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Android Custom ListView Example to create Non Scrollable ListView

In this tutorial we’ll override the ListView class to suit it according to our requirements in the android application. Android Non Scrollable ListView Requirement A ListView comes up with its own default scrolling methods. Now….

Android ButterKnife Example

In this tutorial we’re going to discuss the Android ButterKnife tool and look into it’s usages. Android ButterKnife Android Butterknife is a view binding tool that uses annotations to generate boilerplate code for us. ButterKnife….

Android ViewFlipper Example Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll discuss and implement Android ViewFlipper. ViewFlipper in android is mainly used in cases when we need to transform one view into another. Android ViewFlipper ViewFlipper in android is an extension of….

Android ListView with Custom Adapter Example Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll use a CustomAdapter that populates the custom rows of the Android ListView with an ArrayList. Also to enhance the user experience, we’ll animate the ListView while scrolling. Android ListView Custom Adapter….

Android Notification, PendingIntent Example

Welcome to Android Notification Example using android PendingIntent. In this tutorial we’re going to discuss and implement PendingIntent and build Notification in our application. Android PendingIntent Android PendingIntent is an object that wraps up an….

Android Runtime Permissions Example

Welcome to android runtime permissions example. With the introduction of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google has changed the way permissions are handled by the app. In this tutorial we’ll look into the new android runtime permissions….

Android Toggle Button, Switch Example

Today we will learn about Android Toggle Button and Switch in android app. We’ll discuss and implement Switch button Widget and the ToggleButton widget in our application. Android Toggle Button Android Toggle Button is used….

Google Static Maps Android

In this tutorial we’re going to implement a google static maps in our android application. Google Static Maps API typically shows fewer points of interest compared to Google Maps. Google Static Maps Google Static Maps….

Android Google Maps Example Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll discuss and implement some interesting features of android google maps API in our application. Before we get onto the discussion. Please make sure that you’ve been through the Android Google Maps….

Android Google Maps API Integration

In this tutorial we’ll show how to integrate android google maps API in our application and customise it according to our own needs. Android Google Maps is an important utility that features in numerous apps…..

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