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Sigmoid Python

The Sigmoid Activation Function – Python Implementation

In this tutorial, we will learn about the sigmoid activation function. The sigmoid function always returns an output between 0 and 1. After this tutorial you will know: What is an activation function? How to….

Python numpy.Argmax

Python numpy.argmax(): Beginners Reference

In this tutorial, we will learn about the numpy.argmax() function in Python. This function returns the indices of the maximum elements in a matrix. The function lets you pass an argument mentioning the axis along….


Understanding numpy.log() in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn about the numpy.log() in Python. The Numpy module offers powerful data manipulation methods. It mostly deals with data stored in arrays. The Numpy.log() method lets you calculate the mathematical….


Docstrings in Python: Easy Reference

Docstrings in Python are string literals that occur as the first statement in a module, function, class, or method definition. Using docstrings you can provide documentation for the code that you write. Every Python library….

Bleu Score

How to calculate BLEU Score in Python?

Bleu score in Python is a metric that measures the goodness of Machine Translation models. Though originally it was designed for only translation models, now it is used for other natural language processing applications as….


Bag of Words Model in Python [In 10 Lines of Code!]

In this tutorial, our aim is to implement the Bag of Words model in Python under ten lines of code. Before we get into the implementation, let’s learn about the Bag of Words model. What….

Loss Function

Loss Functions in Python – Easy Implementation

Loss functions in Python are an integral part of any machine learning model. These functions tell us how much the predicted output of the model differs from the actual output. There are multiple ways of….

Bootstrap Sampling

Bootstrap Sampling in Python

This is a tutorial on Bootstrap Sampling in Python. In this tutorial, we will learn what is bootstrapping and then see how to implement it. Let’s get started. What is Bootstrap Sampling? The definition for….


ReLu Function in Python

Relu or Rectified Linear Activation Function is the most common choice of activation function in the world of deep learning. Relu provides state of the art results and is computationally very efficient at the same time…..

Vector Norm

Norm of a Vector in Python – Steps for Calculation

The norm of a vector refers to the length or the magnitude of a vector. There are different ways to calculate the length. The norm of a vector is a non-negative value. In this tutorial,….

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