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Altair Tutorial For Creating Interactive Visualizations

Python Altair tutorial: Creating Interactive Visualizations

With Altair, with only a few lines of code and in a very short time, you’ll be able to construct meaningful, beautiful, and efficient visualizations. So let’s start now!

EDA Metrics Central Tendency, Missing Data & More

Exploratory Data Analysis – Metrics for Measurement

Today, it’s back to basics. We’ll be going over all EDA metrics and which one you should choose – both the when and why.

Python Vs Golang

Python vs Golang – A wholesome comparison

But today, I am going to compare our favorite all-purpose programming language, Python, and one of the better, upcoming languages, Golang.

Video Editing With Moviepy

Python moviepy: Automate Video Editing in Python!

Readers, how are you doing today? I’ve been looking through websites for the past months for a video editing software to make my Youtube videos. And then I found this package that I will introduce….

Face Recognition And Detection Using OpenCV

Face Recognition and Detection Using Python OpenCV

Face Recognition is a trending technology at present.

Everywhere you see faces, you look out into the offline world and the Internet world.

Faces, both in photographs and in films. Our brain, of course, quickly recognizes the human in the photographs and videos.

Yet we want computers or cell phones to define these items themselves.

So let’s talk about two ways we can detect faces in photos.

Cryptography In Python

Cryptography in Python – Step-By-Step Implementation

Hello, readers. Are you interested in Cryptography? As a kid, I was amazed reading books on how to encrypt and decrypt secret messages. So here I bring to you some interesting cryptography we can perform on Python. Let’s get started.

In Python

Optical Character Recognition and Translation in Python

Today, let me talk to you about OCR and the amazing things that we can use it for.

An Introduction To Audio Processing

Audio Processing in Python – Introduction to Python librosa

Let’s diverge a little from our NLP and text analysis aspects of Python and ML. Today, I’m going to discuss a library in Python called librosa.

Datasets For Machine Learning

Top 11 Machine Learning Datasets for Practice Projects

I decided to compile a list of all the dataset sites and sources I know of.

Natural Language Processing Tasks

Natural Language Processing: How to Process NLP Data?

In this article we’ll look at some of the most popular NLP tasks, and how to perform them using Python.

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