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Phone Number Validator

How to Build a Phone Number Validator with JavaScript

Validating phone numbers is essential for collecting quality customer contact data and fraud prevention. If you want to make sure your data is top-notch, a number validation API will come in handy. This article shows….

Computer Programming

Best Programming Languages for Web Data Collection

What is web data collection? Web data collection, aka web scraping, is the process of collecting and analyzing accurate data comprehensions from online sources for research and development by applying standard online data collection techniques…..


How to Start a Business That Will Last

According to Fundera, 20% of startups fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% in five years, and 70% in ten years. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, such statistics can instill fear….

Google Workspace Data Protection | How to Secure Your Google Workspace Data

Google Workspace (G-suite) is actively used by companies around the world to increase their productivity. However, for comfortable use, it is very important to ensure the Google Workspace data protection. Why It’s Important To Ensure….

Best New Crypto In 2022 | Newly Launched Cryptocurrencies

While some tokens grow in value, others rapidly become cheaper. Investments in cryptocurrency can both help you get rich and lose your money. Is it even worth investing in blockchain? According to statistics, in 2022,….

How the GamStop API Works and the Implementation

The UK online gambling industry has become a huge community of online gambling operators serving a huge population of online gamblers. When an industry can boast about getting access to the participation of 20% of….

Software Bot 1

Which Programming Languages to Learn for Bot Coding

Introduction A fast-paced digital world requires smart, efficient work. Although business leaders and traders still focus on the vital few, they are delegating the trivial many not to human beings, but to machines—bots. Some of….

How Gambling Blocking Software Works

In recent years, online gambling in the UK has exploded in terms of volume and participation. This movement has been brought on by new technologies that make access to online gambling sites easier. As anyone….

Logo Makers

Top 5 Best Logo Maker Software Online

Creating a new brand logo is a big responsibility, which is why many freelancers and design firms charge a lot of money for such a service. But for a small startup, large expenses are undesirable…..

What Are the First Three Revolutions in Cybersecurity, and Why Should You Care?

You’ve probably heard of the industrial revolutions, but what about cybersecurity revolutions? In fact, the rise of digital technology (and along with it, cybersecurity) is considered by many to be the fourth industrial revolution.  Within….

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