. Since these skills are crucial for tech professions, UVU can give you an outstanding experience.

2. State University of New York at Albany

While the preceding university appears to be very open in its admission, this one is much pickier about its students. SUNY doesn’t have a dedicated web development course. What it can offer is a comprehensive Informatics program. During the course of your studies, you can choose a specialization in areas such as interactive user experience, software development, and social media. Thus, if you need some basic web development skills, this university will give them to you. More importantly, you won’t be limited to the discipline alone. SUNY will offer you a chance to learn about IT in general. Since many people in web development can benefit from such knowledge, a more theory-oriented framework offered by SUNY should be great for all beginners.

3. California State University-Los Angeles

This university also offers you to master IT skills and web development. Cal State provides an outstanding Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science that features some of the best social mobility opportunities in the U.S. The program involves many courses, several of which are dedicated to web development. Besides, you can create your final project in this sphere to gain a perfect portfolio for your future job. Ultimately, a lot of professional developers came out of the university. What I like about them is their ability to be well-rounded. They aren’t only concentrated on web development but also work in other fields. 

4. Purdue University

When it comes to programs concentrated exclusively around web development, this university is the best. Purdue provides a specific Bachelor’s Degree in Web Programming and Design. As a result, you can easily get into the professions of UI designers, web developers, and database analysts after taking courses at this facility. I know that many people from Purdue work in big companies such as Google and Facebook. The University is also famous for other things. There, you can learn the basics of key writer skills. Using the services of the online resources by Purdue, you can teach yourself to create outstanding custom texts. A lot of web designers are far from being good at writing. The college will upgrade your abilities in this regard (and, what if you still need help? Try out websites such as CustomWritings.com and refine your style even further).

5. Lindenwood University

Now it’s time to pass on to some interesting and genuinely original facilities. Lindenwood is a liberal arts college that offers you an opportunity to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration on web and user experience. I’m yet to see a course as unique as this one. Creativity is one of the things essential for a web developer. Lindenwood gives you a chance to develop it alongside programming skills. In my opinion, the school is great for people who strive to work on something truly creative. Web development for artist studios and browser video games is becoming increasingly popular. The combined knowledge of art and web can, thus, land you in a perfect starter position.

6. University of St. Francis

There are also other liberal arts institutions that offer some great web development courses. In this respect, the University of St. Francis is especially interesting since it gives a chance to start a career in web application creation. Its course dedicated to the topic is one of the best in the US. You will learn about the following topics:

  • web programming languages
  • key publication platforms
  • Java

Lastly, this university provides great internship opportunities. Therefore, it will give you a way to jumpstart your career as early as possible.

7. Full Sail University

This college offers a full-scale Bachelor’s Degree in web development too. Its program presents a combination of website creation and design-related courses. After it, you will be well-versed in both the programming and artistic aspects of the profession. The facility has an open admission policy and offers both online and campus-based opportunities. The latter course lasts only one year and a half, being perfect for people who want to enter web development fast. An online platform will take you two years and a half but will allow you to maintain some form of employment. Hence, if you are a time-constrained individual, Full Sail can be great for you.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

While the first part of the list concentrated on the institutions that don’t require a lot for entry, this one is undoubtedly among the most difficult to apply for in the nation. Millions of people want to enter the university but only thousands reach it. MIT doesn’t offer a specific web development course. What it gives, however, is the world’s best computer science program. After this facility, you will be an expert with tremendous knowledge. It’s a great idea to try out your luck. Maybe, you are smart enough for MIT but still don’t know it?

9. Harvard University

Here is another heavy hitter on my list. Harvard is the home of the greatest introduction to programming in the world, CS50 (you can find the course online, and I staunchly recommend it). Everyone is conscious of Harvard. Just telling people that you have got a degree from it will probably get you employed. I know that this university is a difficult and almost impossible option for the majority of the individuals. Still, if you are an ambitious person, try hard. There must be a young web development genius reading us now. My message for you is simple: nothing is impossible. Dream big.

10. Colorado Technical University

I want to finish my list with something that’s more realistic than the previous entries. Colorado Technical University offers the following skills to its students:

  • 3D technology
  • Mobile web design
  • Overall design-oriented courses

Generally, the facility will give you a web development program that will make you especially potent at computer science. If you are a back-end individual, I genuinely recommend this option.

An afterword

All in all, you have many choices when it comes to learning web design. Firstly, you can try out some overall computer science programs in the middle and top-rank universities. They will offer you a lot of versatility that’s extremely crucial in our profession. Secondly, you can try schools centered around web development itself. They will give you more direct skills and prepare for design-centric work. At the same time, the specialization can backfire in terms of computer knowledge. Still, I don’t think that this approach is bad. Ultimately, what’s crucial is dedication and readiness to constantly improve yourself.

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