How GamStop Works In Details

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How Gamstop System Works In Details

GamStop is a self-exclusion platform in the United Kingdom. It is designed to help players at online casinos who have or are worried about gambling addiction. As such, they need help to distance themselves from gambling. Today we are going to reveal the complete process and all the details you need to know. Keep in mind that there are over 36.6 million gamblers in the UK so GamStop is more popular than ever before.

Registration and duration selection

The first thing you will have to do is to go to GamStop’s official website and create an account. There are no complicated steps here. Basically, you have to enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. After that, you will verify your email and you can move to the next step. 

The next step here is to choose the duration of self-exclusion. It can be 1 month, or half a year or even 5 years long. Once you are done, you can confirm the selection and you can leave the website. This is simple for you but GamStop still has a lot of work to do.

Behind the scenes

How It Works Behind The Scene

Once you are done with registration, GamStop will share your data with all the casinos in the network about your account. This refers to all UKGC casinos. In simple terms, GamStop will send them your account details. The casinos where you already have an account will block it. Those where you don’t have an account will prevent you from registering. You won’t be able to register, play games, or deposit funds at any of the UKGC casinos. Apparently, there are some casinos with UKGC licenses that will accept GamStop users. This was the case a while back. These days, if you are on GamStop, you won’t be able to gamble at UKGC casinos.

It is important to add that there is no way you can bypass GamStop and gamble at UK casinos. There is no method to do that. You can’t cancel self-exclusion either. You will have to wait for a selected period of time and no matter what you do, it is a must. You can even contact customer support countless times but they will not lift the ban! 

Only once the self-exclusion is done, you can contact the support of GamStop. You will wait for 24 hours and they will lift the ban after that. Most players don’t do this because they don’t want to gamble more.

Other Operators You Need To Know About

As we have mentioned above, GamStop works only with online casinos that have UKGC and works only for UK players. It cannot be used by other people and other casinos. This also means that some UK casino brands not on GamStop are still available for British players. For instance, casinos with Curacao or MGA licenses are not obligatory to promote and use GamStop. This means one thing. Even if you are on GamStop, you can still play games at Curacao-licensed casinos. You can play games at all casinos that do not support GamStop.

However, all casinos that are licensed to offer their games to UK people must have a UKGC license. Most players prefer gambling here. The reason is obvious. UK players have the rights and have the protection if needed. Most UK players play gambles and gamble only at UKGC casinos hence GamStop is extremely effective.

It is important to add that GamStop has plans to start cooperation with MGA licensed casinos and others! This means that in the future almost all casinos active or available in the United Kingdom will be paired with GamStop as well. 

There is one thing more we must cover here. Some casinos don’t have any licenses. They can accept your account and you will be able to play games despite the fact you are on GamStop. But, this is not a wise thing to do unless the casino is new and working on the license or it is a reputable brand. A good thing is that most casinos do have a license or they are safe to play at.

The Overall Result

What Is Gamstop Result

The overall success of GamStop is massive. Almost all users will end their gambling addiction and they will stop gambling successfully. Should be mentioned that GamStop data allows to determine unhealthy behaviour and support players. In percentage, this is almost 90% so you can use it and you can get help when needed. The self-exclusion scheme works well because it covers almost all casinos and it gives you time to work on your gambling addiction. 

The idea is that a player should recover and after that he can continue gambling at safe and UKGC licensed casinos on the web. A huge problem is when a player creates an account on GamStop but he doesn’t really understand how all this works. He will try to cancel the account but this is not an option. Make sure you read all of this and know how GamStop works and what to expect from it. Only when you are certain that you must use it, be free to do it. 

The Final Word

GamStop is a massive and one of those platforms that help players who have a gambling addiction and gambling problems. It is very effective, safe to use and it comes with certain features and things you need to know about before you create an account. You can find much other useful information on, there is information on how to connect mentioned API to your site and umpteen tutorials about different software systems, learning guides, etc. Now when you know all about it, go for it and create an account, if you need one. 

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