How to Implement Gambling Blocker Software

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How To Implement Gambling Blocker Software

Software that restricts access to gambling websites or gambling-related services available over the internet is known as gambling blocking software. This software can be downloaded and brought into action on any device whether it be a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop. 

But, why should we even consider inviting gambling blockers into our lives?

A gambling blocker can change a life. It helps immensely to get rid of an addiction, needless to say, problem or compulsive gambling. Having restricted excessive gambling can promote responsible and healthy playing. If the gambling blocker you use is a purchase you once made, then you can even sell it once you think you are finally through. 

Types of Gambling Blocker Software

Types Of Gambling Blockers

There are initially two types of gambling blocking software – Casino Site Blockers and User-Based Blockers. 

Casino Site Blockers

GamStop is a non-profitable organization that restricts all sorts of gambling activities under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited operates GamStop on behalf of a not-for-profit organization. We recommend that you provide as many details as possible about yourself to make your GamStop self-exclusion a success,

  • Address and postcode of your current residence and your previous addresses.
  • Date of your birth.
  • Email addresses you use or have used in the past.
  • Your current or past mobile phone numbers.

An email will confirm your registration after you sign up. If you need more assistance, visit the support page. Normally, the self-exclusion takes 24 hours to become active.

As a result, you will be barred from all online gambling sites licensed in Britain (dependent on your choice) for a period of six months, one year, or five years. However, there are many other online casinos that are not on GamStop self-exclusion available in the United Kingdom and we will discuss how blockers work with those sites in the next section.

Having registered on GamStop, you would be prohibited from accessing any casino related websites using any of your credentials, such as your name, credit card number, or personal identifier name. 

User-Based Gambling Blocker

In contrast to GamStop, Gamban is nothing more than a software program that does not need third-party intervention. You can download it on your computer or mobile device if you are a problem gambler. Upon downloading and launching the program, the device in question will no longer be able to access any websites classified as gambling sites. Gamban might be a good solution for problem gamblers who have some self-discipline. It would, of course, be better if the gambler didn’t use other devices when gambling online. It is among the cheapest and easiest to install solutions on the market. According to users, Gamban generally helps them take a break when they need it most. 

Gamban is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, in addition to Windows and Macs. The app works on all Android Lollipop-compatible devices and iOS 9.0-compatible devices. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store, and then use it. 

Gamban can be downloaded and installed within a few minutes. Apps can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play. After installation, the system will handle all other aspects. It can be installed on either Windows or Mac computers without difficulty.

Gamban is significantly more affordable than other comparable solutions. A single license can be used on all devices for an individual. Access to expert resources and live tech support is included in the annual subscription cost of £24.99.

By testing the software, anyone can determine whether Gamban meets their needs. A 14-day free trial is offered by the brand to allow you to experience the product firsthand. The free trial can be initiated once you launch the app. You will have full access for two weeks after that.

How To Implement Your Gambling Blocker

How To Implement Blocker

First, it would be highly beneficial if you knew some programming language, be it python or java. Prior knowledge regarding database inquiries is also recommended. And then, simply follow these steps,
You are advised to create a database with casino sites you want to exclude yourself from. 

Then you would have to write down a program that will prohibit you from entering those sites as occupying your database. 

Having followed the steps successfully, you would be able to restrain yourself from problem gambling with ease. 

By blocking gambling-related content, Gamban prevents players from accessing gambling-related content. It is therefore not possible to simply uninstall the platform. Gamban licenses cannot be active until your Gamban license is active. You cannot remove the app from your devices even if you close your account. You must wait until your subscription expires or contact the support team to uninstall Gamban. 

Your self-exclusion cannot be cancelled until the minimum period you have chosen has ended. Once your minimum exclusion period has ended, you must contact GamStop to request its removal, or else it will remain.


Well, here we are. Follow the simple steps mentioned and you would be able to exclude yourself from excessive gambling. There are many other resources you can find, for example how GamStop works in detail. The change begins with you. If you are truly determined for a more productive and prosperous life filled with peace, there is no obstacle that you cannot circumvent. 

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