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Java printf() – Print Formatted String to Console

We’ve already discussed Java println() method in a previous tutorial. Today, we’ll discuss the printf() method and its various implementations in detail. Ready. Get. Set. Go! Java printf() printf() method is not only there in….

Swift 5 features

Swift 5 has released and is available with Xcode 10.2. Today we’ll be discussing what it brings to the table. Swift 5 Features 1. ABI Stability Swift 5 is ABI Stable! What is ABI Stability?….

Android Studio 3.4 Features

Android Studio 3.4 is now available in stable channel. You can download it from here. In this quick post, we’ll go through the new feature that came out. Android Studio 3.4 Features New Project Wizard….

Java 12 Features

Finally, JDK 12 which is a part of the six-month release cycle, is here. It comes after the last Java LTS version 11. We had discussed at length on Java 11 features before. Today we’ll….

Xcode Shortcuts You Must Know

Knowing the Xcode shortcuts would improve your speed and boost your productivity. Today, we will be discussing some of the commonly used shortcuts. Refer to this legend for symbols of each button: ⌘ – Command….

Android Studio Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Android Studio has a lot of shortcuts to offer. Today, we will be sharing some useful shortcuts which can enhance and boost your productivity. We will be sharing commands for both the Mac and Windows….

Android N App Shortcuts

Android N brought App Shortcuts for developers and users. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a sample application using App Shortcuts. App Shortcuts App Shortcuts are designed to do common actions in the application from….

Android Q Bubbles

In this tutorial, we’ll look at a new feature introduced with Android Q which is Bubbles. We’ll be implementing it in our Android Application today. Android Q Bubbles We’ve all seen how Facebook chat bubbles….

Android P Notifications

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the changes introduced in the Notification System and its UI with Android P. We’ll be demonstrating it with a simple Android Application. Android P Notifications Android Pie has introduced….

Android AlarmManager Broadcast Receiver And Service

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing AlarmManager and Broadcast Receiver and see how to trigger a Background Service using them in our Android Application. AlarmManager Broadcast Receiver Service An AlarmManager is used to trigger some….

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