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Python Script To Download YouTube Videos

Python Script to Download YouTube Videos

We can use pytube Python library to download YouTube videos. It’s a simple and lightweight Python module with no third-party dependencies. Installing pytube Library If you look at the PyPI, there are two types of….

Save Mysql Query Output To File

How to Save MySQL Query Output to File?

We can use the MySQL outfile statement to save the query output into a file. This is very useful when the query result is huge and you want to analyze it by exporting it into….

Fxgl Game Development

Building a Space Rangers Game with Java FXGL

In this simple FXGL tutorial, we will develop a game called “Space Ranger”. What is FXGL? FXGL is a game engine built on top JavaFX, which is a GUI toolkit for desktop, mobile, and embedded….

Ubuntu Flush Dns Cache

How to Clear DNS Cache on Ubuntu

Whenever we try to access a website, a DNS name resolution query is executed to resolve its IP address. The operating systems cache this data to avoid reaching out to name servers every time. Why….

Java 14 Records Class

Java 14 Records Class

Java 14 introduced a new way to create classes called Records. In this tutorial, we will learn: Why do we need Java Records How to create Records and use it Overriding and extending Records classes….

Check Centos Version Featured

How to Check CentOS Version – 8 Ways

There are many ways to check the CentOS version. In this tutorial, we will learn how to check the CentOS version through eight different utilities. 8 Ways to Check CentOS Version /etc/centos-release file /etc/system-release file….

Python List Append Method

Python List append() Method

Python list append() method adds an element to the end of the list. Python List append() Syntax The append() method adds a single item to the existing list. The original list length is increased by….

Install Java 14 Linux

How to Install Java 14 on Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS

Java 14 is released on March 2020. In this tutorial, we will learn how to Install Java 14 on Linux. We will learn two ways to install Java on Linux. Using Package Manager – apt….

Python Read Properties File

How to Read Properties File in Python?

We can use jproperties module to read properties file in Python. A properties file contains key-value pairs in each line. The equals (=) works as the delimiter between the key and value. A line that….

Java Dictionary Class

Java Dictionary is an abstract class. It was the parent class for any key-value mapping objects, such as Hashtable. However, it got deprecated in favor of the Map interface introduced in Java 1.2, which later….

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