JournalDev is one of the top blog in the niche and helps Web Developers who are looking for tutorials in Java, jQuery, Java EE, PHP, Apache, Spring, WordPress etc.

JournalDev is a great platform if you want to reach an audience of highly educated and people working in the technology, software and web development area.

People love to read and share posts published on JournalDev.

As of last month September 2014, we get approximately 627K visits with 934K page views. Below image from Google Analytics shows the traffic stats for JournalDev for September 2014.


We offer following types of ads as of now.

  1. 728×90 banner ads in the header area, right of the logo.
  2. 336×280 banner ads in the sidebar, above the fold.
  3. 728×90 banner ads at the top of the post, below the title.
  4. 728×90 banner ads at the end of the post, above author section.
  5. 125×125 banner ads in the sidebar above and below the fold.

Advertising Rules

  1. All the links will be rel=nofollow.
  2. We don’t allow too much flashy ads.
  3. We adhere to the Google policies for advertising.
  4. We reserver the right to decline any advertising option not suitable to our visitors.
  5. We accept payment via Paypal only. Payment needs to be processed before the advertisement go live.
  6. All the ads are sold on monthly basis. Discounts available on bulk purchase.
  7. Minimum 400$ budget is required for consideration.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact at below email address with subject as “Advertise on JournalDev”.


If you are looking for any custom advertisement, please contact us through email with details and we will get back to you.

Do advertise with us!!

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