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SQL Auto Increment

Sometimes we don’t have unique identifiers in the table to create a primary key. In this case, we can take help from SQL to have a special column for the primary key, whose values will….

SQL Foreign Key

When a database table is designed an important factor is to make sure that the table is scalable enough and is normalized at the same time. In order to make sure that the tables are….

SQL Composite Key

In a real-time situation, there can be scenarios when one column is not good enough to uniquely identify a row. In such scenarios, we use a combination of columns to uniquely identify a row. SQL….

SQL Primary Key

In a world driven with data all over, it is very easy to get duplicate data. The nightmare of any database table designer is to create a table with the possibility of duplicate data insertion…..

SQL Constraints

In a real-world scenario, there are cases when we would like to restrict the type of data that is getting stored in the DB table. In order to achieve the restriction on the database, SQL….

SQL Temp Table

In real time scenario, consider that you have read-only access on a table and you have to manipulate some data in it. It is always useful to create a temp table when you want to….

SQL Copy Table

In real time we do face situations where we need to copy data from one table to another table or when we need to create a table from a set of data from the table…..

SQL Truncate Table

SQL Truncate Table Assume a case when we want to have the database but we would like to delete the data of the table. In such cases, TRUNCATE command is used to delete just the….


We have discussed how to create a table in the database, but there are cases when we would like to modify the table that was created. In order to modify a table SQL provides ALTER….

SQL Drop Table

In a real-time situation, there are scenarios when we would like to remove the table from the database. Let us discuss in detail about the process of removing a table from the database. SQL DROP….

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