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In 2019, the online gambling industry made approximately 58 billion US dollars, while in 2020, aka the year of lockdown and the global pandemic, the industry made 66 billion dollars (approx.). During this period, the world witnessed the fall of many industries, and the online gambling industry indeed wasn’t one of them. 

In 2021, it grew even more to generate a revenue of 74.17 billion US dollars and is expected to grow 11.4% in the next seven years, generating revenue of 158.20 billion US dollars by the end of 2028. Needless to say. The online casino business is one of the most profitable businesses one opts for. But to make the company profitable, you need proper licensing, top game providers, a full-proof security system, a good marketing team, a customer support team, and a lot of planning and operational execution. 

In the beginning, the online casino business needs a high investment of both money and time. Still, it will eventually yield profit given that you have online casinos rated as the best around the world. Here is an array of information to help you start your own online casino business. 

Selecting Software Providers

Selecting Software Prowiders

Software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Booming Games, etc., are makers of online casinos. They serve as building blocks by providing casino games of various genres such as card games, themed- games, slots, jackpots, lottery, etc. The role of software providers in an online casino is as follows:

  • Provide gaming content, terms of the guarantee, security features, and other resources that come with the package. You need to evaluate the content, technicality, customer support, game reviews, and security before selecting one for your online Casino that matches your objective for the online Casino. 
  • Software providers are crucial in determining an online casino’s performance.

Planning Gambling Content of the Casino

Planning Gambling Content

The following additions to the casino content could boost the profit numbers:

  • Classic games such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, etc. Live Casino for these games is a must. Live games are much more entertaining for the players, thus ensuring a good amount of engagement. 
  • Unique themed games related to popular TV shows, Series, or Cinema like Marvel series, Star Wars, etc. 
  • Having an elaborate, user-friendly Sportsbook could be the best decision for your online Casino.
  • Try accommodating games that use AR(Augmented Reality) or VR (VIrtual reality) to attract the younger generation to your online Casino. 

Getting a License for Operating the Casino

License Operating Casino

Getting a license is the most challenging task of all. Each country has separate jurisdictions regarding gambling. Some countries regulate their gambling market, whereas, in some countries, gambling is strictly prohibited. 

Choosing the licenses to get to cover major gambling markets, their rules, and jurisdiction could be burdensome. Here is a list of the most popular countries that give permits and are responsible for lawfully maintaining your online casino:

  • United Kingdom (UKGC)
  • Malta
  • Curacao
  • Gibraltar
  • Alderney
  • Isle of Man
  • New Zealand

Choosing Verified Payment Methods

Choosing Verified Payment Methods

Online casinos are expected to facilitate international transactions where players from across the world will regularly deposit and withdraw cash from the casino. The Casino, therefore, should have proper integration and e-payment systems, and it should also offer traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards, primarily Visa, Mastercard, etc. Additionally, you have to ensure that the transactions are safe with needed encryptions. 

Creating a User-Friendly Website and Application

Creating an appealing gaming website is the most critical step in the industry. Here is a list of desirable properties on the casino website:

  • The layout and navigation should be neat and easy, with detailed UI/UX.
  • The website design should be appealing to stand out from other similar sites.
  • Customer authentication and authorization should be facilitated through proper Databases and encryptions.
  • The site should leverage HTML5, CSS3, and Flash technologies to make it mobile-friendly.

Marketing And Promotion

Marketing Promotion

In the online casino business, marketing and promotions play an important role. You would need a constant influx of players joining your casino to generate a significant amount of revenue. A good casino marketing strategy is to affiliate marketing programs, join bonuses, and refer to a friend bonus. You would need a professional marketing team to promote your online Casino to boost the number of players entering the Casino. 


Initially, the cost of opening an online casino could be a lot where the pre-opening fees themselves will include expenses for website creation, licensing, software, marketing, promotions, staff, etc. Moreover, after launching the game, the costs of game providers, software support, renewal license, and overall marketing is added to the price. 

But if you could do it right and create a relatively unique, engaging casino site, onboarding a volley of customers wouldn’t be a problem.

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