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Java PreparedStatement Important Points

Java PreparedStatement

Java PreparedStatement is just like a Statement and it’s part of the Java JDBC Framework. It is used to perform crud operations with Database.  PreparedStatement extends the Statement interface. PreparedStatement is considered as more secure….

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification: DIY or Outsource?

Image Source: Pexels Without having the right technical controls against the most common cyber threats, you could be putting your sensitive data, customers, and entire business at risk. Not only can cyber-attacks like data breaches….

Pandas Dataframe Loc

Pandas DataFrame loc[] to access a group of Rows and Columns

Pandas DataFrame loc[] allows us to access a group of rows and columns. We can pass labels as well as boolean values to select the rows and columns. DataFrame loc[] inputs Some of the allowed….

Pandas Dataframe Index Columns

Pandas DataFrame index and columns attributes

Pandas DataFrame index and columns attributes allow us to get the rows and columns label values. We can pass the integer-based value, slices, or boolean arguments to get the label information. Pandas DataFrame index Let’s….

40+ Web Tools And Services Used By Top Companies and Professionals in 2020

Top companies and professionals are using certain web tools and services, most times solutions that all of us can use but we don’t know about or we don’t know that these are super-efficient. Many times,….

Java ResultSet Tutorial

Java ResultSet interface is a part of the java.sql package. It is one of the core components of the JDBC Framework. ResultSet Object is used to access query results retrieved from the relational databases. ResultSet….

SQL Injection in Java and How to Easily Prevent it

What is SQL Injection? SQL Injection is one of the top 10 web application vulnerabilities. In simple words, SQL Injection means injecting/inserting SQL code in a query via user-inputted data. It can occur in any….

Exec Maven Plugin

Exec Maven Plugin – Running Java Programs from Maven Build

Maven exec plugin allows us to execute system and Java programs from the maven command. There are two goals of the maven exec plugin: exec:exec – can be used to execute any program in a….

Java CountDownLatch

Java CountDownLatch – A Nifty Synchronization Aid

Java CountDownLatch class is part of Concurrency API. It allows us to create a synchronization, where a thread waits until the count down is 0. It’s useful when we want a thread to wait on….

Maven Build Lifecycle Phase Goal

Maven Build Lifecycle, Phases, and Goals

What is Maven Build Lifecycle? When we build a Maven project, it executes a set of clearly defined tasks based on the project pom.xml configuration and the command-line options. This standard set of tasks creates….

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