5 Advanced Java Books for Experienced Programmers

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Sometimes back I wrote an article for Best Core Java Books for beginners, today I am sharing some of the advanced java books for experienced programmers.

Advanced Java Books

These advanced java books are suitable for anyone having good knowledge in java and want to get in-depth knowledge of how Java programming works, concurrency, performance tuning, memory management etc.

  1. Core Java Volume II: Advanced Features

    Core Java Volume II Advanced Features Book, best advanced java book

    This is the first book I would recommend you for learning advanced java concepts. Topics covered in this book are;

    • Streams and Files
    • XML Processing
    • Networking
    • Database Programming
    • Internationalization (i18n)
    • Advanced Swing and AWT
    • Java Beans
    • Security, Scripting, Annotation Processing
    • Distributed Objects, Native Methods and much more…

    You can buy “Core Java Volume II: Advanced Features” book from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  2. Key Java: Advanced Tips and Techniques

    Key Java Advanced Tips and Techniques Book, advanced java books

    If you are looking for more advanced topics related to Serialization, Testing, Performance Tuning, real-time systems and graphics then this is the book for you. It covers the following topics.

    • Brief introduction of java
    • Streams, Serialization
    • JavaBeans in Depth
    • JDBC Advanced topics
    • Frameworks such as MVC
    • Java Documentation, Java Testing, Assertion
    • Java Performance and Optimization
    • Java for Real Time Systems
    • Java 2D and 3D graphics

    You can buy “Key Java: Advanced Tips and Techniques” from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  3. Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

    Java Performance The Definitive Guide Book

    Performance improvement is one area that always fascinates me. I remember once I got to work on performance improvement of a java based backend application that used to take 45 minutes for one cycle and after so many performance tunings and code level improvements, we were able to reduce it to 3 minutes, it was an awesome feeling. That’s why I love this book, it’s all about improving the performance of your application. You will find below topics in this book.

    • JVM Tuning Flags
    • Performance Testing
    • Java Monitoring Tools, Profiling Tools, Operating System Tools and Resource analysis
    • JIT Compiler
    • Garbage Collection Algorithms
    • Heap Memory and Native Memory best practices
    • Multithreading performance, Database connectivity best practices, Java SE API Tips

    You can get “Java Performance: The Definitive Guide” from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  4. Java Concurrency in Practice

    Java Concurrency in Practice Book

    Just like performance improvement, concurrency and multithreading are a fascinating area. This book is all about multithreading and concurrency related topics.

    • Covers brief introduction of threads and concurrency
    • Thread safety, Objects sharing
    • composing objects for thread safety
    • synchronization, thread pools
    • deadlock, performance and stability
    • testing concurrent systems
    • explicit locks and Java memory model
    • annotations for concurrency

    You can get “Java Concurrency in Practice” from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

  5. The Well-Grounded Java Developer

    The Well Grounded Java Developer Book

    This is the last book I recommend, it’s because of some specific topics that are not available in any of the above books, as you can see in the below list of topics.

    • Java IO and NIO2
    • asynchronous IO operations
    • dependency injection
    • modern concurrency, fork-join framework
    • java memory model, classloaders, bytecode
    • performance tuning, garbage collection, JIT compiler
    • Alternative Java Techniques – Groovy, Scala and Clojure
    • Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Rapid web development, build and integration

    You can get “The Well-Grounded Java Developer” book from below stores.

    Amazon.com Amazon.in (India)  Flipkart.com (India)

All these advanced java books are highly praised and having great ratings and reviews. If you want a role of an architect, then you should read these and learn java programming at a deeper level. If you think some other book must be part of this list, please let me know through comments.



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