Solving AttributeError in Python – A Simple Guide

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AttributeError In Python

Errors are an essential part of a programmer’s life and are essential for learning. This tutorial will discuss what an AttributeError is and what causes it.

The AttributeError comes into the picture when you try to call an attribute of an object whose type does not support that function. One way to understand what an attribute is, defining it just like any physical attribute of a person in real life.

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Some Mistakes leading to AttributError

Sometimes we try concatenating two strings using the append function which results in an AttributeError. Look at the code below.

s1 = "Journal"
s2 = "Dev"



AttributeError Screenshot 1
AttributeError Screenshot 1

Let’s look at another code snippet below. Here, we assigned a string as NoneType and when we try to work with such a string, it gives an error.

s1 = None
AttributeError Screenshot 2
AttributeError Screenshot 2

It is very common to get an attribute error while working with modules. For instance, we are importing a module named math and trying to add two numbers using a function sum. We know this function doesn’t exist in the module, hence error comes into the picture. 

import math
AttributeError Screenshot 3
AttributeError Screenshot 3

Resolving AttributeErrors in Python

Some possible solutions to AttributeErrors are as follows:

help function helps to know if a particular attribute belongs to an object or not. It can help in resolving the issues of AttributeErrors. Look at the code below. The code will result in an error shown in the image below the code. With the help function, we can see the whole guide of the math module and check what all functions are available in the module.

AttributeError Screenshot 4
AttributeError Screenshot 4

Another possible solution to handling AttributeErrors is by using the try-except statements. Look at the code below. Now, we can see that the code is not giving an error as it was given earlier.

AttributeError Screenshot 5
AttributeError Screenshot 5


Attribute errors in Python are displayed on the screen when an invalid attribute is referred. In this tutorial, we understood what AttributeError is and how to tackle them if we encounter them anywhere in the code.

Thank you for reading!

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