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Top 7 Best Text Editors In Linux

Top 7 Best Text Editors in Linux

Text editors play a major role for Linux users. Whether it is setting up user instructions, editing configuration files or writing code scripts to run on your system, everyone has a text editor which suits….

Linux Desktop Environments

Top 10 Best Desktop Environments in 2020

For all the Linux fans out there, let’s have some of the most beautiful, customizable, feature-rich, and the best desktop environments in 2020! What’s a desktop environment in Linux, btw? For the uninitiated, a desktop….

Create A Partition

Create a Partition in Linux – A Step-by-Step Guide

In this tutorial, we’ll be covering the steps to create a partition in Linux. This can help you allocate different memory regions for specific uses. Creating partitions can also help you install multiple operating systems….

Xargs Command

How to use the xargs command in Linux?

The xargs command allows us to pass the output of one command as the input for another command without having to write the output in a file. Some tasks that may require the use of….

Kali Linux

An Easy Guide to Install Kali Linux on a Virtual Machine

Let’s learn to install Kali Linux on a Virtual machine today. If you want to venture into the field of cybersecurity, Kali Linux offers you all the tools ready and set up for you to….

Install Rust on Ubuntu Linux

How to install Rust on Ubuntu Linux

Today we’ll learn how to install Rust on Ubuntu Linux. The Rust programming language, more commonly known as rust-lang, is a powerful general-purpose programming language. Developed by Mozilla and designed by Graydon Hoare, this programming….

Ubuntu Firewall UFW

Ubuntu Firewall UFW – A Complete Guide

The Ubuntu Firewall (UFW) is an extremely easy to use command-line firewall utility that interfaces with IPTables to make firewall configuration easy. A firewall is an essential part of any network. Few things are as….

Install Tomcat On Linux

A Complete Guide to Install Tomcat on Linux

Let’s cover the steps to install Tomcat on Linux today. We have already covered the steps for installation on CentOS here. In this tutorial, we’ll use Ubuntu to demonstrate the installation. You can follow this….

The Wget Command

How to Use the wget command in Linux?

In this tutorial, let’s learn how to download a file using the wget command in Linux. For any Linux user, downloading files is a frequent task. While you can download things using your browser, it….

Books For Python Programming

Top 10 Best Books for Python Programming

Starting out with Python? Books are going to be your most reliable way to do so. Let’s find out the best books for Python programming today that will help you learn Python in the best….

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