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Amazon Web Scraper Featured Image

How to scrape Amazon Product Information using Beautiful Soup

Web Scraping is the programming-based technique for extracting relevant information from websites and storing it in the local system for further use. In modern times, web scraping has a lot of applications in the fields….

Auto Keyword Featured Image

What is auto keyword in C++?

Introduced in C++ 11, the auto keyword is a part of the “Type Inference” feature. Type Inference refers to the deduction of data-type of variables and functions at compile time. Therefore, the programmer is not….

Twos Complement Featured Image

Two’s Complement: A Practical Mathematical Operation

Two’s Complement is a mathematical operation on Binary Numbers. This operation has many real-life applications like the implementation of subtractions and the storage of negative integers. In this article, we will do an in-depth analysis….

Goto Statement Featured Image

Understanding the goto statement in C/C++

Programming languages like C and C++ have a provision of jumping over statements unconditionally using the goto statement. Although the usage of goto statement is almost extinct, it is a handy tool in a programmer’s….

Insertion Sort Featured Image

Insertion Sort Algorithm and its Implementation in C++/Java

In this article, we will be learning the concept and implementation of Insertion Sort. As the name suggests, insertion sort works on the basic principle of inserting fresh values to an already sorted set of….

Random Number Generator Featured Image

How to Create a Random Number Generator in C++

In this article, we’ll go over the functions needed to create a random number generator in C++. In the world of computers, random numbers form an essential component to add the flavor of anonymity and….

Reduce Image Size Featured Image

Reduce File Size of Images in Linux – CLI and GUI methods

In this article, we talk about the different ways to reduce the file size of images in Linux. With the increase in the focus on the quality of images, the image file sizes have been….

Lsof Command Featured Image

How to use lsof command in Linux

The job of lsof command is to “list open files” in the system. An open file does not necessarily mean a pdf or a text file, it includes disk files or pipes used by processes….

Unordered Sets Featured Image

Unordered Set in C++ STL

The C++ Standard Template Library supports several data structures that play an important role in any programmer’s life. One such data container is the “Unordered Set in C++“. Unlike the STL Sets, these types of….

Vigenere Cipher Featured Image

Vigenere Cipher and its implementation in C++

The Vigenere Cipher follows its name from a French cryptographer Blaise de Vigenere. This cipher is a substitution cipher that supports encryption and decryption of only alphabetic text. There is a Vigenere’s Table which is….

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