Top 7 Best Linux FTP Client For Linux Geeks

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Best Linux FTP Client

Are you searching for the best Linux FTP client to transfer your file from one system to another over the internet? If yes, you are on the right page to discover the best FTP client.

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is one of the older methods to transfer files across computers. FTP clients, help you move your files and folders from one system to another or one host to another.

So, our professionals have shortlisted the 7 best FTP clients that are preferred by Linux users. All these FTP clients have been closely reviewed so that you can get more clarity on features and reliability.

Review of 7 Best FTP Clients for Linux Enthusiasts 

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1. FileZilla

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File Zilla

FileZilla is a favorite FTP client with secured file transfer. It works with all major OS platforms, including Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Windows, and MAC. We are also quite impressed with the file transfer speed. It offers you several features along with the transfer of large files. The most talked-about features of FileZilla are bookmarking, drag and drop support, and transfer queue.

Bookmarking allows you to bookmark a file while sending it so that you can notice the same in the other host and make changes to it. The drag and drop support feature empowers users to drag the desired file and drop it into the client to send it to another host.

Using the Transfer queue, you can get an acknowledgment about what files are in a queue for transfer. In the transfer queue also, you can make several actions. Rather than just an FTP client, FileZilla is also an SFTP and FTPS client. Users using Linux can use the below command to install FileZilla using the command line:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install Filezilla

2. CrossFTP

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Cross FTP

CrossFTP is another remarkable FTP client that you can use! It is also rather a simple FTP client. The cross in the name depicts that it is a cross-platform FTP client. Other than your Linux system, you can also use it in your Windows, MAC, and other OS.

Several incredible tools make file transferring easy. It includes cloud storage that helps you store files permanently in the cloud, moves the file into a remote environment, and many more. Cross FTP is decent in helping you transfer the files without any crashing.

Apart from that, it also has several features that make it a better choice for professional users. You can view the history of the file transferred in the list and also access the transfer queue list. Users can also get files on WebDAV and iDisk quicker than any browser.

It is not only an FTP client, but you can also find several other things such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud storage, and many more. The platform is password protected and offers you complete encryption. This ensures security standards. There is different tab accessibility; it lets you open many site connections in a single window.

3. gFTP

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gFTP is another decent FTP client that you can rely on as a Linux user! gFTP is famous for offering an interactive and intuitive UI to its users. Professionals also have witnessed the same. Users can also configure gFTP to make it more accessible and easier for file transfer.

It is also a multi-threaded FTP client for all the Linux and Unix-based systems. It can be a great alternative to FileZilla with almost similar features. However, there are several distinct features as well. Users can attain simultaneous downloads, pause and resume file transfer, and access the transfer queue.

4. Kasablanca

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Kasablanca is also famous for its security standards. It is a secure FTP client for all KDE-based systems. It is also one of the fastest FTP clients that offer a lightning-fast transfer. The FTP client comes written in C++ and also includes KDE libraries.

There is an advanced bookmarking system that allows users to easily distinguish files. Kasablanca also offers you a responsive multi-thread system. The multi-thread system allows users to open several tabs of file transfers and access them on the window.

The transfer queue is also accessible and intuitive in Kasablanca. You can make several changes in the transfer queue and take action for the ongoing transfers. Drag and drop is another similar feature that you can also find in FileZilla. Drag and drop allows you to seamlessly transfer the file from one host to another host.

Kasablanca’s user interface is unique. With a blue theme, it looks vibrant on your system. With the proper arrangement and list of transferred files, you will get every detail and history of the files already transferred. In the queue list, users can access a lot of information. It includes the transfer progress, speed, percentage of the file transferred, and the remaining time.

5. Konqueror

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Konqueror is a complete suite that offers file management and transfer in the Linux and KDE desktop environments. It is also a web browser for the KDE desktop. Users can securely use this FTP client for transferring the files.

Users who wish to access the file transfer protocol will just have to type the following link in the web browser’s address bar: ftp://username:password@your.ftp.or.

By typing these two links, you will get access to the FTP protocol. Users using Ubuntu can get it from the Ubuntu software center or install it from the command line. The command for installing is Sudo apt-get install conqueror. The user interface is, however, not very attractive. It looks quite old.

Another useful feature that you can simply fall in love with. It is a split-view display. It allows the users to access the local and remote folder on a single screen in a segmented window. Users can also find several embedded applications to preview the files transferred. It includes Calligra, Okular, Gwenview for previewing pictures, and Ktext editor.

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Screely 1649959794976

It is an easy FTP client with command-line functions. However, if you don’t like command-line operation, you may get annoyed with this FTP client. There are several File transfers protocols that this FTP client supports. It includes HTTPS, FTPS under IPv4 and IPv6, TP, HTTP, FISH, and SFTP. There are a lot of other features that make LFTP suitable FTP clients for professionals.

The interface is as straight as possible. There is nothing to navigate. All you need to do is enter the command on a black screen. While having the file transfer, you can also attain other tasks in the background.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lftp

7. GNOME Commander

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Gnome Commander

Gnome Commander is another secure and smooth FTP client. It is also a complete file manager suite for all the Gnome desktop environments. There are many unique features that you can find in this FTP client. The user interface appears to be a big blue screen with segmented windows. You can view both remote files and local files.

However, the interface is much more accessible compared to the former one. It also supports several themes and offers you an easy customization option. Users can change the theme and appearance and match their Gnome desktop environment.

sudo apt install gnome-commander

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best FTP client for Linux?

All the above FTP clients in the list are best reviewed by professionals for their features. You can choose any one of them to check the efficiency. However, Filezilla, CrossFTP, gFTP, Kasablanca, and Konqueror are some of the most popular FTP clients.

2. What are the best features to compare in FTP clients?

When you choose any FTP client, you should always check its efficiency based on its security.

3. Is FileZilla the best FTP client?

FileZilla is no doubt one of the most reliable FTP clients. The platform offers you a secure transfer of files; you can also find an intuitive interface with many features in it. Drag-drop support, transfer queue, bookmarking, and site management are some of its well-known features.

4. Which is a better FTP client than FileZilla?

There are a lot of other options that you can find other than FileZilla. If you don’t find FileZilla useful, you can also use Kasablanca, Konqueror, gFTP, CrossFTP, and LFTP.

5. Is the FileZilla client free to use?

Yes! FileZilla is a free-to-use client. You can use it without having to pay any cost.

6 Do the FTP clients have malware in them?

No, all the FTP clients you see in this list are safe to use. They don’t include any malware. Apart from that, it would be best if you also have anti-virus software in your system. It will help you prevent any malicious threat.


Wrapping up, these are the top seven reviewed FTP clients that help you in the seamless transfer of files. All of these are quite secured and reliable FTP clients. Now that you have identified the difference, you can make a better decision in choosing the one that suits your needs.

If you find this editorial helpful, share it across social media to let your connections explore the best seven. If you have any more suggestions, you can mention the same in the comment section below.

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