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Android 10 – Location Permissions

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing and implementing the new location permissions model in our android application. Note: Google has taken a detour from the Android Alphabetical versions. Android Q has been renamed to Android….

Android Q: In-App Settings Panel

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing how to show the Settings Panel in our android application. With the introduction of Android Q, it’s possible to show a Floating Settings Menu without switching to the Settings….

Android Q Features

Finally, Android Q Beta 1 has been released and we are very eager to share what it has in store for everyone. Let’s look at the different features and some APIs as well. Android Q….

Android Studio 3.3 features

Android Studio 3.3 is the latest stable release. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the new features available in this release. Google calls this update as Project Marble. The focus of Android Studio 3.3 is refinement….

Android ViewPager2

It’s been hardly a week since Google has released the new ViewPager2’s alpha version. We’re here with our very own introduction to ViewPager2 through a sample Android Application. ViewPager has been an important component of….

Android Sensors

In this tutorial, we’ll be digging deep into the world of Android Sensors. Our smartphones are much more than just speed, UI and animations. Android Sensors Android Sensors contains properties to detect changes in the….

Android Canvas

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing a very important part of Android i.e. Canvas. It’s a territory which every developer prefers to stay away from. The reason for this tutorial is to make you more….

Java 11 Features

Java 11 Features

We haven’t fully immersed ourselves in Java 10 yet, and Java 11 is here. Java 11 is important for more than just a few reasons. Oracle has revamped its support model and come up with….

Android RecyclerView Grid Layout Animations

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create animation for a RecyclerView in which elements are displayed in the form of a Grid. We’ve already discussed RecyclerView Layout Animations earlier using a List. RecyclerView Grid….

Android RecyclerView Layout Animations

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing and implementing RecyclerView Layout Animations in our Android Application. Android RecyclerView Layout Animations There are many ways to Animate rows in a RecyclerView. Two commonly tried and tested ways….

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