Web Developers: Who Are The Top 10 Web Developers on Instagram?

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Why should you follow web designers and developers on Instagram? Instagram is just like a microcosm of the real world. It’s a place where people can connect with other people, businesses, and groups who share mutual interests. 

If you’re a web designer yourself or are looking to venture into the field, following accomplished web designers on Instagram is a must. Check out Instagram profiles of these professionals to stay up-to-date with trends, learn the latest design techniques and processes, and network with fellow developers!

Want to remain relevant in today’s web development universe? Follow these 10 amazing web development influencers on Instagram.

10. Chris Coyier – @real_css_tricks

Css Tricks
Courtesy : real_css_tricks (Instagram)

A well-known CSS and HTML expert, Chris Coyier is a designer at CodePen and has a podcast called ShopTalk.

He also has a relatively unknown Instagram account but the contents he pulls up and the amazing website designs he churns out makes him one of the web designers to follow on this app.

If you are looking for a bank of web development resources, then you’d want to check out chris’ extremely popular CSS blogs on the web, which is called css-tricks.com. 

With many tutorials and websites to his credit, Chris is constantly out there trying to help designers improve their skills. Copying the models of these web developers, you can also use Instagram to  attract  clients.

9. Marcus Michaels – @marcusmichaels

Marcus Michaels
Courtesy: marcusmichaels (Instagram)

Marcus Michaels is from London, UK. He is a front-end developer and has more than 16k followers on his page. He is a solid web designer who dishes out insights on various aspects of life. 

Michael also gives advice, nuggets, and valuable coding tips to make it easier for web designers to navigate through. Being the transparent person that he is, Marcus takes time to share the highs and lows, of his startup—Modest Industries. This influencer also loves posting beautiful and astounding art designs. 

8. Jeffrey Zeldman – @Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman
Courtesy: zeldman (Instagram)

Jeffrey Zeldman is a well-known web personality. He is the author of ‘Designing with Web Standards’, a must-read for potential and expert web designers.

He is also the founder of Happy Cog Studios, a company that boasts a long list of satisfied clients, including MTV and Stanford University.

Over 7000 design lovers follow his account on Instagram. The best part is that the account is growing by thousands every day. This is expected since Jeffrey makes it a priority to deliver substantial and timeless counsel in his posts.

This wonderful graphics guy brings great web design knowledge to the table. You should follow him to get a taste of what he is all about. 

7. Holly Boothroyd @Herhelloworld

Courtesy: Herhelloworld (Instagram)

Men are doing amazing things on the web development front. However, women are not left behind. A good example of a woman killing it in web development is Holly Boothroyd. 

Also known as Herhelloworld, Holly is a fresh graduate who recently embarked on a career as a proficient Software Engineer at Microsoft.  

Being a young woman in Tech, Holly creates Instagram content about what it’s like to work in the IT industry as a woman. She also tells her fans about what she’s reading and gives useful tips on how to learn to program.

6.  Tiffany @tiffintech

Courtesy: tiffintech (Instagram)

Here’s yet another woman rocking the world of tech and design. Tiffany is a multi-talented software engineer who uses motivational advice to keep her audience engaged. 

She likes to talk about subjects such as software development and remote work. Tiffany is also known for her rich knowledge in the area of programming languages, something that brings instant instagram likes to her posts.

When you follow this web design influencer, you will gain knowledge of coding languages such as Ruby, Rails, and HTML5. Also, if you’re looking for help coding courses and technical trends, her Instagram account is the place to go.

5. Rafeh Qazi @cleverqazi

Courtesy: cleverqazi (Instagram)

Rafeh is a Python full-stack developer. But that’s not all. This influencer is also a YouTube celebrity and an entrepreneur. 

Rafeh has a passion for building startups. But beyond doing techie stuff, Rafeh also loves sharing his knowledge with others.

This programmer founded “Clever Programmer” which is a community comprising more than 100,000+ students learning to code.

Being a software consultant, this programmer uses technology and code only as a tool to solve problems for his clients. 

Through his Instagram account, Rafeh teaches the world to build stuff with code. There’s so much gem on his feed. 

4. Bojan Novakovic @bojannovakovic

Bojannova 1
Courtesy: bojannovakovic (Instagram)

Bojan is a UX/UI Product Designer. He is also a  Content Creator and has been featured on platforms such as Adobe Designers, Dribble, and Invision. 

So far, Bojan has built his online presence by delivering world-class design-related stuff on Instagram. Now, this designer has gathered over 60K avid followers. 

You’ll be interested to know that Bojan has also created 2 design workbooks. Both of these books had helped thousands of designers all around the globe to become better product designers.

Bojan’s Instagram feed is full of valuable information about UX/UI. If that’s something you’re interested in, hurry and check his profile out.

3. Coder Geek @thecodergeek

Courtesy: thecodergeek (Instagram)

Coder Geek is a community platform. And just like the name implies, The Coder Geek community is a platform that provides resources for both beginners and advanced coders. 

The Coder Geek also uploads posts about the principles of programming. They release helpful tips and insights about coding while also posting programming memes once in a while for humor.

Because this account is a community-based platform, you’ll be able to find people like you who love coding. Groups like this make it easy for you to network with people in your field and grow your craft. 

This page is where you’ll find all the resources you need to thrive in your web development journey. 

2. Giga Tamarashvili @gtamarashvili

Courtesy: gtamarashvili (Instagram)

A UX/UI designer and art director from Tbilisi, Georgia, Giga Tamarashvili’s Instagram feed features stunning interfaces of apps, websites. You’ll also see digital products that he designed for clients. 

His use of cool colors, distinct objects, and photos of humans showcase his talents and skills in design. 

Giga is also the co-founder of a design studio called Bold Monkey Co. His creativity and his range with designs is able to capture your very imagination and inspire anyone who wishes to thrive in the world of web design.

1. Coding Days @codingdays

Courtesy: codingdays (Instagram)

Coding Days is an Instagram account that unites web developers from all around the world. 

The user-generated pictures, which include personal stories and experiences in coding and programming, are both instructional and motivating. Their stories will inspire you to keep going when things get tough and to break new ground in your first year as a web developer/designer

There are several ideas and lessons to be learnt here, and knowing that you’re part of a social network is beneficial. You’ll be able to rely on them for help as you advance in your career.


Of all the major social media sites, Instagram has the highest interaction rate. This is partly because of professionals from different fields who tell their stories and share experiences through this platform

Instagram is a place to learn, get inspiration, and make lasting connections. Thanks to web design experts who share their journey online, you can get the opportunity to truly learn and build your own career.

By providing tried-and-true tactics that you can learn from online sources, these web developers and designers have amassed a considerable following. Study these veterans closely and you too can increase your business’s visibility on this rapidly expanding platform.

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