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Hibernate is the most widely used Java-based ORM tool to work with relational databases. I have written a lot of Hibernate Tutorials and it’s integration with different frameworks such as Spring, Struts, JSF etc.

Best Hibernate Books

Having a good knowledge of Hibernate is a plus point for an interview because it’s used a lot in enterprise applications. Based on my experience with Hibernate, I am listing down 4 hibernate books that you can follow. All of these books are upgraded to Hibernate 4, so you will be learning the latest features of Hibernate and Java Persistence API.

  1. Just Hibernate: If you are starting to learn Hibernate, then this is definitely the best book for you. This is a small book to get you started with Hibernate, so it won’t bore you will a lot of information that you don’t need as a starter with Hibernate.

    Some of the topics I like in this book are:

    • Comparison of Hibernate with JDBC
    • Annotations used in Hibernate
    • Fundamentals of associations and their mappings
    • HQL, Caching, Hibernate as JPA provider
    • Code snippets to learn with programs

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    You can buy “Just Hibernate” book from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  2. Beginning Hibernate: As the name suggests, it’s a starter book and covers Hibernate 4. This book is for experienced Java developers who want to learn Hibernate.


    The best thing I like about this book is the way it’s written. It starts with the basics of Hibernate, how to configure in your application by building a simple application. It also covers JPA concepts, Hibernate Session, Queries and more advanced features. You will learn to configure Hibernate using annotations as well as XML based configurations.

    You can buy “Beginning Hibernate” from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  3. Java Persistence with Hibernate: This is the most recommended book to learn Hibernate, it’s good to see that second version is released covers Hibernate 5. It’s written by Gavin King – the founder of the Hibernate project. So I am sure this book is all you need to learn everything in Hibernate and Java Persistence API.

    You should buy this book to become a pro hibernate user and learn all the advanced topics in Hibernate. You can get “Java Persistence with Hibernate” from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  4. Spring 4 and Hibernate 4: Spring and Hibernate frameworks go very well together. That’s why Spring provides extensive support for Hibernate. This is the only book on the market which covers this, so if you want to learn Hibernate and how to integrate it with Spring with latest versions, then this is a perfect choice for you. This book covers real-world applications for developing a multi-tiered, object-oriented Java system using Spring 4 and Hibernate 4.


    You can get “Spring 4 and Hibernate 4” book from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

That’s all I would recommend for you in Hibernate books, you can buy any of these. They all are good ones and serve a specific purpose. Let me know through comments if you like any other Hibernate book.


  1. Vlad says:

    There’s a also the High-Performance Java Persistence book:


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