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Why Conduct Version Control?

As a part of a large team that collaborates and works with a large number of models, it’s very inconvenient to try and keep track of which data set was used with which model. Moreover,….

Linux Terminal Tricks

Linux Terminal Tricks Every Linux Enthusiast Must Know!

Time to learn some cool Linux terminal tricks. As a Linux user, the terminal is going to be your best friend and it is very important that you know your way around it and learn….

Linux Commands For The Power User

Advanced Linux Commands For The Power User

If you’re a beginner, you may want to take a look at the top 50+ Linux commands. Today let’s take look at the advanced Linux commands for power users. Linux, in general is a CLI….

Things To Do After Installing Arch Linux

What to do after installing Arch Linux?

A vanilla Arch Linux installation gives you your base operating system with no utilities, allowing you to choose what you want your Operating System to behave like. This allows the user to have complete access….

Debian Vs Ubuntu

Debian vs Ubuntu – 11 Differences to Know

In the Linux community, the Debate between Debian vs Ubuntu has always been one of the most heated discussions ever, which is the better distro? The old and stable Debian or the new and feature-rich….

How To Update Linux Mint To The Latest Release

How To Update Linux Mint To The Latest Release

Let’s see how to update Linux Mint to the latest version. Recently, Linux Mint came out with their latest release is Linux Mint 20.1, codename “Ulyssa” and we’ll learn to update an existing installation to….

Linux Mint Vs Ubuntu

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu – Which one is the best for you?

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu has been a common comparison topic since they’re two of the most popular Linux Distros. For a long time, Ubuntu was considered the best distro out of the box for Linux….

How To Install Linux Mint In VirtualBox

How To Install Linux Mint In VirtualBox

In this article, we’ll learn to install Linux mint on Virtualbox. Linux Mint is one of the most lightweight distros which you can run in VirtualBox. Whether you just want to try out Linux or….

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

This article is a quick Linux Commands cheat sheet designed to give you most of the common commands at a glance. The list is divided into sections that can help you find the command that….

Best Linux Distros For Laptops

Top 7 Best Linux Distros For Laptops

If you’re looking for the best Linux distros for your laptops, look no further. It has been a common myth that Linux-based distros are mainly suited to servers and high-end cloud devices, Linux is perfect….

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