21 Productivity Tools for Web Designers to Improve their Design Skills

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The great thing about living in our time is the advancements of technology, and with that comes the advancements of modern technology as well. There are numerous programs, which are now available for web designers to help them improve their skills. These are designed to help designers produce websites, which appear far more sophisticated and are user friendly and quick to use, on the most part. In addition to this like all web based tools and technology, there is new technology and newer programs that are being launched every day.

Here we will have a look at some of the more popular and user-friendly tools, which are available for web developers to check out. Of course everyone has the right to form their own opinions once they use the tools.

  1. Basecamp: Basecamp is “designed by designers for designers”, and what could be more perfect than that, it provides professional designers with all the features that they need. Being multi platform operational the application is very versatile.
  2. CodeKit: Designed to provide the designer with the ability to develop very quickly, this is a real time software which enables the developer to see changes happen as soon as they develop the code.
  3. CodePen: an effective software tool which helps you to share your designs with the rest of the web development community, and you can receive feedback from your community and colleagues.
  4. HTML Color Codes: An essential and advanced tool for any designer, it provides the user with HTML codes for millions of colors.
  5. Easelly: helps you to design and develop your infographics from your internet browser in real time, with picture perfect pixel execution, easy and simple to use making it the perfect choice.
  6. FitText: As the name suggest, helps the big font on your website such as headers fit the width of the screen. This is a great tool to help you get the job done in a fraction of the time.
  7. Flywheel: this is a great place to get your WordPress website hosting made from scratch. This tool makes it easy to get a demo up and checkup for the work that you are doing for the website.
  8. Github: This is a wonderful tool which is very frequently used among the developing and designing community. There is a community which a designer or developer can join for more information.
  9. Google Fonts: Offers the website developers with the largest variety of fonts that are available, this is really the best place to search for unique fonts for your website.
  10. Google Web Designer: This tool enables web developers to seamlessly integrate different aspects which are based on HTML5 into their website, this includes advertisements as well.
  11. Invision: This is one of the best design tools that exist, it helps you create web designs on your desktop and even on your mobile using the “real time collaboration” feature that it offers and helps you communicate freely.
  12. JSFiddle: great for developers, enables them to check the efficiency of the web development codes that they have developed in an instant.
  13. LayerVault: designed to provide developers with a great helping hand, enables designers to sync files and folders and present them with the user friendly interface that the tool offers.
  14. Macaw: an incredible tool which enables designers to use HTML and clean CSS codes. Developed to help designers and develops with its designing to coding features.
  15. Marvel: great tool for web developers; this is a tool which enables them to sync prototypes in real time. All that is required is to log in with Google Drive and Drop box.
  16. PageLayers: Designed to enable designers to convert your files into Photoshop layers with the page layers tool, which enables the user to capture the element of each page.
  17. Responsive Layout Maker: fantastically convenient to use, this is a tool which helps make custom layouts for websites which are responsive. It includes features such as multipage layout, resizing capabilities, wireframes and a whole lot more.
  18. Skeleton: designed to provide developers with easy and convenient mobile friendly development capabilities. Helps you to work on the go and not lose time or those great ideas.
  19. Webflow: a tool that is designed to aid new developers who are not into much coding yet. This is a drag and drop tool which allows you to custom build your website without all the technicalities involved.
  20. Wirefy: Is specifically designed for speed, this is one of the development tools which is designed to provide developers with the ability to develop effective and flexible wireframes.
  21. X-Ray Goggles: Is a tool which enables designers to change and edit websites quickly and on the move, by swapping images. Developed by Mozilla, it is an effective tool for designers.

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  1. Prachi Kalra says:

    Incredible blog! Very helpful.

  2. Amazing, all the tools are really very important and useful for every web designer. Every designer needs to read this article. thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. Nandini says:

    I’d like to add ProofHub in your list. ProofHub is a highly beneficial tool that brings all the useful project management tools along with a native proofing tool. The proofing tool makes life easy for designers as it cuts the tedious task of reviewing and approval of designs easier than ever. Plus, there is an in built timer in the app as well, which you can use to track time spent on design works and bill the clients in the easiest possible manner. https://www.proofhub.com/

  4. Bill Jack says:

    ProofHub is another great tool to help designers collaborate online. It works the best for designers as it’s online Proofing tool simplifies the review and approval process. Give it a try.

  5. Migli says:

    Great tools. For diagrams I use Flowchart – https://www.draw.io/

  6. muruganandham says:

    i want to become java deveploer in any one mnc. this is my aim.
    So i kindly request from you please help to improve my java skill and also join the mnc companay.
    now i am pursing MCA final Year.

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