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4 Companies to Watch in KubeCon 2021

The cloud-native and Kubernetes community is a close-knit one, and there’s no bigger conference for k8s enthusiasts than the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s KubeCon/CloudNativeCon. This year’s event will be held between October 11-15 in Los….

Introduction to Continuous Profiling for Python

Profiling in computer programming is a form of dynamic code analysis. While an application is running, you can use a program or tool to collect the running characteristics of the application. We collect this information….

Top Programming Language Trends in 2021

Today, you may see a huge trend for programming skills even when you land jobs in marketing or design. It may seem that a white-collar worker should know at least JavaScript. So, thinking about learning….

Kubernetes Troubleshoot

5 High-Level Kubernetes Troubleshooting Tools for Your Team

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system. Teams use Kubernetes to automate deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. As with any software, Kubernetes also run into problems and errors, which can slow down your team’s….

Get to Know the Programming Languages Used in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular video game, and there are plenty of reasons why. Players get various game modes such as creative, survival, hardcore, and adventure. They have the option to spend hours completing the game….

Does Cryptohopper Bot Trading Bot Really Work for Traders?

Some bots simplify the process of trading cryptocurrencies, the “best” of which is Cryptohopper bot. It is a tool that allows a trader with different backgrounds to make the most of their opportunities. Like all….

How to Plan a Smooth Migration to Kubernetes

Containerized applications have introduced a new paradigm in software development that provides extensive scalability, availability, portability, and cost savings across the application lifecycle. However, migrating to a containerized application architecture from a traditional software application….

Improve your CD Pipeline with DevSecOps

DevOps has given us an efficient way to deliver software to customers continuously. With DevOps, quality is embedded into each step of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Testing, both manually and automated is done from….

Desktop Computer

7 Top Computer Security Problems and How to Solve Them

If you’ve been following the news lately, not a day goes by without some cyber attacks and hackers. If computer security problems can shut down Amazon or PayPal, they can disrupt any company in the….

Java Programming Book

Best Resources to Learn Java and Why It Is Worth It

In the world of rapidly developing technology, programming languages play a pillar role. As almost every business is moving online, the demand for professional programmers has increased many folds. And it is not just about….

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