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Web Developer Design

How to Be a Web Developer Without a Degree

Web development can be an exciting career field with many opportunities, but in today’s hyper specialized workplace, it’s often the case that employers look for degrees to help limit the potential applicant pool. In today’s….

Website Builder

5 Best Website Builders for Programming Newbies

Despite the rapid growth of social media platforms, having a website is still important. Your website acts as the anchor to all your social media activities. Even when you sell your products and services through….

Transforming to Digital? Here’s why you should use a website builder

Even before COVID-19 hit, it was received wisdom that every business needs a website. But having a website became really crucial when we were living through a pandemic. All around the world, people were under….

Best Practices for Azure DevOps Security

With advancements in technology, more and more companies are taking the opportunity to achieve higher levels and gain profits and reputation at an international level. Scaling a business to the next level generally requires a….

Automate Web Testing With These 5 Tools

Automated web testing plays an important role in the timely delivery of quality web projects. When things are not automated, they become manual which can be stressful. We’re humans, and unlike computers, doing the same….

Complex Animation Python

How to Create Complex Animations in Python

There are several basic steps to create high-quality, complex animations in Python. Animations are an exciting, interesting way to showcase something extraordinary. Whether you are looking to create stunning graphics, build a professional presentation, or….

RAID Storage: Levels & Common Failure Causes Explained

If you’re reading this then possibly either your RAID system has failed or you’re wondering whether RAID is fail-proof. RAID systems are, certainly, robust and provide fault tolerance. But that doesn’t mean RAID arrays are….

Top Java Frameworks

Most Recommended Books for Java Beginners

Java is a time-tested programming language that has been remaining popular despite the emergence of new programming languages. Thousands of tutorials that explain Java principles exist in the market. Learning Java basics for Java beginners….

Signs that your SD card is damaged and its solutions

Today, if it is possible to carry loads of data in paperless technology, it is because of SD cards. SD cards are one of the most famous media storage devices that are used in smartphones….

Top 10 Best Website Builders Software in 2021

There are over 1.8 billion websites. This proves two things: One, websites are important. (Why else would everyone want a website of their own?) Two, building a website is easy. (How else would almost everyone….

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