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JUnit 4, JWebUnit, Arquillian & JSF Unit Example Tutorial

Along side of development lifecycle, most of us looking for a way to be sure that the unit of work that has been written is working properly and committed to its contract. This is actually may….

Oracle Webcenter Portal Framework Application – Modifying Home Page And Login/Logout Target Pages & Deploying Your Application Into Custom Portal Managed Server Instance

Oracle Webcenter Framework Portal Application has provided facilities to make a control over home page that you want to show once the user has accessed the Portal Framework Application URL and to which pages login….

Oracle Webcenter Portal Framework Application Features – Pages & Page Hierarchy

You’ve installed Oracle Webcenter in a previous tutorial published here, but you may or may not be aware of these components that are coming into action with that installation. When you install Oracle Webcenter….

Installing Oracle WebCenter Content & Integrating It With Oracle WebCenter Portal

We’ve discussed before installing and configuring of Jackrabbit Content Repository into your environment and gets it integrated with Apache Pluto Portal. Actually Jackrabbit isn’t only Content Repository that you may use, a lot of Repositories….

Apache Pluto & Jackrabbit Integration Example Tutorial

According for multiple sources and standards, you may be able of defining the Content Repository as a store of digital content (Structured/Unstructured) with an associated set of facilities like data management, full-text search, versioning, transactions….

Fixing Trinidad IE 11 Partial Page Request (PPR) Issue / Support All IE Browsers

Trinidad 1.2.14 is MyFaces implementation for JSF 1.2 specification. It’s mainly released by Apache MyFaces and it’s considered last official release that you can download from Apache MyFaces Trinidad site. Actually, Trinidad library is a….

Integrate Apache Pluto With Lucene Search Engine Example Tutorial

Knowledge information retrieval isn’t a luxury requirement that your application may or may not provide. Best applications are those that are providing cross-site search, so it’s minimize the efforts that you spent when trying to….

Liferay Tutorial – Liferay Portal Portlet Tutorial

Welcome to Liferay Tutorial. Liferary is a JSR 286 complaint leading Portlet container. You can use liferay portlet for creating an enterprise, standard and scalable Web Application. Liferay Tutorial There are different types of Portlet….

Apache Pluto & Perl Integration Tutorial Example

Perl is a family of high level language that adapted willingly with the Web as it’s used a Text-based processing. For such that integration we used the Portlet Perl bridge with some modifications that we….

Apache Pluto & Velocity Integration Tutorial Example

Velocity is a Project of Apache Software Foundation, it’s released under Apache Velocity Engine where it’s considered as a Template Engine that provides a Template language to reference objects defined in the Java code. The major aim….

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