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Python Get Ip Address From Hostname

Python – Get IP Address from Hostname

Python socket module can be used to get the IP address from a hostname. The socket module is part of the Python core libraries, so we don’t need to install it separately. Python Socket Module….

Change Reset Mysql Mariadb Root Password

How to Change/Reset MySQL or MariaDB root Password

Recently, I changed my website MySQL root user password. Then I thought what will happen if I forget the MySQL root password? Is there an easy way to reset the MySQL or MariaDB root password?….

Clear Bash History

How to Clear Bash History in Linux and Mac

Sometimes we run bash commands with sensitive information. For example, running a shell script and passing passwords as the command-line arguments. In that case, it’s better to clear the bash history for security reasons. Clear….

Python Xrange Function

Python xrange() function

Python xrange() function is used to generate a sequence of integers. This function is part of Python 2. In Python 3, the name has been changed to range() function. Python xrange() Syntax The xrange() function….

Python In And Not In Operators

Python “in” and “not in” Membership Operators

Python has two membership operators – “in” and “not in”. They are used to check if an element is present in a sequence or not. Python in Operator This operator returns True if the specified….

Linux Find The Number Of Files In A Directory

Linux: Find Number of Files in a Directory and Subdirectories

Sometimes we want to find the number of files in a directory in Linux. For example, finding how many images are present in JournalDev WordPress uploads directory. There are various ways to do that, let’s….

Java PreparedStatement Important Points

Java PreparedStatement

Java PreparedStatement is just like a Statement and it’s part of the Java JDBC Framework. It is used to perform crud operations with Database.  PreparedStatement extends the Statement interface. PreparedStatement is considered as more secure….

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification: DIY or Outsource?

Image Source: Pexels Without having the right technical controls against the most common cyber threats, you could be putting your sensitive data, customers, and entire business at risk. Not only can cyber-attacks like data breaches….

Pandas Dataframe Loc

Pandas DataFrame loc[] to access a group of Rows and Columns

Pandas DataFrame loc[] allows us to access a group of rows and columns. We can pass labels as well as boolean values to select the rows and columns. DataFrame loc[] inputs Some of the allowed….

Pandas Dataframe Index Columns

Pandas DataFrame index and columns attributes

Pandas DataFrame index and columns attributes allow us to get the rows and columns label values. We can pass the integer-based value, slices, or boolean arguments to get the label information. Pandas DataFrame index Let’s….

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