Top 20 Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs

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Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs

Are you pursuing your education in the field of computer science, and want to know about the highest paying computer science jobs? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we have shared the best jobs you can join after you complete your study.

Top 20 Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs

Here you will find the top 20 computer science jobs based on salary. Find the role that matches your education the best so you know exactly what range your salaries will fall in!

1. System Analyst

Average salary – $70,883/year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The primary work of the system analysts in an organization would be maintaining all computers and making sure they are up-to-date.

Every technology with time demands news component integration for fulfilling user demand. The system analysts have to identify the updates that an organization’s hardware and software needs.

2. Programmer Analyst

Average salary – $ 71,666/ year

Roles and responsibilities in this job

Programmer analyst is one of the top highest paid jobs in the computer science domain. This is a job role in which the workforce’s primary responsibility is to design and develop several classifications of computer software. The employees here have to analyze the concept and ideas to develop a program from scratch.

This job demands the development of new software, but rather developers have to repair and bring updates to the existing interfaces. In relevance to the industry demand, employees have to work to cater to consumers’ special needs. This will include developing tailored software and applications as per client needs.

The employees who work as in-house programmer analysts in different organizations have to fulfill the company’s IT needs in a given timeline.

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3. Technical Support Engineer

Average salary – $72,773/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

This job role is also prevalent as an IT support engineer. These employees working in this designation have to offer technical assistance for reviewing any program or troubleshooting any bugs in it. Technical support engineers primarily deal with software and hardware-related issues in an organization.

The workforces working as support engineers have to identify and solve all the technical challenges internally in an organization. Apart from that, employees also have to assist the organizations’ clients on behalf of the company they are working for.

4. eCommerce Business Analyst

Average salary – $80,613/year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The eCommerce business analysts are the IT job roles that indulge in handling an eCommerce businesses’ online retail sales information. The employees working as eCommerce business analysts have to extract the business sales data from sales reports to identify the recent trend in customer purchasing.

This helps businesses to enhance the user experience as per the trend. The eCommerce business also scrutinizes the retail data to produce it for the marketing managers.

The business analyst also works collaboratively with the developers to streamline the transaction process. Apart from the sales data analysis, the eCommerce business analysts have to track an eCommerce website’s online SERP ranking.

5. Business Continuity Analyst 

Average salary – $82,593/year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

This is another highest paying computer science job that includes the role of organizing data. In this job designation, the primary role would be to maintain a normal operations schedule after a blackout or any data disaster.

The business continuity analysts eventually are the threat analysts who determine potential threats and recover the data for an organization.

As a continuity analyst, the employees would have to eliminate all potential losses. The job role also defines analysts to train company employees about data recovery and serious malfunctions.

6. Database Developer

Average salary – $84,946/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The database developer role is the highest-paying computer science job. The employee has to work to maintain the computer systems that manage all files and information.

7. Software Developer

Average salary – $100,000/year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

This is a core computer science job that offers you a great salary. The primary role of software developers would be teaming up with computer programmers, designers, and IT expertise to produce new and advanced applications.

The work role here is to first analyze user needs and then create an interface that can cater to their demands. Some other responsibilities also include solving technical glitches and ensuring the proper working of apps.

8. UX Designer

Average salary – $90,207/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

User experience (UX) designers are responsible for the look and feel of a website, app, or other types of the digital product. They work with teams to create designs that are both user-friendly and appealing to customers. UX designers typically have a background in graphic design, although they may also have training in information architecture, human-computer interaction, or psychology.

9. Database Administrator 

Average salary – $92,554/ year

Roles and responsibilities 

The database administrator in the IT domain is responsible for several data-related operations in an organization. The primary role is to present, organize, and analyze a company’s data in a database management interface. The employees here will work to meet the informational demand of an organization. This role also includes incorporating data from traditional systems to update the system without any loss. The database administrators also are responsible for discussing the security measures with IT professionals.

10. IT Project Manager

Average salary – $93,372/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The IT project managers in the computer science domains are primarily responsible for all sorts of IT planning to handle any desired project. They plan and conceptualize the IT projects from beginning to end. They are also responsible for managing employees and aligning them on track. In the project management of a company, the managers also make sure to complete the project with budget constraints. They also maintain the deadline of the project.

11. .NET Developers 

Average salary – $94,161/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

.NET developers design web apps for businesses and clients of an organization. The primary role includes writing and testing software or any applications with several programming languages.

They maintain the documents of coding, applications, and maintenance. The NET developers also provide project progress reports to the project managers. The maintenance of coding documents by NET developers is helpful, as new employees can learn about the code behind any app/program of a company.

12. IT Auditor 

Average salary – $98,822/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

IT auditors play a significant role in the IT infrastructure of a company. They accumulate all the data about the overall operations of a firm and indulge the best practices in maintaining and enhancing the IT operations. The IT auditors most imperatively check out the computer networks to identify any potential threat, issues, or challenges. They also examine if any computer system is inefficient to meet the security demands.

Also, make an audit of all the computer systems and present it to management for upgrading if needed. And they also analyze the user interface, processing efficiency, and security in the programs of a business.

13. Front End Developer 

Average salary – $102,697/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The front-end developers are the program developers responsible for making an organization’s app and sites. They make those programs for users and ensure the maximum user-friendliness in the end product. Front-end developers have to work collaboratively with the designers to create websites.

They will also aid the developers in determining and fixing any issues that an existing site/ app has. The primary role of the developers would be to ensure that the digital solution is quickly generating results for the organization.

14. Java Developer

Average salary – $103,461/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

This is a significant computer science job in the domain that everyone aspires to do. The salary in this job is quite as per the industry standards. The Java application developer in an organization will cater to the Java application of demands of the organization or its client.

Java developers ensure that a website is functioning properly by authenticating all user data. If there is any need to update the Java applications also, the developers work to bring new updates, security patches, and many more. Java developers also create a design document to help other developers analyze and work on it.

15. Software Engineer

Average salary – $103,461/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

This is a job role in the computer science industry that manages all new projects and software development. Software engineers won’t only work in the IT industry, rather, they can work in several other domains. The software engineer can also work as an in-house engineer in various firms.

The role and responsibilities would be indulging in all development, designing, testing, and operational activities. The software engineers in several organizations are also responsible for creating OS-based programs and applications. Software engineers also create programs specialized as per business demand.

16. Network Security Engineer 

Average salary – $115,197/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The primary obligation of a network security engineer is to be liable for configuring, deploying, and maintaining all network-related concerns. The employees will work to maintain the security related to software and hardware. It also includes a virtual private network, several monitoring tools, switches, routers, and many more. The network security engineer is an organization’s primary line of defense against any security threats. The network security engineers also work to protect an organization against cyber-attacks. The security engineer also is quite efficient in knowing how to mitigate any security risks. This makes it one of the highest-paid computer science jobs.

17. Mobile App Developers 

Average salary – $115,817/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

Mobile app developers are those tech experts who are liable for creating and maintaining all sorts of mobile applications. They will work closely by teaming up with analysts and computer engineers. The developers are usually efficient in all sorts of mobile app programming languages. They make OS-based mobile apps that help a business to expand its reach to potential users.

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18. Data Scientist 

Average salary – $115,817/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The data scientists in an organization analyze, interpret and manage a large quantity of raw data into a result that is more easily accessible. Data scientists usually employ several kinds of software and programs to modify data into several forms. They may sometimes oversee analyzing the data to deliver solution real-time challenges. Data scientists are also responsible for implementing the company’s new healthcare policies and creating products more efficiently. Data scientists are some of the most sought-after professionals that a company looks for.

19. DevOps Engineer

Average salary – $121,996/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The Development operations engineer in an organization integrates automatic apps and several other technologies to make a business adopt cloud technology. They may also operate to ensure transparency in every application developed. The DevOps engineers also work with several software engineers and product managers to find out any sort of challenges and fix it. In many organizations, the DevOps engineer also identifies the security needs.

20. Software Architect 

Average salary – $130,099/ year

Roles and responsibilities in the job

The software architects are usually the ones who are responsible for designing and creating a software application and program for the business demand. They can work in any IT industry or company as an in-house architect. The software architect makes the blueprint for a user-intent application like games and other desktop apps.


In conclusion, these are the top 20 highest paying computer science jobs that offer you an excellent salary. Now that you are transparent with the job titles, you must acquire skills to move you to such job titles. However, hard work is the key that will aid you in fulfilling your career objectives.

We hope this article about the highest paying computer science jobs is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.

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