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McAfee Mobile Security

Why Developers Focus on Mobile App Security

Smartphones in the current world scenario are like our senses; if we lose them, we lose a lot of things with them. Our entire data, like passwords, financial details, identity, etc., is inside this small….

Getting Started with Web 3.0 Development

Since its inception in the 1960s, the internet’s evolution has been unprecedented. The advent of the internet sparked a wave of technological advancement in the human race, opening up a plethora of possibilities in the….

Building a Secure Login Flow in React

When it comes to classic login panels, authentication is normally done through the use of a username and password. The majority of users these days are required to register initially, after which they can use….

Search Console

5 Reasons You Must Use Logs During Python Debugging

Managing log events from your applications and infrastructure is one of the most important processes for launching your application. Log management has a lot of steps—log transformation, log collection, aggregation, parsing, search, and analysis. Managing….

How to Install and Create a Node Server on Ubuntu VPS

NodeJS is a very popular javascript-based backend framework. In this tutorial, we will run how to install NodeJS on an Ubuntu VPS and then create a simple Node HTTP server and access it through the….

Data Versioning

7 Tools for Data Versioning in 2021

Software development, individually and in a team, is a process fraught with uncertainties—it strongly obeys Murphy’s law, which states that if anything can go wrong, it will. Software development is great when everything works as….

Top 10 Azure monitoring tools for modern integration

There are tons of monitoring tools in the market, and each of those will have a specific problem to solve with unique features. So, in this article, I have listed the top Azure monitoring tools….

Nasa Earth

Five Tools That Prioritize Data Warehouse Performance

Introduction All organizations are built on data. And to be successful, every organization must streamline its data in terms of speed and capacity, while also allowing it to accommodate new data kinds as they are….

10 Best Schools for Web Development

My name is Mark Edison, and I write a lot about learning and science on my blog. One of the questions that I often get in my professional life is about tech education. Everyone wants….

Sigmund CdMAU X9mxY Unsplash

4 Solutions for Streamlining Development Documentation in Large Teams

Development documentation refers to the designing, authoring, and maintenance of the processes and procedures involved in development that teams use as a reference. The importance of proper documentation cannot be overstated. It makes the onboarding….