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How to Set Environment Variables in Linux

How to Set Environment Variables in Linux

Wondering how to set environment variables in Linux? This is exactly what we’ll be doing in this tutorial. Operating systems make use of environment variables to define system properties for the runtime environment. Through this….

Top 10 Best Application Performance Management tools

Top 10 Best Application Performance Management tools

Looking for Application Performance Management (APM) tools for your organization? Here’s a list of the 10 best application performance management tools or APM tools today. What’s APM and How to select the Best APM Tool?….

If Else Statement In Shell Script

How to Use if-else in Shell Scripts?

Moving ahead from our previous tutorial on arrays in shell scripts, let’s understand how we can use if-else in shell scripts. Conditional programming is an important part of any programming language because executing every single….

How To Extract A Rar In Ubuntu

How to Extract a RAR File on Ubuntu

Want to know how to extract a RAR file on Ubuntu? RAR is one of the most common forms of data compression used in the industry. While ZIP allows wider accessibility for the users, RAR….

How To Use The chroot Command in Linux

A Practical Guide for the chroot Command in Linux

Sometimes, you may need to isolate a process from other processes running on your system. We can do this with the use of the chroot command in Linux. In this tutorial, we will show you….

How To Use The ulimit command in Linux

How to Use the ulimit Command in Linux

The ulimit command in Linux is an extremely useful command for system admins who manage multi-user systems. They need to have control over the resources being used by the users. This task can be made….

How To Install

How to Install Lighttpd on Ubuntu Server

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to install Lighttpd on Ubuntu Server. Lighttpd web server is an open-source web server for Windows and UNIX/Linux. It uses minimal system resources and is extremely….

Using PhotoRec To Recover Deleted Files

How to use PhotoRec to Recover Deleted Files in Linux/Ubuntu

Accidentally deleted files or photos? In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to recover deleted files in Linux using PhotoRec. In a previous tutorial, we discussed the steps to recover deleted files using a Linux utility….

Best Linux Data

Top 20 Best Linux Data Recovery Tools to Recover Deleted/Corrupted Files

Today we’ll be going over the best Linux data recovery tools to help you recover any data that you might have lost. If you recently deleted the files, the possibility of recovering those files increases….

Top 50 SQL Queries

Top 50 SQL Queries That You Must Know

In this article, we’ll go over the most common SQL queries that you should know to be able to use SQL efficiently. What SQL Queries Will Be Covered? We’ll be going over queries that are….

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