Top 15 Best Linux Music Player

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Best Linux Music Player

Are you searching for the best Linux music players for your Linux system? If yes, you are at the right place. Music is undoubtedly an obligatory requirement in everyone’s life.

This article will guide you about the top 15 best music players, especially for Linux systems. So, without wasting any more time, read out the complete article to explore the top 15 best Linux music players’ software.

Review of top 15 music player’s software for Linux

1. Clementine


Clementine is one of the prominent music players that you can find for your Linux system. It comes with several features suitable for Linux users. Apart from that, it is not only a great music player for Linux users but Windows and Mac users can access the same. There are several additional features that Clementine supports.

One of the most remarkable of them is the customization of the UI. Users can change the appearance of the player matching to the desktop environment. Users can also make their own playlist and add music they love to hear every day. 

The software offers users a sidebar to observe the playlists, search for music, and attain several other functions. Almost every user loves this music player for its features. The user interface is also quite easy to use, apart from the features. Interface customization will again help you find more interest in using this music player.

2. Banshee


Banshee is another popular music player software for Linux users. It is compatible with almost all the Linux distros, Mac OS, and Windows. This music player is also known to be working on iPhone and Android devices. One most excellent feature of this software is this is a multipurpose software.

You can listen to audio and also stream video in this software. Users can also access online multimedia files using this music player, including an extensive library. Banshee again has an easy-looking interface. It is decent to use without any complexities.

Apart from that, it is also best known for its core purpose. That implies that it offers you an excellent quality of music playing. Users can also adjust the sound components like Bass, rock, jazz, and many more. Once you install it in your Linux system, you can click on browse music to listen to your favorite tracks. An advanced search bar also lets you search for music seamlessly.

3. VLC


VLC is a media player that needs no introduction. It is a free-to-use media player that almost every operating system user prefers to use. Not only music, but you can also play video on this media player. It also offers compatibility with MAC and Windows users.

It supports almost all sorts of video and audio codec files and formats. You can play MP3, MPEG4, AVI, and other file formats. It also offers you several chances for improving the quality of the music by downloading several plugins.

The user interface is quite simple. The accessibility to music files is easy. Some users may find the UI to be dull. However, it has powerful features. Another very important feature that you can find is Volume efficiency. You can achieve 200% volume using this media player. VLC is no doubt a competitive media player on this list.

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4. Amarok


Amarok comes as the default music player for all KDE users. Most Ubuntu users also like Amarok for its incredible features and remarkable music playing quality. There are some additional elements as well that make it exceptional.

You can get some of the most notable qualities, such as an embedded equalizer to change the music components. You can also access the lyrics of songs if it is available with a music file. There is an incredible artist search option. It is an option that lets you know about the music artists.

Amarok also offers you an advanced search option. Using this search option, you can find music and play them on your player. Users can easily add and browse music on this media player. Every function is available on the main screen, and you don’t have to search for the features.

5. Rhythmbox


Rhythmbox is another popular and default music player for all Ubuntu users. You can enjoy your favorite music on this high-quality music player. Several features will blow your mind. The developers also offer you plugins to enhance the quality and experience of listening to music.

You can use these plugins as well. Rhythmbox also comes with podcast support. Podcast support allows you to listen to your favorite podcast channels and episodes. Radio is another prominent part of this music player.

Users who get bored of listening to music only can listen to the Radio. The Radio doesn’t require any antenna to fetch channels. It works on the internet to offer you seamless listening to Radio; developers have also improved several features and eliminated all the minor bugs.

It is more than a music player that comes with a vibrant orange and white theme to fascinate most users. All the music controlling tabs are found on the top of the music player.

6.      Gnome Music

Gnome Music
Gnome Music

Have you ever Gnome a Desktop environment? The Gnome is software that completely changes the appearance of the Ubuntu and Linux operating systems. The music player from Gnome also comes marching into the Gnome environment.

All the users who are previously using Gnome will find it remarkable. However, this music player comes with limited features. There are not many impressive qualities that you have witnessed in another music player. Users who want a lightweight music player can undoubtedly use the same.

It is not much hard on your system resources and works seamlessly. In Gnome, all the basic music controlling features are accessible in the top left corner of the interface. You can pause, play, skip, and rewind the music.

Apart from that, users can access a large part of the software for browsing music files. All the music files available would get displayed in a list. Gnome Music player is perfect for those who don’t want many complexities and want a simple music player.

7. Audacious


It is quite a bold music player for Linux users, as the name says. Users think of it as one of the most suitable music players for the Linux OS; there are a lot of features and options that you can achieve in this music player.

Normal music control is available. It includes Pause, skips, repeat, rewind, skips, forward, and many more. The most important feature is that you can customize the interface. Users can integrate an abundance of plugins and extensions to make Audacious more powerful.

Interestingly, users can also find a theme-changing feature. This will help you achieve appearance, as per your desktop environment. Audacious also lets you achieve the dark theme/night mode to match your experience.

All music controls are accessible on the top bar of the screen, while music files are accessible in another part of the software. Using this software is quite easy, and beginners can also use it seamlessly. The equalizer is unavailable, which might bother some users.

8. DeaDBeeF


The name might sound new to you, but this music player is excellent for its robust performance. It is widely known for offering you a crystal-clear sound. Features in this software can entice you. It includes creating a playlist, making a fixed playlist, adding plugins, editing the Metadata, and many more.

Apart from the general features, there is nothing much to discover in this software. However, users who want to enjoy a lightweight music player can enjoy using this.

The interface is quite restricting. You don’t get many features other than just music control and playlist. Accessing the music files is also quite easy.

Like the VLC media player, you can increase the volume of music to 200% and attain loud music. The overall interface comes with a white and gray theme that also makes it duller.



QMMP is a much simpler Linux music player for users. It comes as a perfect choice for all Linux users, as it is lightweight on system resources. Though it is simple, it supports all the popular music formats and file types.

It includes MP3, MPEG4, and several other file formats. It runs on Debian Arch OpenSuse Slackware and another package installer; you can also find it accessible on several other platforms. QMMP can be a great choice for all music lovers who want a mixture of a black and white theme.

The user interface in QMMP is also quite easy. The basic music controlling features are available in the top left corner, and the other parts of the interface can get used to accessing music files.

There is an equalizer screen on the bottom portion of the interface. It fluctuates on playing music and offers you a remarkable experience. The details about the track are accessible at the bottom of the interface screen.

10.  Spotify


Spotify is a music player that has been very popular in recent days. Several people also use Spotify on their iOS devices and Android smartphones. It has an extensive range of users, and people love its music quality and performance.

However, Spotify is also available for all users of Linux. You can use Spotify for free and also access its premium subscription. With the premium subscription, users can enjoy music without any annoying ads.

Spotify, as usual, offers you a green and black theme. The dark theme looks perfect on your system. Apart from that, you can also appreciate several other features. It includes creating a playlist, editing a playlist, changing the equalizer, and many more. Users can also change the theme of this music player to customize the appearance. Spotify as a music player connects with the internet to offer you access to seamless music online. Users who anticipate an advanced music player must access it on their Linux systems.

11. Cmus


Cmus is a music player software that won’t disappoint any user. It is because; it not only is compatible with all newer systems, but it also runs seamlessly on all the low-configured computers. Thus, if you have a computer without much memory or resources, you must use Cmus.

It is even much lightweight and requires minimal RAM to run. Apart from that, it also supports almost all types of music formats and file types. It includes MP3, MP4, MPEG4, and several others.

One of the most striking features of Cmus is users can change the appearance with several themes available. You would get a simple UI with decent fonts in terms of interface.

It looks a bit older than the age. The music controls are accessible in the top bar of the interface. Moreover, it is a decent music player for all music lovers.

12. Lollypop


Lollypop is again another music player that was developed by Gnome. It is a free and open-source music player. The complete software comes based on Python and GTK+, and it comes especially for the Gnome Desktop environment.

Lollypop supports several music files and formats to play. It includes MP3, MP4, OGG, and FLAC. Users can find every detail about every track played on this music player. The details that it shows you include Music track details, genre, the artist, the song’s duration, and many more.

Lollypop also offers you several modes to play music. It includes party mode, jazz mode, rock mode, bass mode, and many more. There is a built-in search model that allows you to search music within the library and over the internet as well.

Their user interface is impressive and is also user-friendly. The Gnome development makes it a seamless music player in a Linux OS. The software also doesn’t consume many system resources while running.

13. Cantata


Cantata is another Linux music player in this list that impresses you with its features. The developers have beautifully designed it to meet the end user’s demand. Several unique features help it stand out from the rest of the competition.

It is not only a music player for Linux users, Windows and MAC users can also run it. It is free and open-source which allows you a lot of opportunities.

Cantata also supports a wide range of music files and formats. It includes MP3, MPEG4, MP4, WAVE, AAC, FLAC, and a lot more. There are no gaps between the two songs, and it immediately plays one song after the other.

This is what makes it more unique. The interface of this music player is customizable. It supports an extensive range of playlists, and the audio CD ripping and playback options. Users can also decrease the length of the status bar to make it more portable.

14. VVAVE Music Player


VVAVE Music player for Linux is one of the oldest music-playing software you can find on this list. As it is quite aged, you will find a simple and classy design in the interface. There is nothing much to explore in the UI. However, you get a dark theme that may match your desktop environment.

VVAVE Music players are also lighter in weight and it doesn’t consume much space in your system. Although it doesn’t offer you many features, you will play precise music and find all basic fulfillment.

The left side of the interface shows you the most played, favorites, recent, babes, online, and tagged music; on the center screen, you will find detail about tracks in a list. The right side of the interface shows you the current playing music.

You can access all general functions to control music such as Play, pause, rewind, forward, and many more. VVAVE Music player is an open-source and free music-playing platform that helps you enjoy music.

15. Elisa Music Player

Elisa Music Player
Elisa Music Player

This is a free music player for Linux users developed by the KDE community. It is designed to offer users a simple and nice music player. This music player is much more flexible and offers cross-platform support. That implies that you can also use it on Windows and Mac. There are no bugs as the KDE community has developed and it offers ease of use to the users.

However, the user interface of this software looks quite colorful and vibrant. All the songs are accessible in a thumbnail view, and you can choose the one that you want to play.

Users working on the KDE desktop environment can find it more seamless to use. Elisa is also lightweight and doesn’t consume much system space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best Linux music player in 2022?

All the music players you see in the above list are the best. However, some of the most indispensable names include Clementine, Banshee, VLC, Amarok, Rhythmbox, Gnome Music, Audacious, DeadBeeF, and many more.

2. Which software offers quality music playing?

Clementine, VLC, and Banshee are some of the top-tier names that offer you quality music. The sound quality is good, and there is also no distortion.

3. How do I play music on my Linux operating system?

You can easily play music on your system using the command line or by playing music on software after downloading it from the Ubuntu software center. Music on console is also a command-line music player that you can find in your Linux operating system. After installing this player in your Linux OS, find a file you want to play from your MOC menu; on clicking on any music file, it will start playing.

4. What is the default music launcher in Ubuntu and Linux operating systems?

The default music player on Ubuntu and Linux operating systems is Rhythmbox. You can access it easily, and it is reliable software to play music. You can, however, download other music player software from the software center and improve the quality of music.

5. What is the best free Linux music player?

Linux is known for its open-source and free accessibility. So, all the music players that you see in the above list are free to use. You can install and access them without paying any single penny.

7. How can I install Clementine?

If you wish to install Clementine in your Linux operating system, you may have to install Clementine from several package terminals. Once you find the desired package terminal, you can add the repository. You can also employ the command line to install Clementine.


In conclusion, these are the top 15 best music players for Linux. Now that you know the best 15 music players, you can easily install the most suitable Linux Music player that matches your demand. If you have any more recommendations, you can let others know by commenting down in the comment section. Do share the article on maximum platforms if you find it useful.

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