Top 25 Best Root Apps for Android

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Best Root Apps For Android

Are you searching for the best root apps for Android to achieve a makeover to the stock Android? If yes, you are at the best place. Several specialized root apps can offer you Android hacks that completely change the functions and operations of your Android phone. They also helps users to improve battery life and remove bloatware.

Review of Top 25 Best Root Apps for Android

In this guide, you will learn about the 25 best root apps for Android that help you achieve some robust upliftment of your smartphone.

1. Greenify


Greenify is one of the most widespread root apps with its own unique feature. It is known for identifying all the abnormal apps in your Android and putting them into hibernation. This helps you improve the performance of your Android eventually.

It analyzes those apps that you are not frequently using and breaks them in making your device lag. Identifying those apps also helps users improve battery life, as Greenify puts all those apps into sleep. What attracts users about Greenify is it works with non-rooted devices also. It also consumes mere battery and CPU power consumption.

2. System App Remover (Root Needed)

System App Remover

It is another simple and lightweight app that helps the user to manage all their systems as well as installed interfaces. The app offers you exclusive root privileges.

One of this app’s most useful features is that it also allows you to uninstall the factory-installed system apps. This process of bloatware aids users to free up some space in the internal memory.

After rooting your phone, you can easily install new apps. Apart from that, users can also relocate and move an app from phone to SD card easily. 

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3. Root Checker

Root Checker

Root Checker is a precise tool to recover your phone’s performance without the need to reboot your phone. With this app, you can easily root your phone and recover IMG files and many other files. Apart from that, it is an app that allows users to check their device for root.

This app offers you a robust but simple user interface. It also notifies the user when to root the device or not. Before rooting, the application first checks and analyzes the device to determine its compatibility. 

4. Tasker


It is quite a complex tool to install. However, Tasker is a great app to achieve complete automation in your smartphone. Several users and professionals around the globe also love it for offering Android automation. From Android settings to sending SMS, this root app can easily automate all these processes.

One most helpful feature about this app is that Tasker even works without root permissions. Users can also achieve a full range of things, including optimizing battery life, moving system apps to SD cards, and even uninstalling the system apps to vacate internal memory.

5. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

A root access file manager offers you a completely new feature and control over system files. By using this app, users can get access to system files and allow users to modify the host files of system apps. You can remove the tracker and even block websites to complete control over the system.

You can also obtain several other awesome features in this Root file manager. Apart from that, the exclusively featured file manager empowers users with material design. Overall, it is fast, powerful, and great to use.

6. Titanium Backup (Root Needed)

Titanium Backup (Root Needed)

It is another root and backup application that you can achieve in the Android play store. Employing this app, you can find not only a backup but also restore your needed market link, data, and even apps. Using this app, users can control protected apps, system apps, and all the external data available in the SD card.

This is a free version, but it also has a pro version that helps users freeze the apps and don’t allow them to run again. Titanium Backup is a rooting app that primarily aids you in backing up for all internal and external apps.

7. Service To Control Your Phone

Service To Control Your Phone

Service is one of the unique root apps you can find in the play store. This is an app that works like the former app Greenfly. It aids you in controlling all those apps that drain your battery. Using this app, users can select all those abnormal apps they want to sleep with.

It also analyzes the app and hibernates them as needed. However, as this is a free version, users can only access controls over two-three apps. You can gain complete control over all the apps in the premium version.

8. 3C All-in-One Toolbox

3C All In One Toolbox

This is a giant toolbox that includes an amalgamation of several apps. This all-in-one giant toolbox is a perfect solution to root your Android phone. The user interface is easy, and you can find all those apps inside that offer you complete control over your Android.

It includes monitoring, accessing, and tuning your smartphone. Apart from that, several features help you minimize the battery consumption of your Android and improve performance. The best part about this toolbox is the app’s collection includes several apps that you have already read about in this list.

9. Disk Digger

Disk Digger

Disk Digger is more of a file recovery interface. Using this application, you can recover your damaged file; using this app doesn’t demand your smartphone to get rooted. Apart from only apps, you can also recover several other files, including image files, video files, and several other files.

Disk Digger is an app that even allows users to recover apps and files even if the phone comes rooted. The user interface of the app is also quite simple to use. 

10. Root Booster

Root Booster

It is an application that every root user enthusiast would anticipate. If you need more performance in your Android smartphone and want it to run smoothly without any lag, then this is a great app to use. Root Booster also improves the poor battery life of your phone. In this root app, you can also find some preset modes.

These preset modes also rectify the battery draining issue in your phone. Like Greenify, this app also analyzes apps with less usage and then puts them to sleep. Besides, this application also cleans up your empty disks and files to free up more space.

11. Wakelock Revamp – PowerManager

Wakelock Revamp PowerManager

It is a root app that offers you complete control over Android smartphones. You can use it on all your Android devices; it may include smartphones or tablets. This application can do a lot of things for you. Some of the most prevalent features include keeping the screen on.

This root app can force the power manager to keep your screen on as long as you want. In the standby mode also, users can anticipate CPU activity. Using this app, you can also keep your Wi-Fi connection strong, even in standby mode. 

12. Termux


Termux is an application that empowers you to utilize the full potential in your rooted Android phone. It brings you robust emulation along with a comprehensive Linux package suite.

In the features, users can enjoy the Bash and ZSH shells. Users who want to manage their Android smartphone using codes can achieve it using Termux. Users can also access server files over ssh files. 

13. ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox

It is just like the former toolbox that you have read about. It is a collection of several root apps that makes it a monster app. You can use it on your Android device to make it seamless, fast, and more optimized than ever before.

The ROM toolbox’s collection includes Titanium backup, ROM manager, Root Explorer, Autorun Manager, Font installer, boot animation, and a lot of other root apps that will completely modify your old Android phone.

14. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum Theme Engine

It is a free-to-use and robust tool that helps you customize your Android phone. You can leverage your Android experience without any obstacles. In fact, it is the most reasonable personalization Android app for users. After deploying this app, users can anticipate a complete makeover of the UI.

Thousands of themes and other display properties completely enhance your stock Android home UI and look. However, this rooting app is only for changing the appearance of your Android phone. 

15. Link2SD


Link 2 SD is an application that allows you easily move your system apps and files to an SD card. With this relocation, you can easily find more space in your internal memory. This will eventually boost up the performance and then prevent lagging. This is an application that was designed for android 2.0 and above versions.

It moves the applications and files seamlessly to external storage without any challenge. Link 2 SD also has a simple and easy-to-learn UI for users.

16. Migrate 


Migrate is a recent Android root app that offers you a great range of features. The most compelling feature of this root app is that it allows you to easily move from one custom ROM to another. Apart from that, it is also a great app for restoring Android devices.

It has helped several users get their backup for IMG and other files. Apart from that, you can back up almost every inch and app on your stock Android by using this app. 

17. Dumpster


Dumpster is an app that is also quite prevalent, as the former app. It aids you in restoring all your Android files and apps by acting as a recycle bin to your device. With Dumpster as an Android root app, users can easily attain all those files they have deleted by mistake.

Dumpster keeps an auto backup and saves all those files in the case of fresh deleted data. Using this app, users can easily bring back the deleted and lost videos and image files.

18. Permission Ruler [Root]

Permission Ruler [Root]

It is a perfect root app that is accessible to all Android users. This is a great app for users who wish to retain their privacy. After rooting the device also, these apps don’t let your privacy be compromised. Permission ruler is also an app that increases the battery life in your old Android phone.

It restricts all those and less used apps and puts them to sleep. It is an app that also accesses all permission while the screen is off to save your battery. But when you turn on the screen, all the permission gets revoked as it was earlier. 

19. Franco Kernel Manager – For All Devices & Kernels

Franco Kernel Manager For All Devices & Kernels

It is the ultimate tool for all android devices. It controls the kernel files with an excellent set of features in it. All the features in the FK manager work towards ease of use. You can personalize and customize everything. It includes customizing the CPU frequency, changing the screen color, optimizing the GPU frequency, and many more. It also pushes your android to offer you the best performances.

20. SD Maid

SD Maid

It is a system cleaning tool for all rooted Android devices. This is one of the best apps that you can find that actually cleans your phone well. While it works on non-rooted phones too, the rooted version gives you deeper cleanup including that of your root folder.

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21. [root] FlashFire

[root] FlashFire

It is one of the most advanced root apps for any Android user. It can empower you to flash the complete firmware package from manufacturers. Using this app, users can also control OTA and ZIP updates. While rooting your device, it keeps complete control of device privacy. You can also find a custom recovery feature that allows you to recover, apps, features, and functionalities of your Android device. The UI of Flashfire is quite simple; you can easily use it.

22. Boot Animations for Superuser

Boot Animations For Superuser

If you are quite bored about the stock starting up the animation of your Android device, then this is a great app to use. It is a boot animation application that empowers users to change the power on and off animations. More than a hundred beautiful boost animations help you optimize it and attain a makeover. You can also create your own images for GIFs to use as your animation. Boot animation can be the perfect app for your Android if you want to change the animation.

23. Performance Tweaker (ROOT)

Performance Tweaker (ROOT)

As the name says in the story, this application is a performance booster for your smartphone. There are several useful tweaks that you can find in this app. Users using this app can control and optimize their CPU frequency, governor, and more. Not only CPU frequency, but you can also achieve control over low memory.

This root app lets you delete all your unnecessary preset and system apps to free up space. Apart from that, you can also move these apps to an SD card.

24. Rootify


It is an app that offers you all the premium root functions with just one click. Rootify works like any other contemporary app available on the list. This app offers device enhancements, CPU management, power menu, system details, build prep viewer, and a simplified terminal. You can easily optimize the performance of your Android by enhancing the RAM and its usage. It also clears the RAM to make your memory clear.

25. Disable Application [ROOT]

Disable Application [ROOT]

It is an application that empowers you to disable all system applications and prevent them from draining the battery. It is a free app with a wide range of features as well. You can enable and disable the apps directly from the home screen using this app. The app also manages all app permission efficiently, even when the screen is off. You can also share APK with other users with the aid of this app. Disable applications also create auto backups to save all your necessary memory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the most useful root apps for Android?

All the apps that you see in the above list are prevalent as the best Android root apps. However, some of the most significant names include: 
System app remover
Solid Explorer File manager

2. Which root app is best for Android?

Greenify and Flashify are the two best apps for Android. It completely changes the Android and gives you a better enhancement to your stock Android.

3. Is rooting harmful for Android devices?

Rooting the phone with apps offers you total access to your Android smartphone. However, sometimes it may be harmful to your device also. The trash apps in your smartphone can immensely harm its performance.

4. Is rooting illegal for your Android device?

No, rooting is not illegal in the case of your Android smartphone. Android OS makers legally empower you to root your Android smartphone. Besides, the app you see in the Android store is also legal apps for rooting your device.

5. What are the enhancements that Android users get after rooting their smartphones?

The Android users, after rooting their phone get several enhancements and upliftments to their smartphone. It includes:
Improving battery life
Better UI accessing
Changing stock ROM to custom ROM
Introduction to new apps
Making the performance of stock Android much faster

6. Should I root my phone in 2021?

Rooting your phone is completely your choice. If you feel your Android lacks some features or performances, you can root your Android smartphone. However, In 2021 you can find several Android smartphones that are hard to root. It is because of their custom Android OS version.

7. Does rooting the phone improve the battery life?

Yes! Rooting your Android phone can help you improve your battery life. Several Android root apps significantly increase the battery life of your Android phones.


Keeping it short, these are the 25 best root apps for Android you can use for your Android device optimization. Now that you know the best 25, you must wisely choose one app that caters to all your demands. However, you should also read user ratings and reviews before deciding. If you have any more recommendations, you can mention them in the comment section below.

We hope this article about the best root apps for Android is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media, if you found it helpful for you in any manner.

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