The Ultimate Guide of Black Friday Deals

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How about making the most of your website? We are here to help you achieve awesome projects by giving you a range of tools and services which you can use. Especially on Black Friday, we invite you all to try all the following deals.


In this post we are going to examine the features that make the Instapage landing page creation software unique in the digital marketing space.

First, for those not familiar what a landing page is, here is a brief description. A landing page is a standalone focused on a single offering with a single purpose. Landing pages are ideal for digital marketers hoping to boost conversions, drive sales or participation, or generate leads.

Instapage’s site features a user-friendly, drag and drop editor that allows any marketer, designer, or design team to build landing pages in a matter of minutes — no code or design knowledge needed. Plus, mobile responsive pages are complete because every page is automatically mobile responsive.

A designer can choose from over 80 templates and rely on more than 20 marketing integrations like, WordPress, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Facebook to publish and sync their pages.

New users can try Instapage on a 45-day free trial basis. At the expiration of the trial users can select from three plans (Basic, Pro, Premium). Basic users enjoy two live A/B split tests and email support. Pro users get all ‘Basic’ benefits plus full HTML editing, unlimited A/B testing, read-only team members, chat and email support, and the option to import their own template. Premium users get access to everything; included the ‘Pro’ benefits package plus, a template review, Webhooks integration, and advanced 24/7 phone, chat, and email support.

Click here to get your free trial.



There are literally millions of design goodies out there. How do you know which ones are the best, and how much time is wasted searching through an endless sea of low quality items, just to find the few diamonds in the rough?

MyDesignDeals eliminates this problem with their highly curated, and discounted, bundles of the most popular design resources on earth.

Their newest bundle brings you 45 amazing fonts, complete with tons of extras like vectors, styles, and more. Also included is extended licensing, so you can use all of these items in projects created for resale.

Normally, you’d have to pay $1,186 if you bought all of these items individually. For a limited time, you can buy them in this bundle for just $39. That’s 97% off the usual price.



Shrink the Web has a highly acclaimed team support and is the fastest time possible solution for captures. They are recognized as the best thumbnail provider out there. It is easy to install and integrate and also really easy to use as you just have to copy the webpage link and paste it into the bar.

It also provides a large variety of features like full-length for full size page captures, widescreen, inside page captures so it is not only for homepages or subdomains and accounts.

They have a highly acclaimed team support if you have any misunderstanding as well as miscellaneous features like custom delay if you want to wait after loading a page containing Flash content or refresh on demand.

They are earning new happy clients every second, you should also try it !


4. Bugherd

Bugherd is a efficient bug tracker platform, visual and cheaper, that helps developers and project managers save tons of time and lower stress. It is globally recognized, used by brands like Dell, Yale University or National Geographic. We got your attention, isn’t that so? After using it you will surely converted in a Bugherd-lover, as the excited developers posting on Twitter. Their pinpoint tool, automatic screenshots and third party integration are just what you need and only a few of their features. It is an awesome site that worths trying.

After a 14 days free trial, you can get their awesome offer of $5 per user, per month.



Did you ever scroll through some websites and just wondered how did they look so much different from yours, with lots of plugins and modern looking themes? I think that Themify has the solution to make other people look at your and think the same things! For only $79 you can get access to all of their plugins and designs, but keep in mind that you may also get your yearly master club membership for only $139!

Have you checked their website ?



How do you feel about making an interesting poll for your website’s audience? It seems a very effective idea and we have just the right tool, offered by Opinion Stage. They are professionals who make free quizzes by just having an account on their website.

Only today, get 25% off all premium plans with this code: BlackFriday25%



PSD2HTML® is really the best option when it comes to PSD to HTML conversion. If you’re looking to save some time on your next project, you should definitely check these guys out. With an unbeatable 10-year experience and huge in-house trained team, they can take care of all your web development needs, even turn your desktop designs into neat responsive web pages.

For a limited time only, you get the chance to save 20% on your first responsive HTML5/CSS3 order with PSD2HTML.

Just use this code N2134I84 until December 12, 2015. Enjoy!



Among all the premium WordPress themes in the market, there is ElegantThemes, a website providing their customers with some of the best designs on the internet. They have recently come up with a new theme, Divi 2.5. Its advanced graphics and variable color schemes brought over 300,000 satisfied members to the website, supported by a very efficient technical team.

Today they are offering 25% discount, so go fast on their website !


9. Flyzoo

Flyzoo is a chat app that provides real-time chat with users around the world for your website or blog. You can use it to add a side-wide group chat to your website to create and advanced user list with friends etc. or to provide your visitors a live support chat with an operator.

Have you checked their offer?



Are you looking for a way to improve your online business? Well, stop! We are here to help you. The new app released by Darwin Pricing will provide you with 50% more profit automatically with geo-targeted sales campaigns, powered by the world’s leading geo-targeting optimization engine! For further information and special offers, make sure you check their website!

Go for their awesome offer : only $9.95/mo instead of the regular price of $480/mo.



IconsFlow is the best tool to start creating unique designed icons! It has more than 200 000 icons from which you can choose as you just have to pick a background from the library and play with different styles or you can upload you own icon that you can customize. Save in SVG, PNG, ICO formats and design amazing icon sets without any designer skills.
Get a premium plan for just $0,75/month (yearly plan) with this code: BlackFriday2015


12. Mockplus

Mockplus, an emerging tool made to create desktop, web and mobile app wireframing/prototyping rapidly. If you are closing to deadline of prototyping task, it can be a time saver. Mockplus makes you be more efficient on prototyping as it’s simplicity.

Be different by using this awesome service!

Have you find something that suits your needs and budget ? We hope you did, as all of the above tools and services were carefully selected and all are premium, recognised as the best of the best.

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